What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?


Oh no … so glad I am not an egg hater

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Looks fantastic!!

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Follow up to my own comment, lol. While I’m certainly an egg guy, I’m not an egg’s for lunch or dinner kind of guy. I know people who will make egg frittata, quiche, omelette, scrambled etc. for lunch and / or dinner. Nope! For whatever reason I can only eat eggs for breakfast, any other time of the day I’m completely turned off of them as a meal option. Not even a yummy pork roll egg and cheese for lunch, just can’t do it.


As @chowdom noted, it is egg season! It is also lemon season, so breakfast today was a quick avgolemono soup.


Palacinky, one with strawberries and cream, and the other with chocolate syrup.

The boy woke up hungry for pancakes or waffles, for which I had neither ingredients nor equipment. When I set these down in front of him, his eyes got huge and he got a big, goofy smile on his face. “I’m really excited about this. May I have a glass of milk, please?”

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Ah, Palatschinken, as they are called in Austria.

I used to make blintzes with cottage cheese. Palatschinken or blintzes I can’t really make them super duper thin. I have very nice and creamy farmer’s quark and thinking I’m going to make Topfenschmarrn with rhubarb for this Pentecost long weekend.


One of my favorite morning meals

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Dim sum breakfast with my dad. And I over-ordered as usual.


Lovely! What was the dim sum with “soup” at the right?

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Pork and shrimp dumplings (without dough wrappers).


Chili relleno makes me happy for breakfast. :slight_smile:


A recent breakfast option, not very sexy, has been dry oatmeal with fresh blue berries and walnuts with almond milk. Fried egg on toast as a spurge and mushroom omlete as a bigger splurge

Eating less, walking more has been my diet plan. Works and is sustainable


No photos, because I’m not a morning person, but we ended up with a bunch of soggy “steak fries” (wide cut potatoes) from a messed-up delivery order.

I diced those and added in diced onion and bell peppers, then crisped for a version of Potatoes O’Brien - topped with poached eggs, from a friend’s rescued hens, and had a quarter of a massive steamed artichoke alongside.

I am not a breakfast eater (first food is usually consumed about eight hours after waking - coffee, tea, and water until then). This was a delicious break from the usual routine but now I want a nap!


“…dry oatmeal…” like museli? I’m a fan of museli although it’s rare i have it- i went through a phase where i would mix up a batch with the oats, some chia seeds, ground flax, and whatever nuts were around. Guess i burned out on it but i recall it was tasty and kept me full a good while!
Walking more is a great easy way to add more activity to the day


That sounds delicious! But yeah, big breakfasts make me want to go back to bed!!

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That stuff is good.


Made my wife a fried egg on toast. Me, coffee and not much else besides a bit of cheese sliced from a wedge in the fridge. Loosing weight with lots of walking and hunger is way down. But I do love a good breakfast. Maybe my favorite meal of the day

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Avocado toast with cucumbers and a sprinkle of zatar, picked up with an iced almond milk latte this morning on the way to work.

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Up early so we made quick sweet biscuits to use up a few blackberries and the last spoonfuls of rhubarb apricot jam.

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Steak n eggs! Best think for left over steak!