Steak Revolution

If you have Netflix you gotta watch this film:

Interviews with farmers, ranchers, butchers and chefs about the ultimate steak.

Really, really interesting.

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One of the oldest debates in the beef industry, (grass fed, grain feedlot finished (vs) Grass fed, grass finished). Former very consistent & reasonably priced, Later very inconsistent and very expensive. The latter really comes down to a trusted source with the experience to produce a consistently good product and that ain’t an easy find.

I suggest you actually watch the film, it is not really about the US beef industry. They go to France, Argentina, Italy, Japan, Scotland, Sweden, Spain and Corsica on quest for the most delicious steak in the world.

I’m not going to give away the conclusion, but I’ll bet you will be surprised. I’ll also bet you haven’t had their number 1 steak. I know I haven’t, and you can’t get one in this country as far as I know.

I’m not sure if you could put anything tastier in your mouth …I’m serious too. I dont like to think about animals suffering but holy crap, when you can produce a steak that awesome, I kind of let it slide.

Thanks viking. I will add this on my to do list.

Sorry about that…I only viewed the first video which was the grass finished plug…my bad!

I have had Japanese Kobi and like it as an appetizer but a little goes a long way, extremely rich.

Back before Mad Cow disease, meat from older animals was avail in the US. We used to call it dark cutter meat. Strong flavor but very chewy. Never had the fillet though. That may have been a game changer.

One of the beefiest and yet still tender steaks I ever had was Piedmontese. Certified Hereford Beef was also very good in terms of beef flavor.

Best steak I’ve ever had in terms of flavor was an estate raised Scottish Aberdeen Angus from the market hall at Harrods in London. The fat was a greenish ivory. It was also a smaller steak than you see here in the US. But it had amazing flavor, you could almost taste the grasses in the beef.

I actually prefer grass fed beef because it tastes more like beef is supposed to. I don’t mind gamey. But then I like venison, bison, elk, antelope and even moose (as long as the moose isn’t too old). Don’t get me wrong dry, aged prime feeder lot like Luger is really good too, but given the choice I would pick a young properly grass fed steak every time.

Woah Anjin-san, Benihanna omekraezi !

I just watched this film because it popped up on my Netflix and came looking to see if it had been discussed on this forum.

I’m happy I watched it. There’s a lot of interesting information there, but the film itself is a mess. It’s a terribly written and edited documentary. It doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be about. It has no main character or clear narrative structure. Watching it required a lot of patience on my part, but I learned a lot. Especially about the beef industry in France and why their meat is do darn tough.

Somebody needs to remake this film into something more coherent. I’m happy to volunteer.

Watched this today! Interesting to see that each country has its preference for the steak. Leaner meat, fatter meat. I would like to try the Spanish 15 year old steak one day.

Agree that the film needs a better structure and editing. During the whole film, I was wondering if Franck Ribière was a butcher, why he is relevant to give his opinion. There are parts not very clear at times. Why are there all these rankings? And why the rankings aren’t in order?

Despite all the defects, I still learned a lot from it.