What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?

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I brought Lebkuchen and fruits from home and that’s what I’ve been eating first thing in the morning.


Egg on diced sauteed beet stems. Little goes to waste which can taste good


DH made himself a little breakfast … I slept through it


Yes, I serve my cappuccino either black, or with different kinds of syrup but lately, Lindt’s truffles - one whit and one dark. Everyone of our friends now seems to prefer truffles to all those different flavored syrup which I have to get rid of one day as nobody seems to like it anymore.


Wow. That’s an impressive spread! I like the toast face and proper garnish to the bloody mary

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Yesterday’s breakfast - left-over beef haleem from a Pakistani restaurant (a Freezer Find). I added some store-bought French fried onions and cilantro and warmed up a store-bought roti. Nice and spicy haleem.

Not much but I ate very large the day before; just added a banana and some coffee. I wish the neglectful person who put this in the freezer had noted the restaurant it came from on the label :smirk:.

And it did turn out to be a good day.

Today’s breakfast came in two installments - a banana and some frozen tater tots in the middle of the night when I was up and couldn’t get back to sleep, then an over-easy egg and some Dave’s Good Seed bread, toasted, with butter, later.


Party last night till 4:00AM
I woke up before guest did, had coffee, made myself some crepe ( batter already made in fridge) without filling , just butter and maple syrup.
When guest woke up, he insisted on making frittata with potatoes, spring onions, tomatoes, vidalla’s onion, and of course eggs.
Wanted to use 8 eggs, but my small all clad egg pan was too small, to accommodate 8 eggs. He transferred it to my regular all clad frying pan. Was good but he burned the bottom ( my stove top is very hot compared to most stove as it is a commercial vulcan . It heats up very fast, and has to be careful with burning the food)
At any rate, this was served with Costco’s croissant with dash of habanera sauce). IT WAS GOOD but, he refused to allow me to take pictures as part of the frittata broke up when turned over as he is not sued to my equipment.
Am still soaking the pan!

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If your pan is damaged are you going to make him pay?

I hate people using my things. I take good care of my things, most people don’t and I won’t let anyone use my things!


All Clad is practically indestructible
It just got burned . Should use the proper equipment for proper food.
I had to soak it with soap, simmer it on top of stove and soak it
It is now clean
I do get upset when my crystal champagne flutes are used and the guests bring them outdoor.
Last time we had a party, there was a magnum .I took it out, announced that guests are welcome to share my champagne but they have to drink it at the kitchen or LR, not bring my flutes outside . It is not just the expense but the history that my husband and I use it for weekends, chill them, and enjoy our sunset. I ended up drinking a lot by myself and my son. There are over 200 stems ( cheaper ones from pottery barn for the days when we had wine testing prior our retirement ) , Crystals are for posterity.
That and the bodum bistro mugs, I do not allow to be brought outdoor.
However, I have never made my guest pay for any thing they break .
I also do not allow any one to use my tun lined copper pot ( not even myself unless I am willing to polish them every time I use them)

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Since retirement, I have been trying my hand at bread baking. I have baked a dozen or so loaves of the Jim Lahey no knead bread dough to see how far I can take the method. Given the 12-18 hour rise the day before baking I have found the method incredibly respectful of a busy day.

Yesterday, I baked two loaves; a dried onion and thyme loaf and was curious about swirling a mix of cinnamon/sugar into the other dough at the 2hour re rise point. My wife has a Pampered Chef pottery bowl with lid that is well seasoned so I have been using it to bake the bread. Seriously, useful tip.

You wind up with a big round of fresh crusty bread with a nice soft interior. It’s really good toasted or used for open faced sandwiches.

The cinnamon/sugar loaf will be nice for a batch of french toast but could use a heavier hand on the mix next time.

Since I started baking bread, breakfast on the weekend has been more interesting. And, it turns out homemade bread makes a nice host gift👍.


Day after Easter breakfast for the boy.

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My first full English in a greasy spoon since I got back from Asia. Not normally one for hash browns and baked beans but far cheaper going for a set breakfast rather than trying to build my own.


Ready made beans or you made them yourself? If you bought it, which brand is the best?

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This was at a cafe and I’m guessing they were Heinz. It’s the brand I use on the rare occasions I have them.

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My fave breakfast in the whole wide world :smiley:

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This morning was crumpets with cherry jam. Not the most exciting of breakfasts perhaps but I’d forgotten how much I liked crumpets and had missed them while in Asia.


The chickens at our favorite local organic farm are busy laying eggs and we have been rising to the occasion. It’s so strange that supermarket prices in this area are completely out of control but direct from farm prices, at least at Highbreeze Farm, are quite reasonable Four dozen for $15.00 from a variety of breeds, one more delicious than the next.

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LOL - this makes me want to eat eggs. I hate eggs!!!


That frittata looks great. Are those really creamy scrambled eggs, or is that a sauce on top? Yum.


Thank you, it’s a more breakfast type version of egg salad, which is mild and sans many of the usual add ins. I like to add it into the rotation.