What's Cooking? (New Jersey)


I grilled last night too and as you can see from the pics … I am not a very good outdoor grill person, I burned one lamb chop and one piece of sausage
Everyone’s food looks so good!

Made a Greek salad with a killer dressing
lamb chops
yes we are savages, but the neighbors do help with consumption.

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Mrs. P made the french quail with the bone tonight. She placed the brined quail in the oven at 500 for 15 minutes. She made roasted brussel sprouts with toasted pine nuts, salt, pepper, garlic, & olive oil, as a side dish. It was very tasty, but all of the tiny bones were a pain in the neck to maneuver around. We much preferred the semi boneless quail that we had last night.

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Day 2 of 90+ degrees here in Joisey, welcome to August! Anywho tonight was a rant free shrimp and fried cauliflower rice. I’ve become a very big fan of this, delicious and easy peasy to make. First portion with ample sriracha, second was with Chinese hot mustard, swear to God you would never know it wasn’t fried rice.

Happy Friday Eve!!


Nice! Swamp ass season is officially here lol.


@Google_Gourmet Thanks for the info. I am now on a mission to find ankimo.
@CurlzNJ Local 130 will be the first stop on my quest.


Do you have a recipe for that ‘fried rice’? I was thinking about making something like this next week.

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I do not follow any “recipes” per say, I have always fashioned my fried rice after watching hibachi chef’s make it. To give you an overview I start with some butter & olive oil&& sesame oil and copious amount of garlic, salt and pepper. (I always go very light on the salt because of the soy sauce being added later). After a minute I’ll add my chopped onion (I use regular sweet onion you can mix green onion and last night I used sweet onion and leeks since I had them on hand). Just soften them a minute or two and I add my protein, last night was shrimp. Once the protein/shrimp are half way cooked add a table spoon of soy and hoisin and mix.

Once the protein is fully cooked I remove it from my wok simply because I don’t have the capacity to cook everything together. (I’m generally cooking for 4-6 people). More oil and garlic (not as much as before) and in with the riced cauliflower, I used to do my own from scratch however it’s a pain in the ass and I honestly prefer Green Giant Rice Veggies Cauliflower Medley (frozen see link below) it already comes with peas and carrots. Into the wok, put the lid on for about 2-3 mins to let it defrost then I add some more soy and hoisin until the desired friend rice color. (last night I added another bag of frozen chopped mixed vegetables, last night was just more peas, carrots and string beans however there are some brands which sell an Asian veggie mix which goes great)

Let the soy and hoisin mix in, add back the protein mixture combine / mix everything in the wok, add once combined empty into serving tray. I then do a quick scrambled egg (2 eggs) in the empty wok, and spread the scrambled egg across the top along with a generous amount of sesame seeds.

That’s how I make it, the great thing about it is it’s a very flexible dish, once you get the general “fried rice” aspect down, you can mix any number of other veggies and proteins. Honestly, once it’s completed the texture isn’t the same as friend rice, but the flavor really is. This has quickly become one of my favorite low carb dishes. Fairly quick, fairly easy and just on pan clean up!!

Experiment it’s really hard to go wrong. Hope that helped.


YUM. I’ll be making some version of this during the week.


Damn, we could probably have a rocking fried rice thread.


One thing I’ve learned is to cool the rice down and rinse it off really well when it comes out of the pot. Rinse it with a lot of cold water to remove the starch (aka the sticky stuff on the outside)…mix it around a lot and keep rinsing in the sink.

Then I put it in the freezer once all cleaned up. Let it get firm and cold. This gives the rice much better texture in my eyes. It isn’t as mushy. Some may prefer it that way but I dont.

Another few things…

I don’t think you can have enough egg. I go heavy on the egg

Sesame seed oil rocks…pure, not blended

Water chestnuts give it a great crunch and I love those

Filet mignon works great for beef fried rice

Try some pineapple for a twist and fresh ginger too

…there are a million variables but just a few things that like.

Oh and here is one for you guys. I LOST MY WOK! HOW THE HELL DO I LOSE A 3FT LONG PAN? I am baffled. I don’t live in a mansion and I’ve torn my house apart to no avail. I don’t think I sleep walk and have no history of it. I’m kind of freaked out.


I assure you that I’ve lost large kitchen items at one time or another too, and I’m in a small condo! It’s definitely nested in with a bunch of other pots/pans or bowls, or in the drawer under the stove, or somewhere else you wouldn’t think to find it. KEEP LOOKING! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, sorry about that. I borrowed it for a camping trip and you know, squirrels…

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So I am testing out the theory that Lion’s Mane mushrooms are good for you (100% ground lion’s mane is in the blue bag). I decided to use my stand-by Chinese all-in-one spice and go cross-cultural with the heat and I used crushed red pepper in place of a more overpowering and trendy Korean hot sauce - besides, this is a dry rub. All this went on that pork roast overnight and then it got roasted quickly in a hot oven.


I’m sure you’ll find the missing wok when you go to put away the one you buy to replace it. That’s the story of my life.


Leftover ribs that were cooked in the oven due to uncooperative weather a couple of days ago and finished on the grill the next day for me . At his request, I made DH salisbury steak, he is an old soul in a young body, does anyone even eat this anymore?

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Tonight was shrimp fajitas (of course) and grilled asparagus with a splash of dark soy sauce.



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Where’d you get the shrimp? I like the prices at Asian Market on 79.

(Greg Caggiano) #57

Those pictured are from the Aberdeen (Rt. 34) Shop Rite. $10.99 per pound peeled and cleaned (except for the tails). For a dollar less they have them in the shell but still de-veined. I like these better because in the de-veining process, the shrimp almost get butterflied and lead to a more plump looking product. But they were out of them last night. See the picture of my Etouffee earlier in the thread.

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Feeling like steak tonight and I still have ample amount of homemade garlic butter from a dinner I cooked the other night. Might do a pan-seared sirloin with a lump of the butter. Will post pics if it happens.

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Just pics of the final product this time. Fresh shrimp mixed with ground pork, water chestnuts, and a few magic herbs and spices and we have both steamed shumai and the fried patty. Hardly matters as both end up as delivery systems for one of the world’s best sauces, Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce.

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Looks like my fridge is on the fritz, so tonight I may be cooking everything in it!