What's For Dinner #27 - 11/2017 - the Giving Thanks Edition

This is the typical dumplings eaten all over Austria. With a salad or in a savoury broth.

The Styrian version contains Speck. Speck elevates everything. It is a very important ingredient in the cuisines of many European countries.

The Tirolean version also has Speck. This Austrian site is good and even has recipes in English. I read German and can confirm the translation is fine. Tirolean dumplings with Speck and Sauerkraut. Austrians eat a lot of dumplings and they have even more variations than German.

Also, the nicer the cheese the nicer the dumplings.

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I am always in favor of nicer cheeses.

I never cook or eat one, how is it different from a normal chicken?
They always associate yellow wine to cook with Bresse chicken.

It is the most delicious chicken I have ever eaten. I have cooked them myself, bought them from a rotisserie with those lovely potatoes that absorb the fat below at markets, and it has the chicken flavor that I compare all other chickens to.

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What @smtucker says.

In my book (picture above) there are several pages about fine fowl produced in this region. In short, they have a good life and quality control is very strict. The book also mentions France produces the most poultry in the world.

Some info here, and here.

Get one and try. After this you might not want another kind of chicken.

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How big is your chicken? I often saw them at least 3kg, too big for just 2 of us.

I watched Steak Revolution today, and they were saying 300-400 years ago, chicken were 7. 5kg (16.5 pound)!

Mine is 2kg. You don’t have to cook the whole thing. Split it up like like did.

Now you make me want to try it. @Presunto if it is only 2 kg, I can cook roast the whole bird.

Still not hungry from breakfast, but DH grilled a pizza and it was way, way, way better than it looks. I
was able to get a slice down :wink:


Is it a pizza stone in a weber?

lol … yes!
That’s wood in there not charcoal
And the pizza was amazing

The dough was wonderfully cooked!

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Re: buttermilk pancakes … never give up!

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He ventured out at 7:30AM and found that the Market Basket had restocked! We have the only two quarts in the store. Pancakes were enjoyed for our traditional Sunday lunch.

His pancake love will not be deprived!


Tonight was an Arancini night. That risotto was too good to throw out. Of course, it was a bit too moist to get a gorgeous brown exterior, but, no matter. Not exciting, but comforting. A close observer will notice that there is a meatball mixed in.

Oh, this is his plate. There are two meatballs.


Frankenchicken breasts (simply seasoned with brushed-on olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and a smidge of Penzey’s Fine Herbs) and roasted.

Alongside, Wegmans’ recipe of Roasted Butternut Squash with Spinach and Dried Cranberries. Could have used some oomph from Aleppo pepper, IMO, but still good.

There was wine.


Cranberries with butternut squash! Brilliant actually, and yes, Aleppo peppers would be a great addition.

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Delicious mexican late brunch with friends today at a new spot in the east village, we ordered so much because the whole menu looked amazing! The pozole was probably my favorite, although it certainly packed a kick of spice for my wimpy self. Great cocktails too :smile:

I have been invited to my very good friends’ apartment for T-day and she asked i bring a salad or veggie something, both her and her SO are such amazing cooks that i am always a bit nervous to bring something i make!
So tonight i decided to do a test batch smaller version of what i think i want to bring. I used the recipe for the mushrooms and dressing from this recipe, but served on massaged shredded kale and brussel sprouts. Instead of the goat cheese i used some chopped toasted walnuts, might swap to a kite hill cheese instead for Tday if i can find the one i want. And on Tday mushrooms will be room temp not served warm.
It made for a tasty meal but not quite right for what i want to bring. Maybe i’ll swap the brussel sprouts for fennel.


Leftover pork larb became fried dumplings for tonight’s dinner. dipping sauces: mirin/vinegar/sesame oil/soy/garlic; sweet thai chili sauce, and sriracha. a little red cabbage slaw with carrots, jalapeno, mint and thai basil, and rice on the side. BF discovered that dumpling skins make perfect little puris, too…

(there were about 12 more dumplings, too.)


Strange day today. We decided to eat lightly and we did. A baked potato. I harvested some chives. He had butter and sour cream while I just had the butter. I can assure you that he will snack on nuts later.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold