David Chang's new Netflix Show

This is one take on his new Netflix show: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m planning to.

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Watched the first episode with Seth . Kudos to their hard work . Getting to smoke weed , eat , and have fun .

Watched the 1st episode. Buddies hanging out over food. Where do they find the time? Sweet gig.

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I love DC but was underwhelmed by #1 - very bro-ish.

We watched all four episodes. I say, stick with it. I thought each one was better then the last.

I agree, the last one was the best - the rest didn’t really impress. It’s not that much about…the food.

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I am about 10 minutes into the first episode, and am thinking WHAT is this show about? Can someone tell me which episodes/parts are good?

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Skip to Cambodia.

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Thank you. I’m sure there is good in there, but I couldn’t go on.

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