What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?

(Dan) #471

While home visiting, my son and I figured out a small batch of homemade granola butter based on the ingredient label with two flavorful add ins, chia and almond butter.

1 cup rolled oats, gf would work too
1 tbsp. ground flax
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp. chia seed
1 tbsp. each coconut oil, evoo, almond butter, maple syrup

Pulse dry ingredients in fp until fine powder. Pour into bowl and with mix liquid ingredients until creamy. Adjust to desired consistency with coconut oil.

The spread is not super sweet. I just wondered if we could create a copycat, answer: absolutely.


I didn’t feel like making my own so it was Denny’s pancakes, butter only except syrup on the last two bites. Link sausages.

I like this meal on occasion.

Eggs? Not me.

(Dan) #473

Made this oatmeal casserole for brunch this morning. I found the link on a HO thread about breakfast snack bars. This time of year, I start thinking about hot cereal pulling Bob’s bags of diff cereal goods out of the pantry. Pear apple combo is such a winner. I just scooped out portions rather than bake until crisp enough to cut into bars. A bit of goats milk cheese whipped on top.

(Robin) #474

Made a little cucumber herb roasted cherry tomato salad to go with some eggs and the last bit of a rosemary tomato focaccia from the FM. Latte to drink.

(Dan) #475

Great looking meal. My buddies and I had fried eggs with Virginia ham and blackberry hot cross buns my sister baked over the wknd. Strong coffee after a night of drinking.

(Chris) #476

Breakfast on Saturday at my local Venezuelan place. Mini arepas and white cheese with black beans and fried eggs. Soursop smoothie to drink.

(Junior) #477

Hahahah it took me a few seconds to realize that was the beans in the cup/bowl, I just assumed it was coffee.


Great! And was it any cheaper?

(Dan) #479

Only in the sense that I already had the ingredients on hand. So no outlay just to make my own. I havent made it again because I like the ingredients on their own more than blended.

(ChristinaM) #480

Oh, man. Perfect.


Looks excellent. I love leftover Cuban black beans and eggs for breakfast. Just pushes all the right buttons. So savary and delicious

(John Hartley) #482

I buy Staffordshire oatcakes from a couple of guys at one of the local farmers markets. They’re usually a breakfast item but not this morning. Last trip to the market, they had pikelets with bacon and maple syrup in them. Sixty seconds in the microwave and a drizzle more syrup and that was a very nice start to the day.

(Dan) #483

Chai oat milk oatmeal. A combo of Oregon Chai concentrate and oak milk makes a delicious hot oatmeal.

(ChristinaM) #484

One of my famous “something from nothing” meals - breakfast strata using cornbread and biscuits leftover from yesterday’s lunch out. I added cheddar, bacon, a handful of baby kale, and sauteed grated yellow squash.

My new sous chef helped out.


They are the best. Good to see you got help in the kitchen.

Egg on arugula with pan roasted potatoes laced with grated orange zest and basil. Gotta love lazy Sunday mornings

(Dan) #486

Picture perfect.

(Dan) #487

Helpers!! Looks delicious.


Nice!! Hope the helper was into it too :))

(ChristinaM) #489

Very :wink:

(Dan) #490

Avocado toast, roasted pears with plain Greek yogurt, coffee and sliced kiwi chaser.

I’m enjoying the mini avocados selling now. Just the right size for one and no browning bother for a leftover half.