What's for Dinner #103 - the Extra 24 Hours Month Edition - February 2024

That crispy chicken thigh looks GOOOOD!! Kind of like this famous and popular, iconic Hong Kong Cafe style version I had last month…

transported all the way from Hong Kong to Toronto!! Gorgeously crunchy/crispy, moist and still oozing with juice inside!


That looks fabulous. Chicken’s such an underrated meat among food lovers. MOAR for us :wink:

ETA: all it takes 45 min at 375. Skin side down for the first 20, 25 min skin up, finish under the broiler (set on low) for extra crispy skin.

This is the salt bomb seasoning we use. It’s really good on chicken skin. I suspect the cornstarch has something to do with that.


I do. They’re in there; I promise!

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Thx for sharing the recipe! Tod mun pla is one of my favorite Thai apps :slight_smile:

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They are such an important flavor in Tod Mun Pla/Goong, happy to hear it (and a bit Jealous).


Many of the chefs you’re discussing started out as TV chefs in the old days, when shows were about cooking, not eyeballs. They parlayed their TV fame into restaurants or products later.

David Chang’s own celebrity came from being an actual chef, with magnet restaurants (in nyc) that bloomed into a restaurant empire. His earlier shows were food-intellectual, not reality show format (Mind of a Chef, Ugly Delicious).

That changed around Covid, when most of the restaurants were shut down, as it turned out later, permanently. The transformation from food intellectualism to reality show also happened around then iirc. Reality is the most profitable kind of tv,

It’s like watching Guy Fieri at a diner vs old food tv. Different goals, different audiences. Different $$$.

Discussion has been ongoing on other threads.

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I understand what you’re getting at but to some extent, if it’s on TV, it’s about eyeballs regardless. Little surprise that Chang’s other show rn is also a reality show. Low input.

Have you ever listened to this Splendid Table interview with Martin Yan? It’s fascinating. Truly a different time in food television.


Oh No! Chronic pain just really sucks.


ALL shows are about eyeballs. More eyeballs means more $ for the networks.

And most of who I listed had restaurants or were working in highly rated restaurants before they caught the eye of The Food Network’s execs to put them on their own show. That’s how they became “famous on TV.”

Yes, products might have come later, but many were cooking in their own restaurants or at highly regarded ones well before TFN or TV came around.


You forgot the most current one.

Yes of course.
But the social media and reality tv world of the current moment means eyeballs at a very different scale than in the days of Lydia, Ming, et al.

Exactly. Reality tv has the lowest production cost and highest gawker appeal, that’s why there’s so much of it out there. The best return by a wide margin for the media companies. Add product placements and the jackpot grows.

Thank you! Fascinating indeed.


I have a couple of friends who have been through long stretches of chronic pain, some of whom are off far worse - one had back surgery to solve his, and it didn’t make it one iota better - he barely got any sleep for weeks. I try to keep that in mind - perspective is everything. This, too, shall pass.

Eventually :crossed_fingers:t2:


Sausage/peppers/tomato sauce/Bulgarian feta on a toasted bun, side romaine salad with moar feta and pickled things.

Good sammich 😋🤌🏻


Pizza night! Pepperoni and a mushroom. A quick pivot to a flat bread for the mushroom after a dough debacle. Both were excellent, no left overs for lunch. :unamused:
Accompanied by salad and wine.


I love how you do not skip on toppings!


looks like a delicious meal! Will have to check out these recipes, thanks!

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Crispy roasted chicken thigh, roasted veg, garlic mini naan.


Thank you! If you try them, I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

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Tonight’s dinner was a vegetarian curry served over udon noodles and Huy Fong Sriracha :two_hearts: I am still working on a bottle of “old” Sriracha (before drought/strike) and I will be very sad when it’s finished. The new incarnation isn’t even the same colour and I’m too afraid to try it.


Another immensely frustrating day, the details of which I won’t bore ya with (for a change :smile:). The one good news I got today, however, is that I’m getting my final crowns put in a month earlier than anticipated – as in tomorrow :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

To celebrate even the smaller victories, we had a rather indulgent mid-week meal: I made a shrimp & avocado salad for our appetizer, lightly dressed with mayo, crème fraiche, a blob of tomato paste, lemon juice, very finely diced celery, orange pepper & fresh dill, and some trout roe to gild the lily. That jar of roe is soon going to be history :sob:

The main event was grilled local Delmonico steaks, a shared baked tater with TPSTOSSCAB, and salad. I made the SSC with Canadian-style sour cream, which is super luscious & creamy, if not runny (this batch def was).

The steaks weren’t all that great – they didn’t grill up evenly, and were thinner with more gristle than we recall from that farm. Might have to find a new purveyor. Tater was perfect, OTOH, following the ATK method.