What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?

I started adding peanut butter powder to may pancake mix, and just a touch of miso, it’s an amazing combo.

Nice. I’m big on peanut butter on top. I’ll give it a shot. Miso might be a bit much for my kitchen customers but I can give it a whirl. Sounds like a good combo I can see it.

Just don’t tell them.

You can’t even taste it. It’s just like a flavor enhancer (it is MSG after all). Just elevates everything else that is in the pancake better.

I like it

Whole-wheat, sourdough, zucchini waffles with homemade blackberry syrup. Soft boiled eggs.

I don’t think the zucchini added anything here. In fact, I would recommend against it (not something I do lightly). Now I know. :neutral_face:

The syrup was delicious.


I could resist my urge for scrapple no longer! Despite it being readily available, I’ve always saved it as a treat for when in Lancaster, PA. With no vacation time in sight for at least a month, I just finally had to do it. I sliced it as thin as possible, and seared it on a low flame in a nonstick pan for ten minutes on each side. It came out wonderfully crispy and delicious. Served with grain toast and a fried tomato-- the acidity of which really made this dish pop.


Pepperoncini and scallion scramble. Whole wheat carrot-zucchini muffin. Blackberry-lime shrub.

Veggies from the garden. Blackberies picked wild.


Snuck in a bite before I remembered to take a pic.


Honeycrisp apple Dutch Baby with homemade blackberry syrup.

There also was gazpacho.


NYT’s sheet-pan recipe for a full English breakfast. While not typically a fan of sheet-pan recipes, this one seemed fun enough to give it a try. I used cherry tomatoes instead of plum tomatoes as that is what I had on hand. Otherwise, pretty much stuck to the recipe.

Gotta say, it wasn’t half-bad. The whole thing needed more salt and more Worcestershire, but certainly better than many of the breakfasts I recall having when visiting the UK decades ago. The nostalgia factor alone was worth the experience.

I’ll keep this one in mind for future use, although 1) might use a couple of cast iron skillets instead of a sheet-pan, and 2) in any case would nestle the eggs amongst the rest of it - following the directions in the recipe the eggs slid fully over to the side, making it a little tricky to get the sheet-pan into the oven without spilling.

Served with Heinz beans (optional) and warm bread or toast on the side.


A warmed slice of pesto quiche sandwiched between 2 slices of fried whole grain bread.


We ate like animals this morning.


I made a frittata with leftover corn and some blue cheese.


Zucchini-scallion fritters with parmesan and dill. Served with sour cream and tabasco. There was gazpacho.

Veggies and herbs from the garden.



Today’s zucchini scramble accompanied by a fried ham steak, and scallion cornbread leftover from last night.


Egg slice with zucchini and basil; served with flaky salt and homemade chili crisp. Ham steak. Leftover spuds, twice cooked. Gazpacho.

I’ve made a slightly modified version of this Australian egg dish half a dozen times this summer. It has become one of my favorite ways to use up garden veg – zucchini, basil, scallions. It holds up for days, travels well and is delicious.


I just ate these straight from the pan.


Spiced Egg Curry with Fennel and Chilli

Our brunch was probably closer to lunch time, but whatever. This was a great way to warm up on a very gray and rainy morning!


Some breakfasts in Osaka