What's for Dinner #100 - The WFD Big 100th Edition - November 2023

Takeout Popeye’s fried chicken tonight. Made a small batch of coleslaw again. Popeye’s red beans & rice. Biscuit with plenty of butter. Blackened Ranch or Sweet Heat dip? Decisions decisions. Ok, both.


Wagyu boneless ribeye on the grill. Salted-almond Caesar salad made with romaine from our winter garden. Marinated mushrooms. A Woodinville bourbon whiskey for the cook.


hah - it was on the 2nd trip! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dinner for me was half a pack of A-Sha Meteor noodles, and i did the Woks of Life hot oil noodle prep on them - basically boil the noodles, some spinach or other greens, made sauce (in addition to the sauce it comes with, which was kinda 5-spicy, i added black vinegar, dark soy, sesame oil, hot chili oil, and gochugaru), added a ton of chopped scallions, cilantro, minced garlic, sesame seeds, then drizzled about 1 tbs hot peanut oil over the top and stirred it all up.

the other half will be eaten cold for bfast. yum yum.

The BF has been dealing with ongoing dental issues that won’t be resolved anytime soon, so he’s been making his own dinners which is usually something soupy, as it was tonight. He still cooks for me most of the time, as I’ve still be doing the mostly low cholesterol thing (about to be re-tested this week!) happy to report i’m down 20 lbs. and i’d like to lose another 5 and then maintain. it’s been a journey, and i only hope it’s made a difference in my numbers. but it’s really nice fitting into so much of my closet again! :smiley:


Dinner tonight was our extended family thanksgiving feast, done early for travelers and for me.

Here’s the turkey and my piled plate, the rest of the (many) pics are over on the thanksgiving thread!



Sunday supper. Spaghetti, Italian sausage, onion, garlic, splash of red wine, marinara sauce from the freezer. Parm and parsley. Little gem wedge, caesar dressing, fgbp. (I stole that form someone on another thread) Toasted sourdough and wine.


We enjoyed another excellent dinner with our friends at La Lupa in Manalapan, NJ, including lobster risotto, Roman gnocchi with two river mushroom, guanciale, pork jus, pecorino romano, rosemary breadcrumb; Tuscan fried chicken with rosemary, fennel, and hot honey; Berkshire pork chop with delicata squash, maple agrodolce, brussel sprout, walnut; crispy cacio e pepe potatoes; Cappelletti with local butternut squash, pecans, parmigiano reggiano, saba. It all went great with an excellent red blend, cabernet, and Syrah. Please pardon the crappy photos. It is pitch black in the restaurant and hard to get any good photos. I had to trash a few photos because they were too blurry.


So sorry! Get well-er soon!

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The turkey in particular looks superb. :yum:

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Shalgam Gosht - Braised Lamb with Turnips and Mint - Lamb braised with black cardamom in a sauce made from bin bhuna hua garam masala (made by grinding coriander seeds, cumin seeds, peppercorns, whole cloves, green cardamom seeds, bay leaves and sirarakhong chili) and puréed caramelized red onions, garlic and ginger. Later you add sautéed turnips, cilantro and a mixture of pounded mint, tomato and dried chili) - served over rice


Curious where the recipe is from?

One of my dad’s favorites.

660 Curries


Last night’s Grey Cup game dinner was bbq’d pork ribs and mixed vegetable fried rice. I liked the addition of baby corn and water chestnuts to the fried rice but I miss the egg. Next time I will order another fried rice. I had a locally brewed lager with dinner.


Judging from the message she sent me last night, it was a great success :blush::

OMG! If you weren’t married and I wasn’t straight… :rofl::joy: Thank you so much for dinner! Not only was it perfect timing since I feel crappy from my flu shot, but the spice is perfect. You’re the best! :two_hearts:


We had a chicken, broad bean and Charlotte potato stew. Really flavourful and warming. We wish we had bread to dip into the sauce but sadly I don’t have enough flour to make any until tomorrow.


I’m addicted to them. I pull them apart, toss with olive oil and S&P, and roast on a sheet pan for 16-18 mins at 450. They become little crispy bits with just a little softness at the thicker parts. Cocktail/happy hour snack : )


Trader Joe’s pork belly, browned on all sides, finished in the oven with Schlotterbeck and Foss Caribbean Mango chef sauce (got at WF), served on orzo cooked in a pork stock from Penzeys pork base, with roasted Brussels sprouts tossed with olive oil, s/p and garlic powder.

And there WAS wine, because even though it’s a Monday, I still have 7 days to go on my 11 day weekend. :wine_glass::+1:


My contribution to tonight’s family dinner:

" Pan seared Wild Peruvian Scallops with Chinese Scrambled ( Fu-Yung ) eggs and yellowing Chives "


Ropa Vieja


I was going to make piccata with the rest of the pork tenderloin & bathe some broc in hollandaise to go with, but there really wasn’t all that much meat left to pound into cutlets, so I pivoted to a stir-fry. Velveted the tenderloin slices, stir-fried an extra pack of button shrooms I hadn’t needed for last night’s stroganoff, and somewhat followed WoL’s recipe for garlicky broccoli. Ordered veg fried rice from a takeout place that was just ok. Huge amount of rice and FAR too many baby corn pieces, which I loathe.