What's for Dinner #30 - The Hearts & Flowers Edition - Feb '18

It’s February. Candy abounds in the CVS and supermarket aisles. Online flower sales are going to skyrocket. Restaurants will be inundated with desperate pleas for reservations.

The smart ones will be buying filets or lobsters and cooking a romantic dinner at home in a couple of weeks. Or perhaps ignoring the day completely, but still cooking a nice meal “just because”. :wink:

Meanwhile, we have a groundhog to be dealt with tomorrow, a sorta-kinda super-big football game coming up on Sunday, and Presidents to honor later in the month.

For all of the other days? It’s just the usual grind. So what are you putting on your dining table this month?


I am on board with all…
Just wondering ??? how many here actually go out for Valentine’s Day?..We do not anymore, because of poor service and disappointing food…
Our menu this year is STEAKHOUSE FARE…grilled Portobello mushrooms, and Gravlax for starters, then Wedge Blue Cheese salad, Rib Eyes, with sautéed spinach, and some of my shrimp risotto.
Desert will be my attempt at crème Brule with drunken strawberries… (have not made it in at least 25 years)
PS…if there is two feet of snow in my backyard…I will be in the garage, door open operating the 'cue.
Just think’in…Spring Training is just 4 weeks away…


Going out on V day is for suckers. So says my friend who is the GM of a high end restaurant in Atlanta. I totally agree of course but they do a killer business on V day


Still have some time but my love loves fish over everything else. Raw tuna to be exact, which I find boring. But hey, sometimes you have to play to the audience


We did when we first got married, and then stopped for the reasons you named. We now go out the weekend before, or the weekend after. On the actual day, we cook a nice meal at home and share it with the kids.


My cats don’t like leaving the house, we stay home :grinning:


We stay home, lobster or clams with linguine typically.
Maybe some wine.

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Hey…a slab of tuna on the grill swashed in a mustard based vinaigrette is actually heaven on a bun with some hot sauce, lettuce and tomato…Your valentine will LOVE YOU!! forget the restaurants!!!

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That I really nice…since my kidilings are all gone…they are coming for V-Day this year…I am so happy…all 5 of them…with spouses and 2 little ones…10 of them and us two…
Can’t wait!!!


Thanks PHREDDY. No restaurants in my future on Vday but I’m wise enough to make the wife happy. After 35 yrs you walk a fine line haha


Wow. We do absolutely nothing to acknowledge Valentine’s Day. We also don’t bother with Mothers, Fathers, Secretary, or CPA day. I am so NOT sentimental and call all of these Hallmark Holidays. I am impressed that anyone is doing something special at all.

Dinner tonight was some fried chicken, biscuits, and vinegar slaw. As usual, purchased the chicken from my chicken store– 3 thighs and 4 wings. Clearly, with the Super Bowl this weekend, these were wings from a backup source. No where near as tasty. They lost a lot of weight while cooking. I suspect that all of the normal sourced wings are headed to restaurants and bars this weekend. A bit disappointing.


Dinner was lettuce wraps and cold sesame noodles, nothing special. We had made caramel popcorn ice cream yesterday in our old-fashioned rock salt ice cream maker.


So we had banana split-type sundaes: bananas, two scoops of ice cream, strawberry and chocolate sauce, and crushed peanuts. Because everything was homemade, I could control the sweetness and add salt as I wished. (I inadvertently overreduced the chocolate sauce for this last bowl.)


I avoid V day like pest when younger. V day is everyday, why special days?! Don’t mind a nice home meal nowadays, but no V theme restaurant dinner, horror! We still go out to celebrate wedding anniversary though, just a day after V day, lol. The other occasion that we go out will be our birthdays.


Last night’s dinner was chilaquiles with carnitas that i made on Monday night. Didn’t have time to toast and blend chiles for a real enchilada sauce, so i doctored up canned Pato sauce with a little chipotle powder and jarred recaito sauce. Turned out really good! Crisped up the pork under the broiler, and mixed with scrambled eggs and jack cheese, topped with avocado, scallions, cilantro, queso fresco… comfort food.


Late Late Dinner.
Damn Damn Work.
Grrr. Grrr. Grrr.
Steak Tips.
Baked Tater.
Sour Cream.

Turn on your head. :upside_down_face::confused:
(NB mod fixed)



Oven chicken. Drizzle with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. Steamed asparagus. A little garnish. No starch tonight. Wine to drink.:wine_glass: cheers.


Tsukumi soba - soba noodles in a simple broth with dashi, soy, mirin, and sugar, with an egg.


Seriously epic stressful week from hell. Hoping i can regenerate enough life energy between now and monday to deal.
I’m trying not to PANIC but I can’t stay in denial about the fact i have a sore throat today…
brothy soup sounded good and i have a neverending tub of yellow curry paste that has a fairly serious kick of spice.
So totally not authentic quicky coconut milk based soup tonight with the curry paste, some ginger and lemongrass from a tube, sliced mushrooms, tofu, chopped red bell pepper and some cilantro. Wished i had some lime…
Odds are i’ll have a big spoon of cashew butter while waiting for my tea to steep later tonight


Could you briefly describe your technique for oven chicken? Do you keep the skin on? I have legs marinating in buttermilk right now, but don’t feel like frying tonight. Was thinking about oven frying although it never comes out right for me. (I dont have cooking spray, though.)

We know, “upsidedown cake” for desert!!! :cake:

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