What's for Dinner #35 - The Summertime In The City July 2018 Edition

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn’t it a pity
Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city.


And it’s not just the cities that are sweltering this week, it seems. It’s hot all over! But that means cooking on the grill, staying cool in the pool (or ocean/lake/pond/river), and lemonade drinks.

So what lovin’ spoonful are you cooking up this first week of July? :smile:


Yay! I was looking for this thread.

Tonight will be Japchae, Korean noodles, made with potato starch noodles, steak, and vegetables.

I took it to a pot luck last night and, surprisingly, it was a huge hit! Korean food has gone mainstream recently, everyone gets excited over it.


Anyone can start a new month’s WFD thread when they’re ready to do so, @Smokeydoke! I know @ChristinaM used to trade off with me and several others back on the other site (and I think was creating many of them after I left).



Onion, basmati rice, smoked haddock, hard boiled egg, curry paste, parsley, lemon.

An Anglo-Indian dish brought back to the UK in the 19th century where it became a fashionable breakfast dish.

Rhubarb crumble & cream for afters.


Thanks, Linda
You have been missed on WFD, Harters.

This photo is rather hilarious and adorable so I have to copy and paste it here a so we can see it again and again :smiley:


Its a scorcha here in the Northeas!. Steamed some shrimp for later, with extra horseradished cocktail sauce. A visit to our favorite farmstand and we have local bib lettuce, fresh peas and spinach salad. Wine eventually but perhaps a gin and tonic with lots of lime to start.

Stay cool everyone!


Thanks - although I may not become a regular again. But, after 3 weeks on the western side of the Atlantic, it’s been nice to get in the kitchen again.


It was an inside day - the heat demanded it. The few minutes I spent on the deck watering the herbs and plants were enough for me.

I spent most of the day trying to straighten out my checking account - I really need to input debits and credits into my checking register a little more than every 5 months. :-o

Dinner tonight was delayed a bit after a call with Sis about next steps.

A recent FB memory brought up an idea for dinner - it ended up being fettuccine with a creamy corn sauce that included a half can of TJ’s canned corn whirled in a food processor with corn liquid from the can and heavy cream, salt and Aleppo pepper. That was mixed with the remaining corn kernels which were sauteed with chopped red bell pepper, chopped and cooked bacon, and dried thyme and salt/pepper, along with more heavy cream and a bit of grated Parm-Reg (with more for the top of the pasta). A crusty buttered roll and wine were the sides.

So having leftovers will help for lunch and the expected long work hours with late dinners. Give me strength…


Finny-Finn is honored to be copied and pasted. :smiley:


Hi John,
I too am getting back to the kitchen after spending the last month on your side of the Atlantic…

Holy mother of HOT.
Against my better judgment i did leave my apartment today for a bit- no biking since i am not insane- just a few blocks to the gym and local store for some fruit and kombucha. My most recent batch was an Epic Fail- i think the wonky hot weather screwed it up. But the big jug of fermenting tea looks happy and healthy so i’ll bottle that and do a long slow ferment in the fridge.

Simple salad of green things, cucumber, bean sprouts, scallions, hemp seeds, avocado. Added @linguafood ‘s great basalmic vinegrette with soy sauce after the photo since it stains everything brownish- so delicious! Will be a new go to dressing for me

The organic strawberries looked decent so i picked those up at the market- i prep the whole box at a time, they rarely last an entire 24hrs. Whatever I don’t finish tonight will be breakfast


Jian bing (purple flour) for lunch. All carbed out, so it will count as dinner, too. Fortunately, fruit and vegetable vendors are everywhere in Beijing, so I hope to pick up some light snacks on the way home.


Glad you liked it! I admit, it’s not the most photogenic dressing in the world :smiley:


We’re up north this weekend at a friend’s lake house, and while the proximity if the lake is lovely, the lack of AC is not. We made a big batch of cold sesame noodles yesterday for lunch, then reheated a previously cooked pork shoulder and made Rick Bayless’ cowboy beans, fennel slaw and corn on the cob for sides. Lots of leftovers, so I’m anticipating minimal cooking today! We’ll probably fire up the grill for some simple proteins and call it good. It’s too hot for anything more!


We’re getting ready for tomorrow’s dinner in front of the TV, watching the England/Colombia game. Most will come from the supermarket - a couple of cheeses, good bread, organic celery - that sort of thing. Homemade chutney.

But also this “confit tomato” recipe from Nigel Slater. It was made yesterday and has been maturing in the fridge overnight. Just had a taste to check how it is - and it’s absolutely bloody lovely. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/jun/24/nigel-slater-preserved-tomatoes-recipes


Oops, reposting from the June thread…
more “cooking” here… pulled pork dumplings i made about a month ago from the freezer. BF pan-fried/steamed them, and made his korean scallion pancake. he also made a really nice salad with pepino melon and butter lettuce (so, the BF cooked!) I bought the melon a few weeks ago, and it finally got ripe enough to use. our first experience of it - it has a very fresh, cucumber flavor, with a little bit of pear, but only very slightly sweet.

last night i braised beef shanks in red wine and beef bouillon, with sauteed onions and garlic, fresh rosemary, tomato paste, and Maggi seasoning. tonight after dinner i made white cheddar grits. that’ll be tomorrow night’s dinner.


I love that shit.

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And by me for years!


Recipe, please?


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