What's for Dinner #34 - June is Bustin' Out All Ovah! Edition - June '18

Vacation? Mebbe.
Still in school? Mebbe?
Grilling? Probably.

What’s going on your tables as we start the last month of the first half of the year?


As for me…Hellacious start to the month.

  • Easy offline invoicing. About 20 invoices.
  • HR Manager.
  • Furniture placement designer.
  • Security protocol foot stomper making sure access to office was done as was needed by our security needs.
  • Camp Counselor when someone had a personal issue to discuss.
  • Administrative Manager doing “stuff” around the office.
  • Facilities/IT Manager. (WTH do I know about phone lines and data drops? But I guess Furniture placement designer and Facilities/IT Manager go hand-in-hand until it gets way too technical…then I dragged in the real IT guys.)

And what felt like sixty-leven other things for this Jacqueline-of-All-Trades…but my usual first day of the month stuff - Billing Hell? Ummm, yeah, 6:00 p.m. rolled around, and I hadn’t even touched it. And May’s billing will be the most ever.

Shut down my PC and walked out. It’ll be done tomorrow.

So dinner had to be easy-peasy. Sketti and sawce with the proverbial shit-ton of grated Parm-Reg; a crusty buttered roll, and you can be damn sure there was wine tonight.


Leftover spring rolls.

Sticky rice, peanut, lychee.

Sticky rice, mango, mung bean. Optional coconut pudding dipping sauce.


Ricotta Semolina cheesecake from Milk Street cookbook. I did not have marsala, so I used half vanilla and half white balsamic as a substitute. The description in the book makes it sound like you need a heavy, sweet topping, but that is not true. After this test plate, I served it simply with a strawberry coulis.


It was like a picnic. Sausages . From Mt Shasta meats in montague. Love that place. Potato salad , three bean salad with giardiniera . Wine to drink.:wine_glass:Cheers.


What the hell? It’s June! I still remember my holidays in Korea and that really was 6 months ago? Crap! Where did the time go?! It’s time I enjoyed even more because life is too damn short.

Partner and I made this dinner after coming home from the pub, using up what we had in the house. I cooked the potatoes in advance so it was fast to put everything together.


It’s been dark and very wet lately. I mean torrential-rain-on-and-off-all-day kind of wetness. Couldn’t go to the gym yesterday thus had time to make these potato-buckwheat dumplings. I had to resort to turning on the light but it threw an ugly yellow cast on the image.

My favourite cut, Bavette steak.


Other people are stuck in traffic (twice a day) dreaming about taking a holiday. Me biking home from the pub and planning my next holidays! (Note that drivers here are A-holes. They block the bike path, try to run bikers over to pass them first. They have no respect for traffic rules and no regards for bikers, at all.)


We did manage to use up most things in the fridge. I made Austrian dumplings with the last kilo of floury potatoes. No carb police dare to come round here… we love potatoes every which way! I have tried to look up the English name for this Austrian thing but couldn’t find anything. Basically it’s the same potato-flour dumpling dough but this thing isn’t cooked in boiling water first. Just fry in hot butter (or whatever fat) directly after shaping. It’s so crispy. Who doesn’t like something crispy?!

I want to use as much garden herbs as possible before the snails destroy them all. Marjoram, lemon balm and chives from the garden on the plate. I used to despise my pervasive lemon balm but not any more. Thing is, the snails love it more than I do.

Just like my imaginary grand mum used to make. This time I used spelt flour, instead of plain flour.

There’s Speck in there somewhere but it’s hard to spot.


A long 6.5 hours at work.
Still not done with invoicing.
Heavy rains there, but not at home.
A difference of less than 8.5 miles.
All I have at home is a deck covered in pollen.

Stopped at the stupidmarket to pick up some BISO chicken breasts. One was seasoned with olive oil and a combo of Penzeys’ Sunny Spain seasoning and Roasted Garlic, then roasted until done, drizzling with some fresh lime juice halfway through.

Sides were tarragon-parsley rice and steamed broccoli. And wine. Definitely wine. An earlyish night, as I visit with Mom tomorrow.


Ugh, sorry you had to spend most of your day at the office! Maybe the rain will pass through tonight and wash the deck for you.

So i dragged myself to the urgent care place just a few blocks away because it’s been years since i have been so goddamned sick. After waiting a good two hours (of course, and btw there are some people and small ill behaved children you just don’t wanna hang out with in the waiting room) the dr decided I don’t have The Plague or pneumonia and i will probably live.
Couldn’t be less interested in food but needed something. Savory yogurt bowl with scallions, hemp seeds, cilantro, sliced cucumbers and everything spice.
Dessert was my antibiotic, painkiller, vitamins, inhaler puffs, and kombucha.

Oh dear…Take care of your self.

My personal remedy is massive amounts of alliums (usually in chicken soup) plus lots of fresh parsley (soup or juiced).

Hope you start feeling human again soon.


I really liked these beans . A little Smokey and spicy. Wine to drink. :wine_glass:Cheers.


Ugh. Sorry you’re sick, but definitely glad you don’t have the plague. I usually go very simple…tea, toast, maybe scrambled eggs.

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Good for you going to the doctor—hard to do when you feel so sick. :worried: Glad to hear that you are eating something sustaining to help you bounce back. Hope you feel better in no time!

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OVER the broken site elsewhere! Phew, things like post text and photo uploads work here.

I made a Provençal(ish) chicken skillet the other night. It was quick, easy, and delicious - pretty much the trifecta for a busy parent! I am already dreaming up variations.


This is actually the last dinner I cooked, two nights ago now. We went out yesterday after a full day of party prep at home.


Gochujang salmon, brown basmati rice with Szechuan chili oil, grilled scallions with ponzu and sesame oil, and green beans tossed with mushroom soy and butter. Pretty typical thrown-together fusion meal in my house.


Good to see you here, ChristinaM! Nice meals, as always.


I was here for a few hours today.

I was going to Kiss You Now.

I have landed in Kiss You Now, since this evening to be precise. More tomorrow. It’s late and I’ve been up since 6 this morning. For dinner I had American bbq. Sounds a bit strange but it’s not the kind of food I make at home, and I don’t mind eating it here in a country nowhere near the US. This place is within walking distance from my lodging and has craft beers so it is indeed a well calculated decision after all to eat here on my first evening in 1 of the least visited countries in the world. Ranked 9 on the top 10 list a couple of years back, actually.


have not participated for a while
problem with new iPhone 8 plus coordinating it with my laptop MAC AIR. Result? Got scammed ! Went to Apple.com but site looks exactly like Apple’s, support# by phone ( different number which I found out later ) . The " SUPPOSEDLY APPLE WEBSITE " asked for screen sharing for 2 hours to leave my computer charged and not use it as well s not use my IPhone. I should have known! In short, they stole my identity, charged for a new computer, tried to get access into my investment account.

That together with gardening, physicians’ appointment in another County made it impossible to take pictures, post.

Today, hopefully, I can post
4 D’Artagnan’s semiboneless quail
defrosted, hung on my Vulcan range to dry
marinaded with SS, sesame oil, garlic, spring onions, sesame seeds, Stubbs BBQ sauce, chili sauce with garlic, honey . Followed this recipe

pan seared till brown, roasted in oven at 375 degrees, served with salad
2 per person, taste good with salad ( made my vinaigrette dressing and added parmesan cheese) but the bird did not turn out crispy although the flavor was good. I turned on the broiled for a couple minutes, look burnt but it was not overcooked. Per instruction, I reduced the marinade to dip it in but it was a little too sweet for my taste.


Up early to go down to visit Mom, who’s doing well. Quick stop at my sister’s to pick up some fresh sea bass a friend had given her. That’ll be dinner tomorrow night. Various errands, and then home again, home again, jiggity jig.

I had taken out some roasted lamb from the freezer, and went looking for a “springtime lamb stew”…found one in Nigel Slater’s “EAT” cookbook. When I dusted the lamb with the flour, I added some Penzeys Lamb Seasoning for extra flavor. I didn’t have creme fraiche, so I used a Tbsp or so of sour cream.

Served over toasted Israeli couscous. Not too bad for a quick put-together dinner!

Recipe here: