What's for Dinner #34 - June is Bustin' Out All Ovah! Edition - June '18

I’ve done it, but I always had little pieces of shell flying everywhere.

Ahhh, I don’t roll out. I just push and spread with my fingers until it’s at the size and thinness that I want. And considering how much I like sourdough, I’m not surprised I liked Dough Connection’s pizza dough. :smiley:

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Errands. Never-ending errands.
Some completed. Some still to be done.
It’s gonna be bitchin’ hot over the next 4-5 days.
But air conditioning everywhere.
VERY thankful for modern inventions.

Dinner was pomegranate-ginger glazed pork belly, toasted Israeli couscous, and steamed asparagus. Wine as the final side, and Black Panther purchased on Amazon Prime.


Oh - and when flies get in the house when i open the slider door, I have a fly catcher-and-eater. Although this lucky fly escaped his doom…for now. He’s eaten three so far today. :roll_eyes:


The stars aligned and I had a trifecta of perfect ripe tomatoes, avocado and super fresh corn!

Put them to good use in a Cobb inspired salad. Romaine, scallions, HB egg, SV chicken breast, bacon and a nice crumbled blue joined the tomato, avocado and cut corn kernels. The sweetness and juicy crunch of the corn really steals the show.

I have another avocado ready and half of the corn cob left so this will make another appearance tomorrow!


I’m sad to say that I haven’t mastered the finger-spread for consistently even dough for a whole pie. I see many cautions not to roll out the dough, but I still don’t quite manage it consistently.

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He must be very clever to get the flies! That’s really funny!

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Another savory yogurt bowl, this one with radishes, cucumber and some scallions as well as hemp seeds. Kombucha a la carte, plus absolute buckets of ice water all day and for the foreseeable future.
Too hot for bike riding today, i stepped outside and just knew i would be too miserable.

It has to get really icky hot for me to not have hot coffee in the morning and today was that day, new batch of cold brew made tonight and is in the fridge now


I’ve seen them used as hanging fruit baskets but never knew they could be used in the manner you describe.

My low tech way to dry salad greens is to put them in a dedicated pillow case. step out side, grip the top to close tightly and begin to swing it in circles!

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I haven’t the slightest if it was really supposed to be for drying lettuce, but the cored wet head of iceburg fit inside just right and we had a blast running around swinging it about! It was replaced years and years ago by significantly less fun more efficient salad spinners…

It’s a clever use, especially for iceburg. Plus a fun project to keep kids busy yet involved in helping with supper.

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I cooked again! well, “cooked” may be stretching it. I rubbed country style pork ribs with s&p, granulated garlic & onion, cayenne, cumin, chipotle powder, brown sugar, and ground fennel and celery seeds, and let them sit most of the day in the fridge, then into a 275 degree oven for 3 hours, sauced them with TJs Carolina Gold bbq sauce, and then broiled them. I made a potato salad with pesto i made last weekend, and a little feta, and then a sliced tomato with arbequina olive oil, sherry vinegar and Maldon salt. Lastly, and almost bestly, fresh corn on the cob slathered with chipotle butter and cilantro.

I also braised some beef shanks in red wine and beef bouillon, with sauteed onions & garlic, some rosemary, a bay leaf, tomato paste, Worcestershire, and a sploosh of Maggi seasoning. That’ll be dinner Monday night, I think. Tomorrow may be a freezer-pull of pork won tons we made weeks ago.


Dinner with friends last night. Cheese and snacks to start (veggies were spicy pickled daikon and cucumbers, cheeses were blue goat, smoked Gouda, and a triple creme Brie). Dinner was empanadas (bought from a great local place) and a corn salad from Six Seasons. The salad is really good. Corn, tomatoes, green onions, pistachios, homemade croutons, herbs, red wine vinegar, olive oil.



My pies have mostly been rectangular, with odd bumps along the edges, and one that looked a lot like the United States silhouette. LOL


He’s FAST. He jumped 4 feet in the air from a sitting position last night to try and catch Fly #3. Meanwhile, Alfie tries, but his Mr. Chubbaliciousness doesn’t allow him to catch many things. Black ants are more his speed. :wink:


July’s thread is here:


Ah, I see. Spread some old newspapers on your work surface. The papers work like this for me: absorb the “liquor” (I believe this is the term for the brine inside unopened oysters which spills as soon as you crack the hinge open). Second: catch most of the shell debris. I put the newspapers somewhere to dry and shake off the debris outside later. Drop the papers in the recycle container.

Btw, I drink the oyster liquor.

So do I.

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If that’s not cooking, I don’t know what is.

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Thank you. We will use the pointing method. The kid learned to say pork fat, so we are all ready for the next time we see one of those carts.