What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?

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Chorizo, potato, Manzanilla olive & egg tacos

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NJ local grown Crenshaw melon:

Followed by chicken patties topped with a fried egg, a rye toast with shaved parmesan, and cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden:

The drink is grapefuit, cranberry and pomegranate topped with orange seltzer.

Coffee was Dallmayr Prodomo:


Shared a western on rye with DH from Pochuck farm market
I don’t even like westerns … this one was fantastic

gratuitous pic taken during our drive to the farm … I can’t believe I live here

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Maybe not a noteworthy breakfast to some but it was nectar to me. I was on a diving trip in Borneo yesterday and wasn’t expecting much food wise. Not only did they have bread, boiled eggs and sausages ( chicken sausage but I’ll take what I can get). More importantly they had HP sauce. I haven’t had HP sauce since I left England 18 months ago. The sausage, egg and HP sauce sandwich was delicious and I chased it with a HP sauce sandwich.

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that brisket hash looks just perfect. ditto on the (basted?) eggs!


Olive bread with an imported Gouda melted on top. A simple out the door breakfast this morning. My wife was out the door. My office is still in the dark, thank you Irma

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Used up sliced raisin bread I bought before Irma, toasted with a smear of peanut butter

Hit the spot with a calmer stomach than last week

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Full English

Egg & Chips, Venison Steak, Bangers, Grill Tomato.

Earl Grey tea with hafnhaf, grapefruit juice.


These zucchini bread posts are loaded with really useful info that IMO would be best utilized on a home cooking or baking or zucchini bread thread as opposed to the “what’s for breakfast thread”


will try


The moderators can move them, or you can start another thread! I think you would get a lot more input on those threads, you have so much valuable info to offer people who bake :slight_smile:

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My favorite whenever I have any type of steak leftover, steak n eggs!!

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I will see your steak and eggs and raise you with hamburger patties topped with a fried egg, accompanied by leftover Latkes with Siracha.

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Ohhhhh a pork roll egg and cheese burger is one of my fav’s!!! Nice enjoy!!


Today, my son made breakfast as I slept in having taken a benadryl for allergy
Red Lobster’s Biscuit that you just add aged reserve cheddar cheese and water from Costco and brushed with melted butter, poached

eggs ( microwave rather than stove cooked) and precooked bacon also from Costco which is warmed up in the microwave. Add tabasco to the eggs. Lilly Cappuccino coffee with usual 2 truffles ( white and dark from Lindt- buy them when on sale , 6 bags of each which last a year and I get points for having an account with them. )

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Egg whites spinach and Swiss, topped with a little srirachia!


The truffles go in the cappuccino…?