What's for dinner? #3 - Nov 2015 - The Extra Hour Edition

Yay!! We got an extra hour last night to catch up on our sleep after partying our witch’s hats off. With all that extra energy, what’s cooking up on your stove / in your oven / on your grill / etc. pp.?

As for the residents @casa lingua, the mushroom special last night was a huge success & a fun time was had by all. WFD tonight is yet to be decided, as all that was bought yesterday was fixins for a salad: romaine, radishes, maters, avocado. These will be tossed with homemade buttermilk-ranch dressing.

Not sure what the main event will be, but my guess is something meaty.


Thanks for the new thread Lingua. Last night was rigatoni tossed with roasted kabocha squash, hot Italian sausage, a bit of white wine, sage, and red pepper flakes. All topped with a handful of parmesan. Tasted like fall (if you ignored the fact that it was a warm 90 degrees).

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That sounds positively delish.

Made a lentil-cashew veggie loaf that I was just meh about. Served with mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy and spinach salad with hot bacon vinaigrette.

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Last night was miso glazed salmon fillet, stir-fried mixed veg, and charred sesame baby bok choy.

No idea WFD tonight, but likely something that doesn’t create stove top spatter - I always clean my apartment on Sundays so I try to avoid messing up the kitchen on Sunday nights.


WFD: Hainanese Chicken Rice. Ingredients: whole chicken; cilantro; scallions; Sichuan peppercorns; sea salt; jasmine rice, peanut oil and toasted sesame oil; garlic cloves, grated ginger; chopped onion; Thai bird chillies; soy sauce.

This is a whole chicken cooked for about 25 minutes in a large pot with scallions, peppercorns, cilantro and water to cover. After 25 min the heat is turned off and the chicken et al steeps for 40 minutes. In the meantime oils are heated, garlic/ginger/onion cooked till soft, washed rice added to coat, 4 c chicken cooking liquid poured, rice is cooked. Ginger-scallion oil is mixed with some grated ginger, sliced scallions, pinch of sea salt, peanut oil. Chopped chilies and soy sauce combined.

After cutting the chicken into serving portions the ginger-scallion oil is poured over the chicken. The chicken is served with the flavored oil, rice, chili-soy sauce for dipping, and steamed broccoli.


I was going to make my Greek-style grilled BISO chickie boob, but no dice - only BISO thighs were available at Wegmans. Same marinade, but haven’t decided yet whether I’ll grill them or roast. Both methods deliver equally delicious results.

On the side is romaine, avocado, celery, tomatoes & radish salad in a soy/balsamic/olive oil dressing.

TWD on the teevee tonight. Glenn? Glenn? You still there? :smiley:

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Decided on the grill, and … OMG - they came out so well, I was sucking every morsel off the bone. Crispy skin, too.

Happy campers all around.


My attempt to atone for past indiscretions. Large spinach salad and sautéed blsl chicken breast.


i applaud you for including bacon in your atonement!


I tried to make a childhood favorite that i ate every single time we went to a Cuban restaurant when I was growing up. Bistec palomilla - steak marinated in garlic and lime, and then cooked with sauteed onions in butter and olive oil. you can either use top sirloin and pound it very thin and/or tenderize it with a meat mallet. or, you can use cube steaks. i chose the latter, and i think i should have still pounded them thinner. they turned out rather dry, even though the flavor was as i remembered. i didn’t particularly like the texture of the cube steaks, either. I may try just carne asada next time. I also doctored up canned black beans (sauteed minced onions, garlic, jalapeno, habanero sauce), made white rice, fried up some ripe plantains, made a little tomato/shallot/cuke salad, and yuca al mojo de ajo - really love this stuff, so garlicky.


I was hoping no one would notice.

Saturday i picked up bluefish at the market simple broil with a garlic herb compound butter corn on the cob and a cauliflower gratin with bacon and cheese and a no knead boule.

Sunday was leftovers a fritatta (filled with the remaining gratin and zucchini fettuccine) and some bruschetta with topping made from garden stragglers and the remaining boule


There’s to be lamb chops. We also seem to have accumulated a lot of leftover veg in the last couple of days. Herself says that they will be nice all mashed, mixed together and fried as little patties. Hope she’s right - otherwwise, I’m off to the chippy.


Actually our cleaning person comes Thursday and Monday, so I try to either cook the meal on Sunday, or go to a slow cooker dish on Mondays.
I am thinking tonight some slow cooker lamb stew, which might include some sweet potatoes. ( I don’t even brown the meat for this one…it all goes in on high for about 6 to 7 hours…one pot…sometimes even paper plates…

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no one slips bacon by me.


My standard cheat Phở assemble. Phở broth is not worth it for me to make at home because it’s just not the same. And in my food hell no one can make it properly, either. There’s one Viet restaurant less than an hour from here, another is 2 hrs. I have tried it and concluded putting it together this way is far far better. Besides, I can eat as MANY beef balls as I want!

I like these Bun Bo Hue noodles (I know it’s not Phở noodles, please don’t bite my head off.)

So worthless it is here that Vietnamese ingredients are imported from France, where the biggest Viet community in Europe is. There are other Vietnamese ingredients imported from VN but not beef balls.

PS: I asked my partner to write an email to the airline with a scan of the hotel receipt and they have just agreed to give us back the money for the hotel (eur. 100). If you remember the story I wrote on this thread a couple of weeks back about technical problems with our plane. Airline writes back saying they don’t normally reimburse hotel expenses due to delays or technical problems etc. but they make an exception for us. Not sure if I believe that but at least I get my 100 bucks back.


Please provide comments around WFD thread splitting here:

Yay. Found just the ticket for my squid “dilemma” – in my very own cookbook shelf. Sometimes, it helps to look around you!

Anyway, the recipe is from James Peterson’s “Fish & Shellfish” - a simple sauté of squid & garlic in olive oil, with fresh tomatoes, basil & black olives. Since I have everything in the house except the olives, I will sub some leftover fennel from the crisper. The flavors should work well together.

Our appetizer will be yet another burrata caprese. Ima eat the shit out of that until the FMs tomatoes are gone :smile:

Happy Monday, y’all.

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Given your explanation I for one do not see the split necessary now. But then, I don’t usually start the threads.