What's for Dinner #10 - 6/2016 - June is Bustin' Out All Over Edition!

Here’s the new thread for June. I didn’t cook tonight - finished up my Memorial Day rib leftovers, but it was still good!


WFD ~ Slices of remaining Chinese pork gently reheated with its spicy, vinegary, slightly sweet-ish sauce.
~ Sautéed zucchini: Olive oil, thinly sliced shallots; zucchini coins; S & P; chiffonade of basil tossed in at the end.
~ Brown basmati rice steamed in chicken stock.

It was a lovely simple evening meal.


June busted out HOT here in NYC. We kept it quick and light with a grilled flank steak dressed with garlic oil, and a “salad” of roasted cherry tomatoes and grilled scallions with a fat dollop of ricotta cheese on top. Not bad, considering that it took less than 15 mins from start to finish, including resting time for the steak!


I managed a quick stop at the store even after my stupid busy 12hr work day for a few things.
The avocados were ripe!!
Dinner was a slaw style salad with nappa cabbage (which i like better for slaw than regular green cabbage), some black beans, green onion, radishes, new fresh cilantro, and cherry tomatoes with a quick vinegrette. On the side i toasted a corn tortilla over the stove flame and added some semi mashed avocado with salt and some more cilantro, then folded in half.
Extra salad with dressing on the side and the rest of the avocado already packed up for lunch tomorrow.


Beautiful night here for a simple dinner of grilled tbone steak and zuchinni. Just a rub of olive oil salt and pepper on the meat and the zuchini tossed in lemon, oil, and herbs. Leftover potato gratin crusted up nicely in a foil packet over the fire. A cold bottle of pelligrino standing in on post holiday booze break.


I’m living vicariously by looking at all the beautiful food here.

I’ve cooked very little the last week or so

Came down with the flu after returning from Kentucky. Had a 6:00am flight home and had little sleep for over 24 hrs after returning. As a result of the flu I lost ALL sense of taste and smell. For at least 4 days food tasted of nothing. A bag of spoiled onions smelled like an empty bag. It’s slowly coming back but is seriously altered to the point that I have no desire to eat. Good for the waist line but seriously depressing.

Hoping for a full recovery but in the mean time I’ve been walking the beach more and playing my guitar a lot more as my ears are still working (thank God). Music’s been a salvation. Hope to be back posting meals soon. Fingers crossed

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The weather finally fucking broke here… after 3 days of thunderstorms and torrents of rain.

But now it’s sunny again, and that means heading to our favorite beer garden for a few early eve brewskies. Not sure WFD tonight – a very late breakfast makes thinking about food completely uninteresting right now.

Liquid bread to the rescue & for inspiration :slight_smile:


My last Berkshire pork this week is loin steaks (cooked in duck fat. I have a big tub). I’m going to ask the butcher’s shop to contact me when they gets Berkshire cuts. It’s not available every week and by the time I go to the shop half of it is gone!

I have asked an employee in the Turkish store how to use these peppers, and she said “in everything”. Found out they tasted good (especially the deep purple kind) I have been using them “in everything” ever since. Go exceptionally well with lamb and most things Turkish, naturally. I always have a jar of these flakes in oil as a condiment. The heat is just right and my partner can eat it as well.

Pan was deglazed with stock and pomegranate seeds were added, then reduced.

Cherry toms were roasted in the same pan. I drizzled both kinds of pepper in oil all over them (after transfering to the plate).

Turk community here knows it as Isot pepper, and I also.

Btw, some light reading if you’re interested: Turkish peppers

Can someone start a new thread, please? Thanks.


I’m Baaaak :wink:

Ok my kitchen is finally back up and running and re stocked - just in time for the hot weather that saps my desire to cook… but at least I got real homemade potato salad done for the holiday weekend.
After a few month’s of takeout and frozen dinners I feel like I am getting my “sea legs” back rather slowly. I have al ready over boiled a gratin in the new oven so now it’s cristened - still missing a few details but already a mess - no time for staging in my life but here’s a few pics of the final-ish product - unfortunately my kitchen did not get any bigger so still working within the confines of a tiny row-house but I am happy with the results. Tonight I think will be fish with zucchini and some pasta - I have really missed pasta :wink:

here are some very uncurated shots of my new cooking space - still small but much more functional


Costco prime rib eye cooked on ci skillet . Spinach with garlic . Cannellini beans .


I’ve started a new thread here:

Tonight my “baby” graduated high school. We had dinner at his request at Jimmy’s in Asbury Park, NJ. (About 5 mins from the Stone Pony for all you Bruce fans)

Dinner was fried calamari - mozzerella corozza - house Cesare salad and chicken scarp for me. I was too caught up in the events of the night I forgot pics of the food. Here is a gratuitous pic of 2 beefcakes for you!


Really nice kitchen. No excuse for not turning out great meals daily. Enjoy!!! :yum:

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Congrats Jr! You must be proud. Dinner sounds great too!

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Fine looking boy. Why serious? Time to jump for joy🎉 Congrats


Gorgeous!! How exciting!!! And if that is “tiny” then mine must be dollhouse size :wink:

For context this is mark bittman’s apt kitchen in nyc-which obviously never held him back!


Congratulations!! What an exciting/happy/momentous/scary/joyous day for both of you!

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Congratulations…both you and mini me


I think you may be mistaken pride face for serious face :wink:

Lol well that’s really my happy + proud + “tuition payments start when?” Face! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: