What's Cooking? (New Jersey)

That looks delicious to me! Way to go!

I never met a bagel I didn’t like (except Sheepshead Bagels LOL). Yours looks wonderful. Warm with some butter? Hell yeah.

Don’t get me wrong. None of the places we tried are Zhang’s bad but they just aren’t Bagel Oven good. I would happily eat the bagels from any of the places if someone brought them to the office. I would just be silently judging…


Usual mixed grill after beach.
KC Strip. Huge fan of the bone-in strip. Yes you are paying for bone but you are paying less per lb.
Grilling this cut you get the bone-in strip with great flavor, and also the opportunity to gnaw at the remaining bone. I usually cut the strip out, then put the bone in the toaster oven for a few. Usually salt, sometimes hot sauce. Very tasty, but messy.
GF and my mom tear up the chicken bones but I am more of a fan of beef and pork. Delicious.
Also some grillers from Shoprite meat dept. Basically chicken breast pieces seasoned and wrapped in bacon. Less than $5 for 5 pieces and helps with the lunch budget for a couple of days.
Also some country ribs with soy/garlic/hoisin marinade.

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2nd attempt. Came out even better. Nice crunchy exterior and chewy interior.

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I miss Bagel Oven, too. Where did you find the recipe for your bagels?

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Iberico Secreto and Pluma along with NZ Angus Tenderloin Kabobs in Aji Panca marinade.
This was a good eating night.



Traditional poppy seed and sesame seed bagels. Yum.

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We’re using America’s Test Kitchen New York Style bagel recipe.


Game day.