What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?

(Chris) #301

The egg tarts were ok, not too sweet. The pastry wasn’t a patch on the ones in Singapore though. The pastry I had there was exceptionally good. So short and crumbly. I suspect it’s the lard in the pastry.


Omelet with tarragon and Brie, at Republique, Los Angeles

(Gastronomos) #303

Oh how I wish there was but just one place, no more, just one will suffice, that would make an omelet like the one in your photo anywhere in the NYC area…



I planted some ramps last fall and they seem to have done very well, but supposedly you’re not supposed to harvest them for a year or two. Plucking a few leaves from those shoots that have two is okay, though, so that’s what I did for breakfast this morning - ramps fried in browned butter then eggs scrambled in. Yum! They were not at all pungent, though - like a very mild leek. Presumably the bulbs are more strongly flavored, and hopefully the plants will become stronger as they mature. Still, delicious!


Oooh i LOVE those! I don’t see the plain ones much at restaurants but when i see them in the market i buy those and just pan fry and then top with some chopped scallions and soy sauce. The crisp outside and chewy inside texture gets me every time

(Chris) #306

The missus abd I are teaching English in central Java and we staying with a teacher and his family.

This morning was chap chai

And spinach in a broth.

(Robin) #307

Finally got to the FM this morning and everything on the plate was from our haul. Eggs with sautéed onions, tomatoes, and spinach. Toast and crisped up prosciutto.

(Kaleo) #308

Shirred eggs over crisped Serrano ham, in cream, a little thyme, topped with Parmesan. Couldn’t put down the fork in time to take a photo, sorry…

(Lamb Owner) #309

These are a special treat…chocolate croissants from Trader Joes. They arrive as small frozen pastries, then proof overnight for 9 hours during which period they blow up about 3X original size:

Then bake to a golden brown and serve hot with extra butter on top if you are me. Also available in almond and plain.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #310

I should have taken a pic- Eggs benny with serious eats hollandaise, sautéed spinach with onions and garlic instead of ham on toast rounds. Bacon done in the oven on a flat cast iron skillet. Side dish of red grapes.


Have a beautiful day. :slight_smile:

(Robin) #312

Made DH pancakes for breakfast.


Road trip breakfast in the car, packed a basket at 6 a.m. San Diego bound.


Italian combo sandwich for the driver.

Tomato salad with shiso (David Chang vinaigrette) in the back seat for me.

Troubleshooting Scotch eggs - soft boiled and duck eggs
(Junior) #314

First time making scotch eggs! Success!!


A gift from our new neighbors … I let out a bit of a screamed a little when I
first opened the carton … 'twas just a feather
So darn good

(Chris) #316

I’m in Kuching (Malaysian Borneo) at the mo. Took part in a bamboo raft race an hour outside Kuching and a lovely family gave me some babur cha cha. This is a dessert made from coconut milk and purple yam. Also has tapioca balls and pieces of sweet potato.

Picked up a soursop at a local market. I love soursop drinks and ice cream, never had it as a fresh fruit though. One of my more unusual breakfasts.


(Natascha) #317

We’re meeting friends from back home who are in town for 2 weeks at the Thaipark. The weather is fantastic for it. I foresee noodle soup, mango salad w/roast duck and perhaps a few new dishes to try out :slight_smile:

(Retired !) #318

Bamie Goreng with a fried egg.


Blueberries were downright cheap at the local grocery store, so it was blueberry cobbler for our Sunday feast. It’s one of my husband’s favorite blueberry preps. Should have added a bit more cornstarch, but it was tasty with a small scoop of vanilla Haagen Dazs on the side.


love plantains cooked different ways.
fried, rolled in brown sugar , skewered, then roasted over charcoal, wrapped in thin spring roll skin, perhaps macapuno between and pan fried, cooked in coconut milk!