What's for breakfast? (2024)

Pecans are really expensive round these parts, walnuts are cheap and almonds fall right in the middle so I’ll stick to them. The oiler the nutz, the bigger the breakout(TWSS)

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Chopped and roasted hazelnuts? TBH I’m not hip to their various fat content. To me personally, macadamias are probably the fattiest tasting, followed by Brazil nuts. I despise cashews for their chalky sweetness, but maybe those would work?

Pistachios, the queen of nuts?


Easter Bread!

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Pistachios cost more than pecans in Canada.

But @PedroPero , I don’t think the pecans I buy cost much more, if any more than walnuts, and I think the almonds cost more than the pecans.

I like pecans more than walnuts.

Macadamia nuts are really expensive in Canada. I stock up in the States.

@PedroPero have you tried roasted soy beans or roasted chickpeas? Or roasted fava beans? I didn’t really like them that much but the honey roasted soybeans might be okay for some stuff where you usually like nuts. I don’t like the savoury snack versions of these roasted legumes too much .

Walnuts have always made my mouth feel scratchy so I avoid them. Same with honeydew and kiwis.


Almonds are good enough for me :slight_smile:

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Love cashews and pistachios, but eat them sparingly. Almonds for my yogurt and cereal will suffice.



My PIC ruins his yogurt with them :grin:


All Bran Buds, bud. Gotta keep the system movin :sunglasses:


Are bran buds like an extruded bran meal?

It is a wheat bran cereal that is a source of high fiber with added psyllium.

Definitely, maybe extruded. Pretty tasty once you’ve gussied it up with your favorite fruits/berries and nuts.

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Looks like horse feed… but so do grapenuts :joy:

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This was going to be breakfast, until I decided I just wanted to be a normal human being today.



I’d hit that.

I’m not sure I’d do an Everything Bagel with cream cheese with an actual bagel and actual cream cheese.

Do you object to one of the components, or the combination?

The latter.

Ah. It’s my regular bagel order. Plus red onion, tomato & lox. And capers. Maybe some dill, too. I am a bagel maximalist.


I like a salted bagel. Just the bagel, nothing else.

I’m a minimalist.

Every once in a while I’ll do an everything bagel, but they’re so messy to eat.