David Chang & Chrissy Teigen's new Freeform / Hulu show -- Chrissy & Dave Dine Out

Remember their previous Netflix show?

Well, onto Hulu.

I think this will be take 2 (or is 3? there was also Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner) of “watch celebrities hang” + add in some famous LA chefs / restaurants.

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That may have been the only cooking show I couldn’t watch.

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It was unnecessarily cringey. Awkward conversation between famous people and lots of giggling about sex stuff. Please more food less chit chat.

Is it over-exposure – or just good marketing – to have two new shows on different outlets a day apart?

A day after “Dine Out”, essentially “Dine In” :rofl: – a new reality Netflix show which is him cooking “live” for various celeb guests, while they all hang out:

He did a lot of live cooking on Insta during the pandemic (and after), some of which was entertaining, some just him discovering how home cooks cook at home :smile:.

This one, however, is reminiscent of an old Mario Batali tv show (was it Molto Mario? long before The Chew) where he’d have a few celeb guests hang out in a studio kitchen while he cooked, and then eat what he cooked – anyone remember or watch that?

I’m intrigued by how the people are parsed across the two shows. They must have had to map that out pretty strategically.

(Also, if I’m honest, I’m slightly worried he’ll stop with the restaurant thing altogether – his food is delicious, so I really hope he doesn’t turn into a full-time TV personality and product shill, even though that’s what it’s increasingly looking like.)


I couldn’t watch that Batali show much, it made me nervous because he’s way too hyper.

Love watching Ina.

If you found Mario hyper, Dave will give you a conniption.

(But Ugly Delicious was good, and also thought-provoking, if you haven’t watched it yet.)


I haven’t watched Dine Out yet, but I watched Dinner Time Live and I enjoyed it. I am a fan. And yeah I have watched Molto Mario.

Good to know. I’m going to give them all a shot – I like the way he thinks about food and food culture.

But the reality shtick isn’t my thing, plus the celeb gawk on top, so it will take some effort for me.


We both really love that series here.


I do not watch TV or movies very often, but just looking at the topics Chang approaches in Ugly Delicious is interesting.
Pizza, Tacos, Thanksgiving, Cajun-Vietnamese, Korean BBQ, Soul Food, Chinese Food, Dumplings, School Food (Budget vs. Nutrition vs. Kid Approval), What is a Curry and How do You Order Your Steak?
Wow, these are subjects that you could really dive into!
Pizza alone could take up a couple hours, easily. I love pizza. I have had Neapolitan near Naples and I have had both Filipino and Thai pizza within the past month. Unsurprisingly, the Filipino and Thai pizzas left a bit to be desired but the fact that I ordered them at all shows how much a food type can pull you in. Or it can for me.
Tacos? I remember raving about the tacos I got at Taqueria el Caminante Charito (Arlington VA) and someone casually dismissed them, saying, “Ah, those are Guatemalan tacos.” LOL! Like that was a bad thing?
And Thanksgiving? Books have been written about much less.
The entire list of episodes is a list of some of the most interesting aspects of food culture.
Thank you for the link, Saregama!


Have you watched Somebody Feed Phil, Netflix?

In France he shows school lunches … what a difference.

(Hope I’m remembering this correctly)


I tried an episode when a few folks were talking about it here, but I couldn’t get into it. Will try again with a different one, maybe the one you highlighted if I can find it.


It’s a fun show, some episodes are better than others, of course.

It’s a lot of challenging-the-establishment kind of stuff. Like the pizza episode has Domino’s, and then he goes to Japan for purist Neapolitan-style. He looks at shwarma and tacos arabes. There’s a bit about why chinese dumplings “have” to be cheap but ravioli is expensive, even though it’s the same human effort to stuff them, leading into a discussion of implicit “racism” in food. The Thanksgiving episode was fun but I can’t remember details now.

Lots of different thought-provoking bits. I hope he finds his way back to it eventually.

I think it’s time for me to rewatch the show myself!


In the pizza episode, I felt bad for the tuna sushi guy , I think in Japan. Dave keeps saying “can we get to the pizza?” as the guy is sharing the tuna. I felt like for some reason I didn’t want to imagine, he was willing to make pizza with his probably amazing tuna.

" Dave then travels to Tokyo where he dines at a pizzeria called Savoy … After serving up slices of raw fish, chef Ryu Yoshimura makes a tuna and mayonnaise pizza; Chang and Ansari are both surprised by how much they like it."


The one in Portugal is fantastic.


If you’re still in Bangkok, a suggestion to try out below pizzeria. I was really surprised how good their pepperoni pizza is!


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Thanksgiving involved visiting with his mom, I believe.


Oh yeah, now I remember – he outed her on sprite or 7-up as a marinade ingredient and she glared at him just like my mom would for giving away a “secret” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I was checking to see if I watched ugly Delicious (think I’ve watched a few) and it seems to not be available on Netflix anymore. Bummer.

Yes it is.