What's for Dinner #100 - The WFD Big 100th Edition - November 2023

Dinner on the fly with freezer/pantry ingredients - braised cod with lentils and smoked sausage. Had the last of the rosemary bread from the weekend with it. This would have been fantastic with some red wine, but I am too exhausted to even think about having a drink :sob:


Use it or lose it dinner of okra, eggplant and shrimp with garlic, ginger, onion, lemon zest and cayenne.



A little shrimp cocktail to start. We like a lot of horseradish in our sauce. My husband picked up a couple of those large containers of 50/50 mix spinach/baby lettuces (marked down) the other day when I wasn’t looking. I told him tonight that they were taking up valuable real estate in the fridge and at least one had to go. So browned some sweet Italian sausage. Threw in some red pepper flakes. A few splashes of white wine, then in went a tub of 50/50. Topped with Parmesan and mozzarella. No pasta. One down and one to go. Garlic cheese bread. He fixed an everything but the kitchen sink salad with the last of Ken’s Caesar dressing.


Pan roasted chicken thighs. An herb-bread stuffing with leeks, pork sausage, tart apples, celery, and currants (I won’t be making a separate stuffing on Thanksgiving). Baby garden peas.


Home again. Decided to hold off on the thanksgiving leftovers I brought home and instead use up the kheema stuffing from the spirals I made.

Kheema macaroni, except pappardelle. Doctored the kheema a bit to get to pasta coating consistency and flavor.

Gratuitous skyline shots of my train ride up and back.


Big old SALAD, ala the BF. I’m getting my cholesterol tested tomorrow so this was dinner, and fasting ensues shortly.


Curious to try chili with “fake” meat (beyond beef) and it wasn’t actually that bad. Chili made with red kidney beans, red peppers, diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, chipotle in adobo, chili powder, cumin, oregano, tomato sauce


Thanks, will look at it. The one he grew up eating used baby turnips. I think that was probably of awadhi / lucknowi origin, though I see Pakistani recipes for it now (they’re a lot spicier and oilier than the original version).


Simple and colorful dinner.

There was a martini.


szekely cabbage - pork shoulder, onions, sauerkraut, lard, paprika, tomato, caraway and sour cream - delicious and easy. With some brown rice and more sour cream. Sort of the central european equivalent of the kimchi stew with pork belly we made the week before.


@gcaggiano thanks, glad you are enjoying it.

@honkman for most Italians you are correct. However, for the masses the bitterness is a bit of a turn off, so this is a method to make it more enjoyable to a larger portion of the population.

that looks fantastic!

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Bulgogi tacos


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I made lasagne today, everything is homemade except for the pasta. It’s such a comfort food for us so it was a treat to have, especially since I don’t make it very often. Luckily we have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow too.


Thank you!

Hot Italian sausage on baguette/ BBQ onions/side salad for dinner.


Sad, but these are hard to beat for me. Childhood taste memory.


With your tweaks that sounds a LOT like yo po mian. I add marinated ground pork to the stir-fry and double the sauce (to which I add the garlic so it’s better distributed and a pinch of sugar.) Also good with spinach.

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ForGot black pepper?