What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition



mmm LOVE the color of that slaw. And wings :heart_eyes:


Crunchy fried

(Dan) #128

Pulled out the crockpot for a quick brisket stew early this morning after trying 3 pork tamales from a local kitchen I got a yen for more stewed meat.



a pork wing? i am confused…but intrigued.

(saregama) #130

Ohhhhh tamales! I better eat some before I actively reduce carbs soon!


Good to seem some time away got your mojo going!!! Veggies in the stew?..


Wild rice with chicken broth and cilantro

Anyaun gravy

Chuck shoulder roast inspired by Redjimmy & Greygarious perhaps a couple of years ago!!
Thanks guys!!


Gorgeous day - could have comfortably been wearing a bathing suit! Pretty day brings everyone out doors to sun themselves and chat. Took my walk and somehow began talking with a neighbor. We’ve been saying hello for a year but never anything more. We had a lovely chat and solved the problems of the world. She’s originally from Guyana and has lived in the states for 29 years. She asked about the foods I like making sure she learned if I like spicy. Then she insisted on going inside to pack me up some of the curry chicken with rice and peas (beans) she had on the stove.

The food smells heavenly! I’ll pair it up with some beet greens that need attending to. So my dinner plans are solved!

I really feel if we could just get the world to break bread together many of the hostilities and prejudices would begin to break down. Food creates bonds and opens hearts.

Edit: The she-devil now loves me. At least I assume it is she who has been leaving me a gift of a mole or vole each evening. Life lesson - always good to have a porch light on when you are stepping out in the black of night!

(Dan) #134

Hey there Phreddy. Onion, garlic, tri color carrots, tri color potatoes, celery hearts, cilantro, red peppers. Its on low and slow. Probably another hour.


Meatn3…please perhaps you can persuade your neighbor to join us?

She sounds like us…


Loving it …not bro…LOVING ENERGY HERE ROOSTER…!!!


Nice idea! Next time we chat I’ll see if she goes on line.

I had been toying with the idea of baking a cake. Her gesture has turned the idea into a must-do so I can return her plate with a gift of my own.

Is this just a Southern thing? I was taught you never return a plate empty!


Happy New Year of the Pig to all who are celebrating!


Happy CNY!

Enjoyed a quiet New Year dinner in our hotel room, overlooking the world famous Happy Valley Racecourse. No, the ponies were not running. Just as well. :wink:

We cherrypicked some of our favorite eats from three local restaurants. The streets of Causeway Bay were starting to flood with revelers as we headed upstream back towards our hotel at 11pm.

Our fancy styrofoam dinner. Roast Goose.

Braised Squab.

Some Beef Fried Rice, Gai Lan Oyster Sauce and Pork Soup made for a most satisfying dinner.

Oh yeah, there was beer. Tsing Tao. :tada:


You’re in Hong Kong – what happened to the Scotch and cognac?


Taking a much needed break. Cognac was last week. :wink:

(saregama) #142

Smoked paprika chicken, roasted fennel wedges, and bread salad with the chicken drippings.

Appetizer of sweet potato fries… lunch was very light :grimacing:



Those sweet potato fries look amazing!! What’s on them? What are the sauces…? I have been back to nagging my landlord to fix my crap oven, hopefully sweet potato fries could be in my future!


That sounds like such a great neighbor and very generous!
At least she devil kitty is being useful ;))


Not a mark on the little moles…kind of interesting to see one so close. Looks very soft and cute in a buck-toothed sort of way.

Most of the folks in my neighborhood are nice. On a pretty day a short walk can take a long time if you stop with each person who wants you to!