What's Cooking? (New Jersey)

Seems I am a joker and a midnight toker but a smoker I am not. I blame it on not having enough time to properly supervise the smoke, and my inexperience. Will re-purpose for empanadas or chili and try again in the future.


I’m in!

Mixed grill with Flat Iron steak, Iberico Presa, Marinated Shrimp, Mexican Squash, Long Hot with Corn and Papa Huancaina. Ready for lounge chair.


Heading to the beach armed with Shrimp Ceviche and my friend Jose Cuervo. Hopefully they’ve stopped charging. GF did not use the ginger in the photo.


Some Sausage, Garlic, Peppers, Onions. Also very tasty Peruvian Chicken dish with a carrot and tomato puree sauce. Both were great with egg noodles and pasta.
Assigned some aged steaks to try. My first experience with aged steaks. Was happy someone advised me to open them outside. Smell went away rather quickly and was like blue cheese as described. Faint flavor while eating. A tad overcooked so no photos but was great with salsas/criollas. Preferred the flavor of the Wild Boar sausage to the Venison.


If you’re interested in meat aging (Including the process), you (and all HOs) should follow my friend Eric Eisenbud’s YouTube channel and check him out on Facebook. He’s The Grateful Chef and he not only does his own aging at home, he’s been making excellent charcuterie over the last couple of years as well. I was at his house yesterday for an insane eating fest.


I forgot I had a steak in the fridge for 3 months. Does that count for home aging? :rofl:


Cool. The aging for me is meh. The charcuterie however…
Have customers making their own using pork collar and jowls. Good looking stuff.

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Yeah, he has what looks like a wine fridge but it’s called a steak ager (that’s the brand). If you check out his channels you’ll see plenty of info about what he does and how. And the results are delicious!

What kind of red pepper do you use. I assume the green is a milder pepper? I use jalapeno but leave them large for people who don’t want the heat. I know ceviche is not supposed to be too spicy, but I like it.

Do you ever use aji amarillo (If I’ve asked this previously…apologies. I’m getting deja vu) If so, how does it get used quantity wise?

Some of these guys became ceviche yesterday.


Oh man, that looks delicious!
The red pepper is Aji Limo, available whole frozen in bags at Exito. We use one with seeds for a batch, 2 if we are looking for real heat. We used 3 once…once.
Aji Amarillo is the most popular pepper. GF mixes the jarred paste with mayo for dipping. Also available frozen in bags, used in many dishes. Similar in use to jalapeños but mostly see in matchstrips. Evidently there is a way to cut the pepper for each dish and if you do it wrong, it can’t be used. GF rules.
Aji Panca is the smokey one, Guajillo-like but only get that one jarred.
When I get to Peru someday, looking forward to the bounty of fresh peppers and variety of potatoes.


Thanks. A Peruvian guy gave me the recipe originally…he’s pretty adamant about the way to do things as well. I’ve bastardized it a bit over the years so I’ll have to have him give me a refresher.


Angus Teres Major with Aji Panca marinated Chicken Thighs and Game Sausages. Buffalo Chipotle very good.
First time trying Teres Major. Very tender with good flavor. Got lazy and didn’t remove the silver skin but will next time. Can see many uses for this cut.
Served with GF favorite iceberg lettuce and Spanish Potatoes.


Gotta respect on the open charcoal flame!


Deck is looking good as always Mr P!


Thank you Mr. Met!

Grilling and enjoying the weather.
Texas Wagyu Sirloin Flap, Iberico Abanico cut, Kurobuta Hot Dogs (the best), Aji Panca Chicken, Peruvian Shrimp, Salmon.


Since I can’t eat a dessert pie anymore ( lousy doctors trying to keep me healthy by advising me to cut out sugar ) I decided to make a savory pie. This one is a truffled chicken, spinach, and cheddar folded hand pie with a caramelized ( burnt ) cheddar edge to the crust.


Turned some leftovers into orecchiette with chicken, red pepper, scallion, garlic and what turned out to be the secret ingredient… gochugaru.
I had picked up some gochugaru a couple of years ago and wasted it. HMart was on the agenda and bought some along with sesame oil and gochujang.
Looking forward to more uses of gochugaru.

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