What's for Dinner thread splitting

Hi WFD participants,

I understand the old playground has some software issue that necessitated you to split the thread at around 400 posts.

With this forum software, I heard the developers built the software to handle upwards of millions of posts (if any of us are still around by the time it gets there) because the software loads and unloads posts as necessarily from the screen because of the ‘infinite scrolling’. So the question for you is, is there still an advantage to split?

One argument for one master thread is that it will get more eyes over time and show up in search engine results, getting more people to join in, but welcome any counterpoints that you have.


The issue on CH was that some folk found long threads slow to load, which is why we started splitting them. If that issue is no longer an issue, then I doubt if anyone would be fussed, so long as it’s clear what the “new posts” for you are.

It’s a thread which I can particularly see throws up an issue in replying to a post, if you don’t use the highlight and “quote reply” method, in that it can quickly become a mess of not knowing what’s being replied to. For example, someone has said they are going to try one of my recipes but, because that’s not directly attached to my post, I don’t know which dinner is appealing to them. This is not a complaint, as such, from my point of view as I’m used to the “quote reply” method from using Invision-based boards, but I wonder if there’s anything in software to be done (assuming you agree there’s an issue, of course)

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I like splitting to a new thread every few weeks. It’s easier to rejoin if I’ve been away. Easier to catch up on a new thread too.

Seeing multiple threads with WFD in the title is what caught my curiosity years ago. Just one thread with the acronym probably wouldn’t have registered in my awareness in the same way.


How about making What’s for Dinner into a monthly thread, now we can have the November issue and then it’s seasonal if we want to do a search.

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I’m fine with whatever. I don’t generally access the WFD thread from a mobile phone, so have no issues loading anything.

That said, an endless WFD thread that runs over several month might make it more difficult for people to track down recipes from older posts.

What’s the search function like here, anyway?

I just searched “what’s for dinner” - it gave me the option of searching within this thread or (default) the site. It was fast and returned the most relevant threads first, then parsed out the search terms and hit on “dinner.”


I like the monthly idea also. Folks can just create a new thread and people are automatically trained to look for the current month’s thread to post in.

Unless people has concerns, I think we can go with that starting with this month’s edition.


Sounds good to me.

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