What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?


Is that ketchup, lol?

And for a second I read, “best thing for leftover eggs.” Which is also true!

(Junior) #452

Nooooooooo ketchup it’s sriracha!!


Oh, thank goodness. Ketchup and eggs is a deal breaker. Harsh, but true.

(Junior) #454

Ketchup is acceptable on scrambled eggs and or fried egg sandwiches. Ketchup is punishable by death anytime an egg is prepared with gooey yoke deliciousness!!

(ChristinaM) #455

Congrats. What are your tips?


Burn more cals and eat less. Simple

The more I walk and lose #, burning more cals, the less hungry I am. Glad it hasn’t driven hunger but surprisingly it has the opposite effect


Well it Sunday. Time to splurge

Had kohlrabi tops which were shredded and sauteed with onion and garlic until tender. Topped with a sunny side up egg and diced grape tomatoes I really love greens for breakfast and a liquidy yolk really just pulls it all together

(Dan) #458

Breakfast was thick sliced grilled tofu with cubed mango, pineapple, avocado and grilled leeks. Iced mango tea and coconut milk rice.

It was a comfortable 72 degrees😎

(Dan) #459

Prepared a half avocado with fresh crab salad minced shallot and a heavy shake of lemon pepper and fresh lemon juice for breakfast along with a green smoothie.

(Chris) #460

Some recent breakfasts:

I was slightly hungover and there was leftover meatballs in tomato sauce and padron peppers in the fridge. Heated them up stuffed them in a ciabatta roll and then flashed under the grill with some cheese until the cheese melted.

Scrambled eggs with smoked mackerel on toast. Added siracha and hoisin sauce on top.

Smoked mackerel,poached eggs & fried potatoes. Made this for the other half’s birthday. A bit surprised she requested this as she used to hate smoked fish. She declared herself ready to try kippers after this.


And mackerel is not the mildest smoked fish one can wean one on

(Dan) #462

Received a jar of this granola butter from my sister. It’s very tasty but given the dear cost per jar, I bet I could figure out how to make it at home. Ever heard of this brand out of San Diego?

I swirled it into Greek yogurt.


You need test the recipe with the ingredients on the jar, maybe a bit similar to this?

(Dan) #464

The jar lists GF oats and flax as the first 2 ingredients.

(ChristinaM) #465

Wow, talk about savvy, taking an inexpensive base like oats and swirling in small amounts of trendy ingredients, and selling for more than nut butter!
People are wrong about Millenials being directionless.

(Dan) #466

My son is 28. He emails me proof of this weekly. In the food sector alone small batch products are killing it.


I have a violent negative emotional response to the company name “Qween”.

Trying to get past that wtf is this stuff anyways? Like $1-2 of ingredients blended together with a pretty label?? So weird.
And no. I’m baffled this product exists!

(Dan) #468

And many more like it. Baffled by a social media following? I wouldnt have bought it myself but since it tastes fab and the ingredient list is easy enough to figure out I will be dabbling around my own galley to recreate. As gifts go, Im turning 60 on Sunday. Those who know me know Im game for much and save judgement for more pressing horrors.

Thats Kween btw as in clean eating,lol.

Cocktails scented body soap like bourbon and rye also arrived, $7 a bar kinda crazy. Gotta say nothing surrprises me anymore. Soapdistillery.com.

(ChristinaM) #469

“I swear, officer, I only had a shower!”


Started the day with corn tortillas made locally with queso blanco and cilantro toasted on the comal with red salsa for breakfast