What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition



Sunday meals
Beef kidneys cooked with onion, white wine, garlic and basil tomatoes sauce, OK, maybe like it slightly stronger. Well a change from the classic cream and mushroom… Recipe from Delia.

Mullet cooked with shallot in oven, fish soy sauce added at the end of cooking.

Sided with a shrimp fried rice with coconut milk, and also leek with green chilli.

A beetroot tarte tatin (upside down tart) - onion in slices, caramised with cooked beetroot with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar, cooked for 20 minutes in a non stick pan, added the puff pastry on the top and cooked in oven for 30 minutes…

Raw tuna with chive and sashimi soy sauce


Hummus, kawarma and salad


Getting leeks in my CSA box tomorrow. Can you point me to more about the leek and green chili?


You mean the recipe? It’s simply a stir-fry, not really a recipe. Chop both the leek and chilli, heat up the oil (I used grape seed) cook a few minutes the leek first, then add the chili and add fish sauce, I use Vietnamese 60º, soy sauce is fine too. Some sesame oil to finish…

Malaysian cookbook Bekwoh arrived by mail, I just wanted to eat something hot. Still reading the book, not a very easy one.


Thank you!
“Malaysian cookbook Bekwoh arrived …”
You’re an enabler!

It is served like a veg or side dish? Would the proportions be different as a seasoning?

I only seem to mess with leeks a few times a year. Sounds like I can do what I like. I assume you use the whites; how much of the green do you use? Going for form or function when you chop it?


It’s a small vegetable dish, I used 1 white part of the leek, I bought them like that already, no green part. As for chili, I used 2. But If I make it again, there will be twice more leek to 2 chili.

For the cutting of leek, half it sideways, then cut them lengthwise around 1.5 inch, and slice them thinly. As for the chili, half them, cut them around 1 inch x 1/2 inch…
Just have them cooked sufficiently but still a slight crunch for the chili. Season to your liking…

LOL, I didn’t follow any recipe just improvise…so have fun!

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Very nice!


If you have extra leeks the classic french leeks vinegrette is really simple and surprisingly delicious, even leftovers the next day. I’ve followed this recipe (without the egg or bacon)


Years ago i was at an izakaya here in nyc and ordered something on the menu under the small appetizer section that said it had cucumbers and miso. Why not? I like both.
I was surprised to get a plate with sliced cucumber and a blob of miso. And greatful ever since because it’s an awesome combo!
Had that as an appetizer of sorts using the somewhat mild miso i have in the fridge


Then a bowl of the same veg curry thing as last night


SUNNY! But windy and chilly. Had some tomatoes that had gone sad and wrinkled. Had extra chicken broth from the roasted carcass. Softened some shallots in butter, added the quartered tomatoes and stirred for a bit. Poured in some stock and left it at a murmur of a simmer for 20 minutes or so. Hit it with the immersion blender. Seasoned with some frozen pesto (Costco), salt, white pepper. Added a smidgen of cream. Tasted - needed a bit more herb so a little Penzey’s Italian blend to the rescue! Served with half a grilled provolone/roasted red pepper sandwich. I had planned on leftover soup for tomorrows lunch but it tasted too good. So I ate it! :blush:

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That’s a lot of delicious things in one post! Great idea on the beetroot tarte tatin - I’m surprised it didn’t bleed more!

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Chicken meatballs from the freezer, sweet potato mash with herb & lime sauce, and spinach & herb fritters with yogurt and adjika (anyone else make this sauce? I love it… down to the last bit of my freezer stash.) Using up greens that were sad in my fridge.


Lost power this afternoon. Oh ,how I like my comforts. Charged the phone in the car .Broke out the three tenors . Some flashlights. That’s going to change . Replace with Coleman lantern. Cooked up leftovers on what I used to cook on when traveling. Wine to drink :wine_glass: Cheers.

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Way to rough it!


Could you give more info please? Sounds up my alley!


Oh no! Losing power while snowed in sucks… hope it comes back for you quickly! Very impressive dinner you whipped up


Did you use korean white sweet potatoes…? Why isn’t the sweet potato mash orange?? Sounds fantastic


What are they? You pulled together a great meal! Hope the power is restored soon.

I purchased some little lantern style flashlights this past hurricane season. They really put out good light that you can actually read or work under. Plus they slide down when off so take up very little room. I love them!


The Spainereds. Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras. With the Italian Luciano Pavorotti. The three tenors .Sometimes you just need some opera .

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It’s down the page here - the “salsa” is really good, the herbs and lemon are a great counterpoint to the sweet potato.