What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!

A fresh New Year has begun! Wishing a healthful, happy and delicious 2019 to all.

It has been a pleasure seeing this group grow and sharing in the simple pleasures of each days dinner. This thread continues to educate and forge the bonds of friendship as we provide a glimpse into our kitchens and table. I can’t imagine a finer group of folks to chat about food with!

So hearty cheers to each of you!


My New Years dinner will be a traditional Southern one:

Black eyed pea’s , mixed greens and pork. BEP will cook with onion and celery later mixed with rice as hoppin’ John. Greens will simmer slowly with the broth and semi-dry country sausage. I have a pork tenderloin on hand. I’ll divide it, butterfly part of it and reserve a few slices to have with tonight’s meal. Probably simply seasoned and cooked on the stove.


Thanks for the new thread of the year. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face:

I’m not too familiar with Black eyed peas (actually more familiar with the band with the same name :grin:). I sometimes see them in Asian cuisines, but never in European cooking. How do you usually cook them?


They have a hearty flavor and are actually a bean. I treat them simply - just soak overnight then simmer in water. Flavor with onion, celery, red pepper flakes.

They can be used in bean based salads (Texas Caviar is probably best known), dips and fritters.


We’re kicking off with a Nigel Slater recipe for a fruity porky terrine. I’d usually make a “proper” pate de campagne but tried this last Christmas and really enjoyed it. The fruit lightens the flavour.

That’s being followed by what might be very, very loosely described as coq au vin. But is actually chicken breasts (off the bone) cooked in red wine with vegetables. To continue with the bastardisation of classic French cuisine, there’s a potato and celeriac gallette to accompany.

Dessert? There’s still some of the pithivier herself made the other day. So another nod across the 21 miles between the two countries. It’ll need the last of the cream.

Oh, and Father Christmas brought me some marrons glacee which will go well with coffee.

Bonne annee et bon appetit, mes amis.


After a never ending eating marathon of very rich food for days & days, right now I’m craving a nice big bowl of good chicken soup, maybe with wonton!!! Will fire up the Instant Pot later… Happy New Year to all!!!


It was a nice, relaxing day today. Woke up late, did some reading, made breakfast l (bacon, over easy eggs, and toasted English muffin), watched some movies, and did a bit of cooking.

Dinner was nothing spectacular: pork tenderloin seasoned with olive oil and Penzeys’ Tsardust seasoning, and roasted. Sliced and served with a drizzle of cider syrup. Roasted some Brussels sprouts in the convection oven with oil, salt, pepper, and dried thyme. And some leftover rice. And wine.

No pic, because it looked spectacularly unspectacular. But it was very good. Another Lemon Posset for dessert.

Work tomorrow. End of year invoicing awaits. Oh well, the nice long weekend was nice while it lasted.


Amazing! So, so glad you actually had a bit of down time, if you can call it that. It all sounds wonderful.

Our dinner was not spectacular, but tasty and fun. We got home from our trip to First Night, Northampton MA, this morning and cleaned and relaxed a bit. Dinner was Southeastern MA bar pizza from The Lynwood in Randolph MA. They offer the pies “half-cooked” and you need to plan for an extra 1/2 hr. at least to wait for them to cool down. They were vintage pies from our childhood, but straight out of the oven after we finished them at home. Yum. Happy New Year to all!


Tonight I made Kung Pao chicken (jarred sauce + doubanjiang, ginger, scallion, and garlic) with celery, water chestnuts, and an ungodly amount of peanuts to make up for a scant portion of chicken. Sesame-orange dressed cucumber salad alongside. Paging @gracieggg

In the spirit of healthier eating, I put back some of the rice. :rofl:


Really quiet day visiting with SIL…Breakfast out at one of our favorite Dominican places. Mangu, pickled onions, salami, two over easy and café.
All said and done, we did not break our tradition of possibly cooking only 364 meals…as we always eat out or bring in New Year’s Day meal…Tonight was Southern Fried Chicken from a local spot, with French fried cheese sticks and a green salad…
I patiently await the heartburn!
A wish for a very Healthy year for all here!(and your loved ones as well)


YUM! I am salivating over here! Love the idea of kung pow chicken too. I might need to make that this week.

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After a couple of days in the mountains, a long break from work and wayyyyy too much wine, whiskey, champagne, seemingly every other alcohol under the sun; we need a serious detox. I whipped up “Tex/Mex-ish” brown rice bowl thing for dinner. Sauteed chicken with lime, cumin, peppers and other spices. Served with a variety of toppings: Avocado, pico de gallo (store bought), cilantro, lettuce, crushed tortilla chips, corn, black olives and some avocado/cilantro salad dressing that I found. Just what the doctor ordered, very clean and simple. Water to drink :rofl:


I knew I liked you :wink:


LOL! I need a break! Surprisingly I’m not 21 anymore!


Neither am I , but the “breaks” are not all they are cracked up to be!


Happy new year everyone. I ended the year with a day of drinking with my friend. She can put them down . Going to the casino also . Near midnight opening a bottle of sparkling wine along with a 2014 Navarro pinot noir . Then making coconut prawns . To bad the prawns themselves were completely tasteless .Everybody said the same . Tonight’s dinner . Smoked salmon with cream cheese , capers , and dill . Macaroni salad , Thai cucumber salad . Some wine to drink . Cheers :wine_glass:


Ooohhh… marrons glacee are such a treat! Not easy to find good ones here and they are very expensive. I remember some excellent ones a friend brought back from europe a year or so ago…

One of those days where we had to quickly throw something together.

We go shopping on New Year’s. Clothes and goodies are often on sale. Williams Sonoma didn’t have a good sale this year, but we found some unique items at a store named Lolli & Pops. I’m particularly excited about the Icelandic Licorice Chocolate. We’re super strict with ingredients, so I was surprised we found this much stuff.

Earlier, we were exploring HMart and came across this rice cracker from Japan. They are very expensive at 10 for $5. I have my doubts, however, if it’s just the 3 ingredients shown on the translated label (rice, oil, soy sauce.)

Also, I finally finished my week-long macaron project.


Weird day for me, i must have some west coast jetlag as i slept later than intended (my alarm never went off, was apparently already half asleep when i set it!) so i felt like i was running around too much to pack and organize for the coming week, clean my apartment, do some laundry, go to the gym, run an errand and start my new fermented veggies.
Salad dinner to use the rest of the veg on hand. I actually didn’t finish the cilantro! Trying to keep in a glass of water in the fridge, maybe it will survive a few days.
I actually broke down and purchased kimchi, needed some very much and it needs to much checking for me to make while not home much.
Lettuce, cucumber, olives, a crapton of cilantro, chickpeas are hiding under there somewhere, kimchi, added a miso tahini dressing after the photo cuz it’s not good for a picture.
Kombucha a la carte.
Gonna be a stupid early morning tomorrow…


Made some boiled pork and garlic chive dumplings.