What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?

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Scrambled eggs, pork sausages, home grown cherry tomatoes, rye toast:


Inspired by you again …
Salami and scrambled w/ bagel made at home
Bacon, egg, cheese and spinach on an English muffin from Pochuck Farm store … the photo is not great the sandwich is way better than it appears to be in the pic.

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Toasted sausage sandwich.

Maybe not interesting in itself. But this was the “Full Monty” sausage from the Cheerbook Famr Shop, near Nantwich, Cheshire. And the Full Monty because mixed in the with the pork was black pudding and bacon. No brown sauce needed. Delish on its own.

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Seriously, you make your own bagels?

Out-fekkin-standing!!! :grin:

I love eggs and salami !


“no fekkin way”
I was referring to the breakfast preparation :sob:
and yes salami and eggs rule … maybe a salami egg and
onion omelet or scramble today … perhaps one day I will garner the patience to make
bagels or bialys at home

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How hard could this be? Has anybody tried?


There is/was a discussion somewhere

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Found it:


Those look like perfect scrambled eggs. Mmmmm…


TY, I’m a bit of an egg freak
I make scrambled eggs several different ways depending on my
mood and what I’m having them with … it’s hard to screw them
up when you pick them up from a farm minutes after they have
been washed, or better yet just before they were, to be washed


Only way to screw them up it to over cook them. Well may be not the only way…


Overcooked is a deal breaker and If they are stirred to quickly they can get weird watery


Oh, I think it’s quite easy to screw them up, fresh as they are, if you don’t know how to work the proteins. Those eggs look perfect.


Thank you

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Eggs and chorizo with salsa verde & queso fresco.

A combination of fresh crenshaw and musk melon from the farm stand down the road.

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Took the boy into Manhattan last night for a proper send off to his sophomore year at college. A great steak for dinner is even better steak n eggs for brunch. Trust me it tasted a lot better than it looks!


It was finally cool enough to have a hearty breakfast
Kept it simple : good coffee, ciabatta French toast, maple sausage and bacon.
We dove right in, photo of leftovers which will feed the wild creatures that stop by after dark


I made some hash with leftover brisket, yukon gold potatoes, red onion, bell pepper, and a jalapeño. And a couple eggs.


I made bagels a couple times, when I was going through a baking phase. They weren’t very difficult, and quite nice, but the time required from start to finish makes it a bit onerous.


We have so many home improvement projects going on in the house now, I have very little energy or desire to do anything, this includes cooking. Also we are at a relatively high altitude … I’m afraid to even think about baking :scream: