What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?


An egg salad

(Robin) #282

Sourdough waffles and scrambled eggs. I have never made sourdough waffles, but wanted to use the sourdough starter surplus so I followed the KA recipe. They were very good; crispy outside and soft and fluffy inside.


bagel w/ cream cheese, smoked white fish, sweet onion, tomato

(Chris) #284

Roti canai and teh tarik. A classic Malaysian breakfast.


I made some really good Bloody Marys today, with Old Bay, freshly-grated horseradish, lemon juice, and a giant pickle spear. We all needed one after the UCLA-Kentucky game last night. :basketball::basketball::basketball:


Your egg salad and my eggs Florentine look a lot alike. Those are some nicely poached eggs. :fried_egg:


75c x 13-15 min


Last nights dinner was even better for breakfast

(Chris) #289

I have been unabke to find anywhere in London that does dim sum at breakfast. It is still a novelty to be able to have it and I doubt the novelty will wear off anytime soon. The dim sum place was next to our guesthouse in Melaka. Pics are from 2 visits.

Pork buns.

Shrimp Shu mai and pork dumplings.

Turnip cake.

Century egg porridge.

Yam puffs.

Custard tarts to finish.


Trying to use up some sliced roasted potatoes. One thing lead to another…

(Natascha) #291

So… where in London is this? I’ll be in London early May and haven’t a clue where (and what) to eat, tho I’ll apparently be staying near great Indian restaurants…

(Ailsa Konzelman) #292

What are the yam puffs like? Crunchy? Are they meant to be a sweet or savory?


Savory and crispy when hot (they’re deep fried) Usually filled with a minced pork mix.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #294

thanks! I’ve never had them at Dim Sum

(Chris) #295

Sorry I wasn’t clear in my post. This was in Melaka (Malacca) in Malaysia. I was trying to point out that it was a novelty to be able to have dim sum for breakfast because I can’t have it in London. Will gladly provide any recs for London but I have been away in Asia for 14 months.

(K. Laurence) #296

Pancakes with homemade buttermilk, homemade sour cream, & homemade vanilla for the crew. Covered in real maple syrup from NH. The only place maple syrup should come from according to Hubby.

(:@)) :@)) ) #297

The yam puffs are intriguing. Nyonya, perhaps? @klyeoh probably knows.
How were the egg tarts? I find Asian versions are far too sweet and eggy.

Thanks! Sounds yummy.

(Peter) #298

Presunto, the yam puffs are Cantonese - very tasty: ultra-crisp on the outside, Asian yam (taro) mash underneath, enfolding a delicious molten, pork-flecked filling inside.


another version is made out of glutinous rice powder
Very crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside with savory pork filling.
If you are in SF, or NY, visit one of the restaurants that specializes in DI SUM
They make steamed savory cakes out of Yucca ( cassava) and Daikon ( Jap long white radish) mixed with rice flour. then, steamed in a meat loaf pan. Often home made ones have caramelized onion, shallots, chinese sausage, dried shrimp incorporated into the loaf before steaming, After steaming, when ready to eat, we slice the loaf to an inch or so thickness, pan fry it with either olive oil or peanut oil, served with tabasco and ketchup. Sometimes, you can find these in Asian Supermarket but without the fillings, still good esp the one is on a gluten free diet!

(Peter) #300

I love that version, too, ccj - “ham sui kok” (咸水角) - the chewiness, the slight sweetness of the glutinous rice shell which juxtaposed against the savoury, unctuous pork filling beautifully.