When the cook gets in the way of the cooking show.....

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Here on HO, we’ve shown admirable restraint when it comes to trashing celebrichefs. That’s got to end! :smiling_imp: I don’t have cable, so there’s less for me to gripe about, but if my life depended on it, I could not tell you if the latest PBS cook, Annabel Langbein, is any good, because I grab the remote as soon as her show starts. I like most foreign accents but this New Zealander’s pronunciations are chalk on a blackboard for me. In the process of swapping vowels around through what sounds like a clenched jaw, she seems to have lost a few of them. She’s dethroned Minnie-Mouse impersonator Pati Jinich for the top spot on my list of annoying voices on currently-airing PBS shows.



Sorry Erica . I like Annabel . It’s the blonde thing for me . Vivian with her southern accent . Love that . Now Patty she’s a different story .



I don’t watch much TV anymore. I like Chef John from Foodwishes as an online alternative to cooking shows (see http://foodwishes.blogspot.ca/ ) and Manjula’s kitchen (see http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/ )

Apparently Sandra Lee is horrible but anybody that mesures vodka in “glugs” is good in my books.



Joanne Weir is my chalk on the blackboard trigger. Sometimes I watch with amusement as she treats her “Student” for the episode with a bit too much disdain. Better with the sound off.
I like to torture myself with “The Chew” on occasion.
Like walking on a bed of nails, it somehow makes me stronger, if somewhat damaged., once I make it all the way thru an episode.
Follow that with a chaser of “The Talk” and I’m suitably in a stupor for the afternoon. :smiley:



I watch no cooking shows. I find far better info elsewhere.



Annabel isn’t a favorite, but I prefer her to Pati. The accent isn’t so much an issue, it’s that Pati sounds like she’s rolling marbles in her mouth.


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For many years, when we visited America, we’d often be asked if we were from New Zealand. Maybe it was just because folk also found our accent to be “chalk on bloackboard”. :smile:

I never really understood it as my north west England accent is nothing like a Kiwi one, although we concluded that perhaps at that time, Americans thought all English people spoke like Londoners. Or Margaret Thatcher.

And then there was the Canadian taxi driver who decided we were Scottish…


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It’s a toss up between Rachel Ray and Giada. The microphone on RR’s show picks up every sound - and the worst is the onion skin removal. Plus she just annoys me. And Giada - can’t stand her. Every time she overpronounces an Italian word it sends me over the edge!


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I had the same reaction to Joanne Weir. It was painful to watch her condescend to her student. One time was enough for me.


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I find the latest trends to be really off-putting, they being the neverending cupcake wars (and all those other so-called contests), and the tendency to put out-of-work actresses into cooking shows. Only I don’t dislike Valerie Bertinelli, for some reason. But I don’t usually watch her show, either.

I really wish some channel would rebroadcast the Two Fat Ladies and Molto Mario , from beginning to end.


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I agree about Valerie Bertinelli. I just always liked her. But I don’t watch her cooking show either.

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Agreed. As a singer, I find Rachel Ray particularly off-putting - I can just hear the vocal nodules forming with every word she utters.

Also, Kelsey Nixon from Kelsey’s Essentials annoys the ever-living fuck out of me. Not only is her show completely inane, but her ridiculous little-girl voice and half lisp are just unbearable.


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I can imagine. I also can’t tolerate the poor sound quality of the show itself. It may be the placement of the microphones but every time she peels an onion I want to scream - it’s right at the mike and so loud.

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OMG- good call on Kelsey, she will drive me to change the channel immediately

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I use cooking shows like white noise. Puts me to sleep.

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Vic Rallo, the host of Eat! Drink! Italy! that airs on PBS, is as in-your-face as you can get. He stands right on top of his guests, and he can’t keep his hands off anything. Let the guests do what they are there to do, man! I don’t even want to get into his hats…

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Wholeheartedly agree! If there is a more irritating voice on TV, I have yet to hear it. And her transformation from condescension to Uber Cougar when the student happens to be a good looking young man is unwatchable even with the sound off. Too bad, sometimes her food looks really good.


(erica) #18

Do you mean Vic Rallo of Eat!Drink!Italy! with Vic Rallo starring me, Vic Rallo? …The guy must have taken self-promotion lessons from Trump! :grimacing:



Uber Cougar. Indeed.
Mrs. Robinson…

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Those are my top three also.
Pati Jinich; I’m Latino and I cringe when this woman’s show comes on Create. Geez, she’s been in the US for what 20+ years. Get rid of the ridiculous accent already. No wonder her own three sons make fun of her on the show…
Vic Rallo- YES… I…REALLY…DO…TALK…LIKE…THIS… In a loud, halting manner and in the third person.
Joanne Wier: She looks and sounds creepy. Passive/Agressive, like she’s going to blow up at her “students” at any second.