What's For Dinner #27 - 11/2017 - the Giving Thanks Edition

Don’t you just like the way cooking food just messes with you sometimes.:laughing:

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Picked up 2 lbs of red snapper on the way home from work today

Tonights first meal had to be quick so fish sandwiches with a side of roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes that were leftovers from the other night


i have been remiss!

a few meals… not in order.

chicken provencal-ish…

peruvian chicken with fried loroco cheese, mexi rice, aji amarillo sauce (the BF)

chicken with roasted tomatoes and pasta

maangchi’s galbi and bibimbop (adapted to what i had on hand)

pork larb and slaw (mostly following this recipe: http://www.goodhealthgourmet.com/turkey-larb-asian-slaw/

and a new to me dish: pallotte cacio e uova!

and with a tomato sauce and broccoli rabe (and sausage for the BF, as heaven forbid there be no meat on his plate)

and tonight’s omurice (with chinese sausage fried rice inside)


but that orecchiette looks heavenly! hope you get your cooking mojo back…

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Totally crazy week. The circus cat is having a very bad bout with his vestibular condition. we’ve amped up the meds. this morning seemed maginally better. tonight seems much worse. lot of life lessons watching an animal deal with illness. he remains stoic, uncomplaning and doesn’t stop trying.

when i’m home i’m hanging out in the bedroom where he is quaranteened so he can’t fall down the stairs. luckily i was able to snag a big plate of vip food at the show before they broke it down. pretty tasty and fairly healthy. so thats what was for dinner.

been quite glad for my frozen assets. returned from 3 week away and came down with a ruptured eardrum (flying), a bad cold and then pneumonia. made it much easier to stay fed when i felt wretched. i’m better but now we have kitty nursing…appologize for lower case. trying to do this w/o key board and one handed since Jojo finally settled down on my lap.

my coffee maker died this morning, Jojo lost his balance as i was putting on my reading glasses so they stabbed my eye, my purse strap snapped as i was walking across a busy parking lot. just managed to pick it up before a car would have run it over. boss/friends mother had a stroke today so she had to leave the show for the hospital …fortunately the show ptb allowed us to continue with out her (generally not allowed). it’s got to get better! tomorrow hoping to pick up a pizza from a new place that is getting rave reviews on my way home from the show for dinner. it’s going to be a long weekend…


so sorry about your fall - and the ring!!

Life. I’ve been eating eggs and sliced turkey and roast beef on repeat. I love them but not interesting.

I started Thanksgiving prep last night so decided to restock some freezer staples while other things were cooking including mushroom duxelles. Spin on my usual egg patties and sliced cold cuts was an omelet stuffed with cheese, bacon and mushroom duxelles.

It’s officially chilly here. I’m on call and participating in a veteran fitness challenge today so will be ready for a hearty dinner and splurged on duck breast. The plan is seared duck breast with zucchini butter. Popcorn with garlic ghee, slippers, cats, bed, and audible for dessert.


I definitely prefer bragg’s to coconut aminos but liquid aminos aren’t whole30 compliant

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Wow! What a string of bad luck! Sorry to hear this.


Ouch. Bad week for sure. Wishing you well!


@meatn3. This is a horrible week! Thank goodness for magic freezers. Hope you and the kitty are on the mend.


As i was finally heading home the weather app told me it was actually 26, but "feels like"17. Degrees F.
There was an emergency stop at the shady liquor store for a rum mini bottle, and then to whole foods for some good apple cider, ginger, and a few other things.
I started the apple cider first with the ginger, cinnamon and a few lemon slices.
Meanwhile i put together a quicky lentil soup with some cooked lentils from my freezer, canned tomatoes, tomato paste, smoked salt, thymr, chopped zucchini, onion, some kholrabi slaw, veg stock and who knows what else.
Bowl of the soup for dinner, then my cider i spiked with rum which finally warmed me all the way through.


Amen. The “poor people’s” groceries of our childhood are now “cheffy” favorites. King crab from the depths of the A&P freezer in scrambled eggs was a budget-saver – are we joking now? (By the way, we gave up flank steak years ago when for the same price you could substitute oyster-sauced sliced ribeye or NY steak in the wok to serve over the vegetables – no one complained.)


Tomorrow will be a better day, hopefully.


Will do!

Your omurice remind me this I saw recently. I need to make this soon! (3:50 is the best moment, if you have no time to watch the whole thing).


Home Goods and Wegmans for errands today – my happy places. Got LOTS of chocolate for work Christmas gift bags. And of course, I went over $200 at Wegmans. And only bought $46.00 of food. :-o

Dinner was a recipe from Hannaford’s quarterly magazine - Skillet Pork Chops with Pears and Shallots. T’was good - but needed more tang - perhaps some vinegar.

There might be some Talenti Caramel Cookie Crunch ice cream for dessert.


Looking at the recipe I think some cider vinegar or lemon juice would work well. Sounds great for a chilly fall night. We should have a Wegmans in 1.5 -2 years. I can not wait! The location is in between TJ’s and Costco so I will be in grocery heaven!


I tried going to the new pizza place but parking was crazy and my feet were not up to a long walk after 2.5 days standing on concrete. Was out of half n half so went to TJ’s (small store, easier on my feet) and purchased prepared/nuke it roast beef, frozen mashed potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts. Once the circus cat finishes his lap time that will be dinner. Upped his steriods, raised the blinds so he could see outside and put a classical station on the radio this morning. Seems to have helped keep him calm. He’s a little better tonight but still walking like a very drunken kitty sailer who hasn’t regained his land legs.

No new disasters today and made some good sales so the show is proving to be good this year. Each show is a bit like a reunion. You see show folks you’ve known for decades and shot the shit and catch up. As we’re aging there is a bit of loss each year. A number of folks cancelled due to health issues. Lost a few too - fiber artists tend to die earlier due to the chemicals in dyes. It’s hard to work with gloves so many don’t. But it gives a chance for the next generation to enter into the mix. Did a little retail therapy and scored a new porcelain coffee mug which meets all of my snowflake criteria.The potter tried to interest me in his mugs which have a built in whistle. NOT a feature I want first thing in the morning. Told him he should work it into beer mugs instead! Found a few nice holiday gifts too. One more day and then I can recover Monday!


More fish

Pan sautéed red snapper at med low heat in butter. Much better texture than last nights snapper. Soft and moist. Unlike the grouper we had the other night the lower fat snapper got a little dry when cooked at a high temp.

Side is shredded brussel sprouts


We did Big Fish Night at the Courthouse. Tonight was pollack. He got a small side of fried shrimp [his favorite food in the world] and I got a half pint of cole slaw. He ate the shrimp, over half of my fries and two pieces of my four pieces of fish. There was a water main break on Cambridge Street, so there was ice everywhere! A number of neighbors came to buy dinner since they had no water.

Though we have been searching for Kate’s Buttermilk, neither the market basket nor the Star Market had it on the shelves. He might need to give up his pancake love tomorrow.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold