What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?


Yes it does. We used to use Choc Mod Truffles made especially for Kirkland but Kirkland stopped carrying them. So, had to buy thru Amazon , then realized that the ingredients were not as great. They are not being made in France anymore bur in Canada. So, we change to Lindt Chocolate truffles.

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Greek omelet with sausage, feta, tomatoes, green onions & basil, with a bagel.

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In honor of Columbus Day and a day off of work I give you steak n eggs!

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Those eggs look like they could use some salt n peppah.

I didn’t know Columbus liked steak & eggs…

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Looks like our nation’s lawmakers are celebrating this Monday off with AYCE brunch and mimosas:


Apparently no Indians protesting in DC unless it’s their football team.

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Sourdough toast topped with fried eggs, provolone, arugula, and a few tomatoes.

DH picked up an almond croissant at the FM.

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It was 10am but more of a second breakfast as I’d had porridge at 6am. Day 10 of an 18 day, 145 mile trek on the Anapuurna Circuit in the Himalayas in Nepal. After a diet of porridge, Snickers, trail mix and rice and lentils this place in Manang was a godsend. Smoked yak and buffalo sausages, buckwheat pancake, fried eggs and salad. All washed down with local seabuckthorn juice and an Americano.


Yep, that’s how you can eat 5 meals a day there.


Even though it’s after 12:00pm I’m posting this as breakfast since it was our first meal of the day. Just took a long walk around the neighborhood and ran into a neighbor who was proud to show us his new chicken coop in the back yard. While checking the hen house he pulled out a little blue egg and offered to me.

Had to make two plates out of it so while forging through the fridge I pulled out some kale, last nights dal and used a tomato off the counter to make breakfast. I was really digging the combo of flavors


Beets, feta and olives


I picked up whole buttermilk yesterday, breakfast included but was not limited to buttermilk pancakes.
It was a cold morning, DH worked up an appetite chopping wood.
We ate in front of the fire :slight_smile:


Snow for breakfast (Texas).
Yep, I ate some.

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It wasn’t yellow was it?


More importantly, was it tasty?




I watch out where the huskies go and don’t eat no yellow snow.

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Sorry just saw your post today. That is one delicious looking meal!

We woke up to our first snow of the season and I heated up some leftover baby potatoes with eggs and cheese and a side of scallion waffles on the iron. No fireplace running yet but the heat was on!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you … and I feel your pain
Your breakfast sounds amazing

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Tonight, with the snow shining off the neighbor holiday lights, it actually looks beautiful🎄


I will never be a regular on this thread since my idea of breakfast is a cup of coffee [well, except those days I sit in an infusion chair and eat whatever I want.] I make granola every two weeks or so so Mr. SMT has his breakfast. But today? I wanted scones. I prepped last night, and then made the dough at 6:30AM and was eating scones at 8AM. I made cheddar cheese & scallion scones using Joanne Chang’s formula in FLOUR. They were good. Most of them are now in the freezer for my next scone craving.