What's for breakfast? (2024)

Very ripe peaches calling for a no sugar topper.


:joy: I have a cup & saucer of Mom’s pattern. As for ever ordering any more dishes in this lifetime, I’d have to buy a spare condo to store them. I have 2 full sets of china and (trying to count here) 3 or four sets of regular dishes, plus maybe 6 sets of dinner and salad plates, plus other complete sets — from my parents - in storage At least.

This was my Mom’s pattern. I think the photo is from eBay; it’s saved from the web. Of course, I forgot to label it.


Sounds like you’re set for now then? :laughing: :upside_down_face: :wink:


God Help Me. And let’s not even talk about flatware and silverware (admittedly takes up a whole lot less room).


I tried to make a Greek Asparagus Omelette again. Closer, but no cigar. I attempted the plate method but it broke into pieces.

Goal , Olive Tomato’s omelette . Maybe I have too much asparagus: egg to flip more easily.

I’m going to make Akis’ Omelette, which looks like it might not get flipped, next time.

Or maybe this instead.


It might be a function of the size of the pan. I have been using an 8" pan for 2-3 eggs (~1 serving) and then adjust the heat and cook time depending on how my ingredients are behaving. Seems to work.


The usual Berlin spread of SBEs, a sourdough loaf fresh from the Thursday market, the last of the San Daniele ham, cheese plate: Taleggio, Toma, Cuor di Capra, plus a trio of smoked fish we also picked up at the market: catfish (fantastic, very aromatic & meaty - nothing like its US cousin), salmon, and butterfish. I picked up a horseradish mousse bc we were low on the real deal, but it was disappointingly lacking bite.


Good to know. I think I might try using a metal circle in the pan next time, to make mini omelettes that are easier to flip. It’s probably also my spatula and skill set causing the failures :joy:

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Chive-scrambled eggs with Hollandaise. Cake d’Alsace with scallion, gruyere, and bacon - pan-toasted in butter. Garden asparagus spears. Freshly-picked strawberries.


I found some on Replacements.com.
Very pretty and apparently popular.

Scrambled, omelet, it’s all good :smiley: Are you using a non stick pan? If you’re not comfortable flipping it, just finish it off under the broiler.


Nope, stainless steel All-Clad. I don’t use any non-stick anything. I will try again, might use the broiler next time!

Thanks for the tip :pray:

Welp, there’s your problem right there.

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I’ll wreck the coating and add to landfill. I’ll just scramble or bake or work on my technique.


Don’t matter.

It all looks the same once it goes down.


I would not trust Aki. “Add salt and sauté the onion for 1-2 minutes until caramelized.” Yeah, no.

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Shouldn’t it look better going in than coming out though? :sweat_smile:

That breadcrumb pancake was always my first bites as a kid when my mom made chicken cutlets!

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That’s a low bar, no?