What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition




So funny! She’s growing so fast, too fast.


It’s simple but so good, even better with roasted pine nuts or sunflower seeds.

My version I like it with seasame oil and sometimes with grated ginger. A drop of fish sauce is not bad .


She definitely keeps me laughing these days! Such a fun age right now.

(ChristinaM) #757

What an image! :joy:

(ChristinaM) #758

Leftover chicken-saffron stew with naan. Yum.


Oooh that sounds more my speed and nothing at all like what’s popular in delis here


Ummm… :eyes:
In a social situation i would probably manage to gracefully have a bite or two, but dunno that I’m going to make that version myself any time soon :joy:

Glad the fam is on the mend! Have all the probiotics you can cram in, will help the tummy get back to more normal happy quickly.
Did the yogurt also go in her mouth?? My favorite one year old is verrrry into yogurt and mashed sweet potatoes with nut butter lately (i think she takes after her aunty!)


Stopped for a few things at trader joe’s and picked up the everything crackers that @paryzer recommended since he mentioned they have caraway too which i adore. These are DELICIOUS. Definitely will be a repeat buy

Also munched some of my kimchi brine radish pickles, not as crunchy as the first jar was but still tasty

And salad with cucumbers, sunflower seeds, cilantro blanket, and kimchi vinegrette after the photo

Hot miso broth to drink.
New package of those soft dates from TJs, so i’ll probably have a few if i want something sweet with my tea


Making beef stew tonight . Won’t be ready for a while. Wine to drink . :wine_glass:Cheers .

(Eli Paryzer) #763

I’m so glad that you enjoyed the crackers @Ttrockwood

(saregama) #764

A couple of pasta-heavy meals.first was supposed to be fried rice, but my leftover quinoa/rice mysteriously went bad. Angel hair to the rescue. Onions, scallions, garlic, egg, and minced broccoli slaw (it was supposed to be in rice, or I’d have left the slaw as is). Plus some chili bean sauce and some chili garlic sauce, and topped with chili crisp.

And another showing of aforementioned angel hair - this time with shrimp, scallions, butter, sesame oil, and chili oil.


That salad is one my mom has made forever. I bet her mom made it or something similar. I’ll have to ask.

Good idea on the probiotics. I was just thinking I will pick up kombucha on my commute in tomorrow.

She did! I was impressed. She did not have such accuracy or dexterity a couple days ago!!


I was very happy the way the stew came out . Cheers


Nigel Slater’s chicken and leek pie - really good, even Mr. naf said so, which was a surprise. Thanks @Harters . I dislike soggy pie crusts, blinded bake it for 15 minutes before introducing the ingredients, crust retained some crispiness, still not perfect. Next time, I will try to brush some egg sealing the crust. Appreciate if anybody has more tips.

As for the cream, I was distracted with the milk and flour, and overheated, resulting in a curdled cream. Luckily I used a lot of milk to cook the chicken, so I redid it with the remaining 1/2 batch, was careful with fire and timing. I used grain mustard than Dijon mustard sauce, like the mild but more flavoured grainy mustard. Chicken and leek, I cut them bigger than normal, to have a big bites.

Tuesday night, oven roasted pork belly with 4 spices, cinnamon powder, fennel and anise seeds, and caramelised wtih Corsican chestnut honey, sided with roasted butternut.


That pie looks divine! I aspire to this level of weeknight cooking!

I noticed this unit of size measure in the recipe “postage stamp sized”. I’ve never seen that before but smart. That is likely a fairly universal size.


Thanks. The pie wasn’t complicated to make, it took some time. I was a bit late last night, and didn’t finish baking it on time before Top Chef started, and we ate in front of the tv.

The pie should be for 6 or more, we both ate 1/4 each and was full without the need of fruits!


Wait - what? Top Chef was on on Wednesday night? Or were you watching last week On Demand?

(Jimmy ) #771

Your Chicken & Leek Pie is gorgeous!


Top Chef France. :smile:

(John Hartley) #773

More helpful to international readers than his often used suggestion to cut things to a thickness of a pound coin. Perfectly understandable for Britons, and probably other Europeans who are in the euro zone (and may know that both coins are the same thickness) but not helpful to others.

By the by, we’ve been into the city again today - the art gallery has an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci drawings which are owned by the Queen. She’s loaned out her large collection of Da Vinci’s to various galleries as a commemoration of the 500th anniversary of his death. Lunch in Chinatown (which is adjacent to the Gallery). A restrained dinner is needed (as lunch was very generous - and I’m a greedy so-and-so). Pork schnitzel, saute new potatoes, cavolo nero.