What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition


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Haha - WF and FW have white sweet potatoes, and they’re often less sweet so I buy them. This one was pretty sweet so I was disappointed, but the lime in the salsa cut it nicely!

(saregama) #735

Hope the power’s back soon! Great improv in the meantime!


I have one of those, by etekcity, it’s re-chargeable, and charges other things, and the bottom is a magnet.


Thank you! I like the flavor combination.

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Or, cut them lengthways (discarding the very tough top of the green part. Put them in a baking dish, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with Parmesan (or similar). Bake for about 20 minutes at 180. You’ll find the outer layer goes too crispy to be eaten but the remainder will be soft and sweet. Best served hot in my experience but they are fine cold drizzled with more oil.

Dinner tonight - back to my hero, Nigel Slater. And a recipe from the January chapter of Kitchen Diaries 3 - peri peri chicken pie.

Recipre here - https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/oct/26/meat-pie-recipes-nigel-slater

As he introduces it in the book “Sometimes you just want a pie”. Which we do, although it’s not necessarily winte rpie weather. Yesterday was the hottest February temperature every recorded in the UK, topping 20.

(Jimmy ) #739

There was meat!
Oven baked Spare Ribs. Broccoli florets on the side.


Same here, very warm February, more like an April day…
Down side: very polluted air.

This looks interesting. The other recipe, Gammon, celeriac and parsley pie looks delicious too, have you tried?

I wonder if I should change my menu! (Naaa!) Originally planned, I’m (finally) making your other NS chicken leek pie scheduled tomorrow or maximum Thursday. Last week I didn’t make it, husband bought a whole chicken, instead of thighs!?!

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I have it in mind that, yes, we cooked it a year or so back. Certainly sounds familiar - and I’m a big fan of both gammon and celeriac.

You might also like fidget pie - a traditional dish from Shropshire (the county to the south west of mine). It uses gammon or ham, together with potatoes and apple. Here’s one recipe for it - https://recipes.sainsburys.co.uk/recipes/main-courses/shropshire-fidget-pie

(John Hartley) #742

It was underwhelmingly OK and not a keeper.

Tomorrow - into the city for dinner at a new/old restaurant. Used to be a favourite place. Chef left and, not long after, the owners closed it just before Xmas. Chef now has new financial backers and is back. Tasting menu only. Review on the UK board by the weekend.


We tried your leek recipe tonight and thought it was quite good.


It was a big yay !! When the power came back on 14 hours later.

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DH made an Ottoman-style braised saffron chicken with lemon and apricots from the cookbook Turkey. Served over basmati rice. It was great and very welcome after a day running errands and going to appointments!


I saw someone buying carrot raisin salad at the deli the other day and remembered i used to LOVE that stuff. But the deli’s version looked to be a 50/50 mayo to carrots situation…
used two abandoned carrots to make a mini batch tonight, The Google told me there are weirdos who add pineapple (um, no. ) i winged it and added a little vinegar at the end- not sure i need to make it again. The cilantro helped but still kinda weird sweet for me. Would rather make the french grated carrot salad if I’m going to grate carrots.

Salad of stuff with hidden cucumber, scallions, part of a small red grapefruit (the rest never made it to the salad bowl!), and the usual stemmy cilantro. A few handfuls of crunchy edamame a la carte and kombucha. (New to me kombucha combo! Used Beets , blood orange and ginger to flavor a few bottles; worked nicely)


Rice looks perfect!


Weirdos who add pineapple . That says it all.


Pounded bone in pork chop . Breaded with Matzo Meal . I have never used this . It was ok . My gravy is awful . Lol . Baked potato that wouldn’t fit on the plate . Wine to drink :wine_glass:Cheers.


I have used Matzoh meal during Passover for chicken or beef, and find it needs a lot of seasoning, and then into the fryer. The trick is the seasoning, but I do prefer Panko or plain bread that I crumb and season myself. Your dish looks real good!

(John Hartley) #751

The version we used to buy added peanuts and had a vinaigrette dressing, not mayo.


LOL! I was reading this and thinking how much I love my mom’s version of carrot/raisin salad with pineapple. It is really good! Promise! She adds a splash of almond extract too and doesn’t have a heavy mayo hand either.


I’ve been avoiding this page, cooking and all food in general after a lovely bug visited our home for a few days! Happy to report that everyone is feeling much better and we are successfully off the B.R.A.T. diet! Yay! Last night I did a just a touch over boring: bbq chicken thighs with brown rice and broccoli. The baby ate dinner with gusto and showed off her ambidextrous skills using a fork and spoon simultaneously on yogurt.