What's for Dinner #9, 5/2016 - the "Don't Cast a Clout" edition

Interesting. In the UK, toad in the hole is a dish of sausages cooked in batter - http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/5822/toad-in-the-hole-in-4-easy-steps

And very delicious it is too. You need lots of onion gravy with it.


Interesting indeed - I never know where these funny names come from - both the sausages and my egg in bread look nothing like a toad :smirk:

We have an Israeli restaurant in our area that makes vegetarian chopped liver but they use pureed eggplant. I’m not an eggplant fan normally, but it’s pretty good.

Last post before May is over. I’m between Lingua and Harters and we have almost the same weather year round. It remains crappy til sunday, probably. As long as it’s dark and stormy I don’t want to pick up the camera.

Today I made twice cooked pork belly with Chinese chives. Another dish was scrambled eggs with tomatoes. The latter is common all over China, and S.E. Asia (introduced by Chinese migrants most probably). The pork belly was really nice but I don’t see the point of Chinese chives. Had it several times in Chengdu but I never touched the spring onions or chives. At least the chives don’t reek and aren’t slimmy like spring onions, however.

Still have Bershire pork loin steaks but that’s for tomorrow.

Never cast a clout til May be out.


Looks far better than Mexican prison food for sure.
Weather is worthless.

WFD: CSF Hake fillets from the F/V Captain Joe.
~ Fish Salad a la Papa from The North End Italian Cookbook by Marguerite DiMino Buonopane. More or less.

Fish Fillets poached in stock, then cooled. The cooked fish, cut into 2" squares and seasoned with S & P, is set on a platter of lettuce and assorted vegetables. This is topped with sliced almonds, minced garlic, thinly sliced sweet onion, and dry-cured black olives. Olive oil and lemon juice is then poured over all. Various marinated and pickled vegetables are scattered over the salad, then the platter is showered with minced parsley.

~ Additionally, we’ll serve garlic grated, smooshed tomato slices, crushed Gorgonzola, olive oil drizzled bruschetti.


Ooh, that sounds good to me! Do they use nuts in it too? I’m a big fan of babaganoush, but i’m thinking the pate version must be much thicker without tahini…

After the long weekend of cooking up a storm it’s beans and franks .

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No nuts that I’m aware of. It’s not as dense as a pate – it’s more of a thick dip consistency. I think they call it “vegetarian chicken liver”. They do a salad option where they bring you 15-18 small plates of different dips and salads with fresh laffa bread and the vegetarian chicken liver is one of the small plates.

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With summer heat coming upon us, I’m working on no–cook items. Green papaya salad & spicy cucumber salad


That looks gorgeous! I love how thin your strands of papaya are - they get so tender and soak up the dressing so well that way!


Long day today, so we went VERY simple - raw red peppers, a cheese plate and some pan-fried chicken sausages. The sausages were a new-to-me brand - Nature Valley Organic. We had the sweet and hot Italian. Both a bit salty and not much flavor, but the hot were redeemed by their spiciness. They’re fine but I wouldn’t buy them again, most likely.


Long busy day at work and not a lot in the fridge. I chopped and sauteed the bits of random veggies i had including some zucchini, onion, shredded carrots and cabbage with trader joe’s soyaki sauce, then added in some cubed tofu and topped my bowl with the last of the cilantro. Quick with lots of veggies, tasty enough.


When I first started making this dish, a while back, I peeled the papaya, then held it in 1 hand while I chopped away at it with a meat cleaver in my other hand. Then shaved off the slices. One, that felt kind of dangerous and two, was hard to get thin uniform julienne slices. Now I have my trusty official Thai Kiwi julienne peeler and it makes for a better outcome.


Had a dinner appointment and gave Flemmings Steakhouse a second try. This time I had the “prime” 20oz bone in rib eye. Very good steak, on the bone so that’s a lot of dead weight, but the serving was adaquate. Jumbo (true jumbo) shrimp cocktail and a side of creamed spinach. All good, expensive but good.


I don’t think it’s got above 16 today. No clouts being cast in the Harters household just yet.

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i am soooooo jealous of Russ & Daughters… good thing we don’t have the likes of it here. Glad your mom had such a nice, delicious time with you!

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those sound really good… may have to give Alexia one more try…

Two nights out for dinner - Chinese one night (good, not spectacular), American-Cali-blah-blah-blah the next (which was excellent, one of my favorite places right now - split a silken chicken liver toast, fab cheeseburger and amazing gnocchi parisenne.) and wonderful little $6 Manhattans.

BF cooked the next two nights - at my request, a steak salad - well, deconstructed, but i plopped my slices onto my salad so as to have all the juices blend in with his homemade blue cheese dressing. and he cooked the rib eye just right. loverly.

next was another request, a Ruth Reichl recipe for easy caramelized pork. Our pork shoulder had gone off, though, so he used TJs pork belly, already cooked. Worked just fine, delish. Ginger and cucumbers marinate in vinegar and then the cukes get tossed in with the pork. he added other veggies to the marinade after tossing the cukes into the pork, and we tossed that over at the table. i made jasmine rice, and he made a salad with a really nice if slightly sweet sesame dressing.

tonight we were going to go out yet again to a place i want to review but he wanted to catch a soccer game (snooze) so i picked up Vietnamese on my walk home. Banh xeo and some cha gio to share, with a boatload of veggies, while he had bun thit (also with cha gio). That crepe didn’t do exceptionally well in the four block walk home, but it still tasted divine. i always think it’s going to be a light meal but the banh xeo is quite filling!

tomorrow night we go to the review place, and then finally, Sunday, i cook!

happy weekend, all!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold