What's for Dinner #35 - The Summertime In The City July 2018 Edition

Our first night at the lake we made lemon chicken pitas with grilled peppers and onions and homemade creamy Caesar dressing.

I also made white bean dip served with crudite.

We made quiche Lorraine with salad and fruit for one breakfast and chorizo-egg tacos with potatoes O’Brien and more fruit today.

Another lunch we made BLTs. Our family is on tap for the remaining meals, whew!

I also made a vat of kicking white sangria with some disappointing boxed sauv blanc.


Yesterday, went with neighbours to the farm Cueillette de Cergy in Puiseux-Pontoise to harvest some veggies, fruits, we stayed 5 hours under the sun. Sunburned! Got some rhubarbs, tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, eggplants, onions, black currents…

Raspberries field


Dinner was tomato gazpacho with cucumber, bell pepper, fresh onion…Perfect for a hot summer day, with grilled sausages.


I just made my basic basalmic vinegrette- the cheaper trader joe’s basalmic vinegar with TJs cali olive oil (i like it more acidic), a good sized gob of dijon, generous black pepper and a few splooshes of soy sauce in my jar and then i shake the living daylights out of it. Taste/adjust. I like a little salt on my salads usually anyhow so this really hit the spot!
@linguafood might be more precise than i am :))


Wish I knew about this…left Paris for the states on Friday…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed:

always so happy to see when your name pops up here, Mr. H!

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Phooey, it’s 61 degrees here and grey. Summer in SF, per usual.

So my beef shanks tonight will be perfect cold weather comfort food! :smiley:


Impressive! Good breakfast tacos are a thing of beauty. And somehow i feel like breakfast tacos = flour tortillas but any other tacos need corn tortillas. Or those half corn half flour tortillas.
Love the box wine sangria!

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Well, these few days are quite hot here, need to be in the very early morning to do it. We arrived at noon and were barbecued.

You were in Paris, did you enjoy? Any good meal?


We are watching nearly every night, too much beer and charcuteries but dinner not on couch. What’s your bet for the match?

Looks good your meals. I don’t think I have ever made a quiche Lorraine though…

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Well, I called it that, but it’s really just spinach and Swiss cheese quiche with ham.

1 - 0 to England. Of course.

I’ve missed much of it with being in the States - none of the sports channels in the hotels seemed to be showing marches. And, even tonight, I only caught the last 20 minutes of the Belgium - Japan game. Fantastic result.

Now, I must think about cheese for football. I think a nice Cheshire and maybe one from Northern France if the supermarket has something.

By the by, have you seen the news that Carrefour and Tesco are going to be linked as businesses. I’ve often wondered when Carrefour would try to get into the British market.

Another day of Too Hot to Deal. Another fruity dinner here, plus some blueberries today

And i keep dipping my spoon into the new jar of cashew butter…it’s really delicious! Not sure what the elephant has to do with cashew butter though…


the shanks. Delish, and being the cook, i ate the marrow out of both of them. TJs broccolini, steamed/sauteed with garlic and a splash of amontillado was pretty flavorless. and my wonderfully cheesy grits made YESTERDAY wouldn’t get all melty again today. they tasted good but i was bummed about the texture. lesson learned - cook grits the same day.


Somebody told me in US, you have to see football matches with the Mexican channels.

When Japan scored 2, I thought it was finished for Belgium, amazing how they bounced back.

Good news for you. In France, Carrefour is closing a lot of stores (ex-Dia bought several years ago), and with strikes I guess they must find other revenue.

I don’t have preference for the teams for tonight, but I think England has higher chance to win. GOGOGO!


Another scorcher yesterday. I tried baking sourdough bread on the grill outdoors to keep from heating the house, which was only semi successful - I ended up with scorched bottoms and gummy interior crumb. The flavor was okay, though, and since the bread was just being used to make Amy Thielen’s maple bread (slices of bread basically candied in a mixture of butter and maple syrup) the texture didn’t really matter. I served that with Port Salut and a Vermont blue cheese for appetizers, then we had beer can chicken, grilled broccoli and rosemary polenta for dinner. Fabulous meal all in all. Lots of leftovers for lunch today.


My 7th visit…as a matter of fact was first there the beginning of June, and it was quite rainy and cool. Last week it was quite warm, by Paris standards.

We always have wonderful lunches in Paris here was our last lunch. Mine was a pork Tenderloin and a potato and zucchini gratin. Hers duck with a mashed turnip/potato, and of course a nice salad of fresh greens.


Too bad if you had planned your trip 1 week later, you would have skipped the rainy days in early June. Today it is 33ºC / 91ºF. Nice last lunch! Duck seemed to be in a wine sauce.

Did you go somewhere else except Paris?
If you have any restaurants or anything in your trip you think worth mentioning, don’t hesitate to share with us at the Europe board!

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Nice, Venice Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Bari Italy, Dubrovnik, Rome, Madrid & Barcelona…35 days in total…
Paris 5 days…Although I have visited 6 of the cities in the past, my wife has never visited except Paris…
and since this was the first vacation for more than 2 weeks for me in 46 years…I thought why not visit as many places as I can? Truly nice, to do this kind of vacation…
I do have many restaurants that we visited that were great…and I will share on the European board…


Dubrovnik, Mykonos, Santorini, Bari…1 day…more or less