What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?


Here is my frittata
( I only have 5 eggs lefts one egg missing

5 eggs, 1/4 cup buttermilk
caramelized Half onion, 4 duck sausage from maple leaf farm) precooked in microwave 3 minutes sliced small gourmet potatoes from Costco then added to caramelized onions, cooked briefly on top of stove, then gruyere cheese, mixture of cheddar cheese and 3 small slices of left over mozzarella from the other day.


Sorry I never responded to your post. Never had huevos rancheros sauce from a jar but bet it would fit the bill just fine. Many of those Mexican sauces in a jar are quite good. Freshen with some fresh cilantro and jalapeño or chipotle and it s just like being there. Almost

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I think my reply was meant for Rooster. Oops.

The Aldi jarred sauce is fine but not a repeat buy. Awfully salty. Agree it needs freshening.


here is breakfast today
5 eggs, buttermilk, caramelized onions and shishito peppers, turkey bacon
served with Wheat English muffin and cappuccino for two
Food out shishito peppers is great in egg omelet. IMG_1776

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Stopped for a quick bite on the way to The Getty this morning.

That’s my almond butter toast with a drizzle of honey, a little salt, and some blueberry jam. DH’s coffee cake in the background.

It’s hard to beat a 70 degree day after a week of rain.


here is costcos croissant, Costco’s wild smoked salmon and cream cheese for breakfast served with a cup of coffee. Fast and Simple


I like ritual especially when I am aloneI
I like to have tea using my rose medallion 1850-1890 when I am alone. I think younger generations do not understand the need to preserve and admire these pieces but to use them as well. Also love to use American Brilliant cheese plate ( only when I am alone as well)

So, brunch today is crackers and 2 kinds of cheese, ( Boursin) as well as slices of dubliner’s Irish cheese. Shared the later with my babies who loves them.
I will sit here in kitchen and drink that half pot of tea by myself also.


They are beautiful indeed.

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We made brunch for our neighbor - sous vide eggs Benedict with immersion-boender Hollandaise, mixed greens with pepitas and dried cranberries, cheese plate and crackers, fruit salad, mimosas and coffee. She brought the garlic-herb English muffins, special pickles😂 and made madelines to order


That all looks soooo good, CM. Did you use any particular recipe for the hollandaise?

(ChristinaM) #555

Thanks! https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2013/04/foolproof-2-minute-hollandaise-recipe.html


Oh, thanks. I’ve seen that recipe and trust SE completely, but was hesitant because it calls for just one yolk. Yours is beautifully emulsified, though, so I’ll give it a try.

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Typical cooked breakfast - sausages (free range pork), maitake mushroom, scrambled egg, Staffordshire oatcakes.

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Those eggs and hollandaise are picture perfect!

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I thought the same thing!


Not too exciting, delicious nonetheless. I’ve been craving, assembling and eating every morning for the last week, haven’t tired of it yet.


Last night’s guest ( my son’s GF from Amsterdam) and a friend who used to be manager of several DC restaurants were here for dinner( maple duck farm’s leg, small gourmet potatoes in EVO and spices and chinese snow pea leaves sautéed in EVOO and apple pie) but forgot to take pictures. They were up till 2:00AM. so I am having breakfast and they can have their’s when they wake up. For me, instant coffee and my usual croissant from Costco every morning with Norwegian smoked salmon and cream cheese. They ate after I did at different times, croissant and salmon followed by crusty bread with lemon curd or the five fruit preserves fro Costco and of course, their usual 2 cups each of cappucino . My dogs had their kibbles and salmon too.

(John Hartley) #562

Bacon this morning. Organic rare breed (Gloucester Old Spot) from the farmers market, lightly cooked under the grill, wrapped in a couple of Staffordshire oatcakes. Difficult to beat as a breakfast.


Leftover colcannon (homemade) topped with leftover duck curry (from a Thai restaurant). You know, for St Patrick’s day.


Texas caviar was breakfast this morning. Might be lunch as well