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The What’s For Dinner thread is an ongoing monthly conversation about what we are (mainly) cooking for dinner. It’s friendly, interesting and has participants from the US, Canada, several from Europe and more. Would love to see all of you there - the more the merrier!

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The only thing is that some of us only follow the New Jersey section. Maybe we can keep this thread in the NJ section, but of course everyone is welcome to post here or in the overall what’s cooking section.


I personally like the NJ idea too. It is cool to see what people are sourcing and where they are buying food from.


No worries.

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So it seems there is an interest from a few participants to keep this a local “What’s Cooking” board, which again I do not believe is against any rules or terms of the site. So I’m not going to merge the two pages.

What I would encourage as some people have demonstrated in their posts is perhaps cross referencing between the two boards if you should choose. You can post there and link it here and visa versa, again at the posters discretion. Either way let’s enjoy our discussions about What’s Cooking NJ !!!

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Mrs. P made quail for the 1st time tonight. We bought some semi boneless quail from D’artagnan, as well as a larger French quail, with the bone. Tonight she made the semi boneless quail. Since it was her first time, she did a very simple presentation, using only salt, pepper, and olive oil. She brined it overnight. She then pan seared it for 5 minutes, took it out of the pan, and then turned it over & put it in the oven at 425 for another 5 minutes. She made homemade cauliflower puree with leeks on the side. This was the most flavorful dark meat :stuck_out_tongue: Tomorrow she tries the French quail.


Wow that looks awesome. I think she probably nailed it! I love the fatty and gamey taste of quail and I don’t think they need much seasoning to shine. I am not sure why this bird isn’t on a lot more menus.

Did she happen to broil it up or did the skin come out crispy from the pan? Great pics. Now I am hungry and need to go eat somewhere lol

And what kind of brine?

(Eli Paryzer) #28

Thanks Johnny.
Yes, it almost tastes like sausage. The salt, pepper, & olive oil were perfect. It has more then enough flavor on it’s own.
As far as the brine she just used a simple chicken brine of 1 gallon of warm water, 1/2 cup kosher salt, 2/3 cup sugar, 1/2 cup soy sauce, & 1/4 cup olive oil. That brine can be used several times. She also uses it on chicken, pork, steak, and fish. It went perfectly with the quail.
She didn’t really make the skin crispy this time, but it was still tasty. I’m really proud of her for her first time.

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So in typical Joisey fashion we have gone from spring thaw to mid summer. Car recorded a temp of 91 on my way home today. After my delicious grouper last night I decided I wanted to try it again at home tonight, struck out at Shop Rite and Wegmans. (Also struck out with mahi mahi) So the poor mans lobster became the default choice of the evening.

Rant 1.) when I was first introduced to monkfish it was called the poor mans lobster, name is fairly self explanatory. However tonight I came to find my monkfish was $15.99lbs, and a quick glance at the lobster tank revealed a price of $12.95lbs. Perhaps it’s time monkfish becomes known as; upper middle class crustaceans substitute -or- everybody’s more bang for the buck lobster. Sorry I digress…

So monkfish in a garlic lemon wine sauce with chick peas (Natasha’s earlier freezer post made me check dates on my canned goods and these just expired in Feb 2018…shhh) So they got thrown in as well. All over a sleep easy bed of rapini, very good if I do say so myself.

Rant 2.) Served with an additional side of “ absolutely addictive asparagus” which I saw a recipe for earlier and I decided to give it a try. I followed the recipe to a “T” and you know what? As someone with an addictive personality I can honestly say this is a case of false advertising. It was more like “ehhhh this asparagus is about as addictive as monkfish is a bargain”. This is why I have trust issues with recipes.

With that said it’s time for some tunes and a good cigar and martini to compensate for all the calories I saved by eating fish.

Life is good and so is this Ashton cigar since they didn’t have my go-to Romeo and Juliet.

Enjoy your Hump Evening my peeps.


Try pricing ankimo (monkfish liver). The Japanese poorman’s foie gras.

Price at a sushi-ya will make you wanna turn vegetarian and retreat to a monastery.


Ankimo is one of my favorite things, but I have a hard time finding it. Ant recommendations?


Nice! I generally go all salt on my brine or get one of those crazy brine bags that are probably overpriced.

Jr, I hear you. I love that fish. No fish is cheap now. It is all overpriced. I see places asking 20+ for a plate of freaking garbage tilapia.

My power just went out. Sigh. Someone keep me occupied lol

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Fired up the grill last night. Something very simple.


Tonight, prepared some Potato-Leek soup for a dinner I am doing Friday night for a former restaurateur. He always has me over for dinner, so now I am returning the favor and trying to go all-out!


(Leeks, by the way, may be the most underrated vegetable in existence.)


I’m in SF and many mid level + sushi shops will offer ankimo. Our local Japanese market, Nigya, as well as others have ankimo most of the time.

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Yesterday’s unseasonably warm for early May weather made it appropriate to fire up our outdoor grill for the first time this year to do a bbq lunch for the two. (During cold weather months, I use the indoor grill that’s in the center of cooktop.)

At Home 2018:  BBQ Lunch for Two

Details and additional photos in this blog post.

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I thought that was a Filet Mignon until I saw the picture on the grill. I have an indoor grill as part of my oven/stove it’s gas fuel with briquettes on top of the flame. My problem is anytime I use it the smoke sets off my smoke detectors, even with the “commercial” grade exhaust fan. So more times than not you will see me outside in the dead of winter using my outside grill.

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My gas cooktop is separate from my two electric wall ovens. It’s restaurant grade for the home. Like your grill, mine is gas with brickettes. The vent hood has three settings. I’ve rarely had to use the strongest setting, the kitchen has never gotten smoky, and so the smoke alarm has never gone off.


Traveling to SF will certainly make the ankimo pricey!

I’m sure it is available in restaurants in the more northernly parts of NJ but down here in Monmouth county everyone looks at me like I’m crazy when I ask about it. Is there an ankimo season?


Ankimo season would coincide with monkfish season. I’m not sure when the harvest season is region by region.

From casual observation, ankimo seems to be available year round. Would not surprise me if the monkfish and it’s liver is frozen at catch and thawed as needed.

Ankimo is simple to prepare at home. Just poach. You can get fancy and wrap in a cylindrical shape with foil, like the sushi restaurants do. Good luck!!


@MsBean Local 130 definitely sells Monkfish…you should ask them!