What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?

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Breakfast with Wimbledon called for biscuits (shortbread) and jam. Since the dogs were up at 4:00 a.m. there was plenty of time to bake. We made a quick shortbread and served it with honey peach bourbon jam I made last weekend. The jam has a touch of thyme in it too. It was delicious.

This guy could not keep his head up during breakfast. Gee, maybe sleep past 4. :sleeping:




lol … Eye spy :eye:
Those biscuits!!!
Re the early morning wake up calls … and being asleep before the humans have finished washing the dishes, I feel your pain. We recently moved into a house and in less than 2 weeks my domesticated cat has become nothing short of a wild animal … just crazy
pictured here after waking us at the crack of dawn, minutes after finishing her breakfast after a long fruitless night of indoor hunting, what I don’t know and don’t want to?

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Steak hash with fried eggs, hp sauce, and rye toast:

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I further see your sleeping cat, and raise you one:


Simple fried egg over easy with a side of roasted red and yellow beet cubes


I got my first figs of the season, so that’s what’s for breakfast (and lunch and dinner too, probably. :yum:)

Toasted ciabatta with fresh brown Turkish figs, prosciutto, and rosemary. I added blue cheese, but it was too overpowering, so I took it off after tasting.


Great use of product. Looks Fantastic


Did a 1.5% equalibrium brine on a piece of salmon for 24 hrs. Trying this over a high salt gradient brine method. Cold smoked for an hour over orange wood

The salt flavor was fine but the texture closer to raw compared to the gradient brine method which tends to firm up the flesh a bit.

Served with bagels, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber and preserved lime

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Kefir, jersey blueberries, müsli, wild flower honey:


I want to eat your picture … We planted blueberry plants last week that we picked up on sale at Home Depot, there are already new shoots … Our neighbor planted some cuttings from wild bushes for us that he obtained from an island where he forages once in a when fishing … they are so good
lol, last time he went to said island he walked out of the brush into the clearing and there was a “baby bear” just sitting there alone … he walked very quickly out backwards :scream:


Where is this? Your berry plants look so lush.

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You know who loves fresh berries??? Bears!! Bears love fresh berries!! :bear:


lol … yes I asked about this
apparently they are so abundant here
they don’t forage in yards … so far :slight_smile:
but hey you know they already like hanging around :wink:


lol … Northern “jersey”
Our neighbor is a natural born horticulturalist
He has done everything in our yard thus far … so grateful and fortunate
The soil is extremely acidic … blueberries and raspberries do well
wild flowers … basil, mint, peppers
neighbors yard below

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Wait until they get in you kitchen…

Bear is actually edible but kind of fatty. You also need to cook it well. It makes good Bolognese.


I meant to write berries not bears, but there are quite a few of them as well.
I have eaten bear and did not like it … it was in a stew and it smelled and tasted awful


I agree. It is not a good meat, unless one is a starving fur trader in the great Pacific Northwest a few hundred years ago.


lol … perfect

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those eggs are GORGEOUS!