What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition



Oh, I should have added that I cheated and got the pasta from our local fresh pasta maker, Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Somerville, MA. It was their basic egg pasta rolled as lasagna sheets. I think the mottled look is from the semolina on the dough and the dough drying a little as the ravioli sat. This is actually pretty easy using the ravioli mold and buying the pasta, although I’ve enjoyed making pasta lately, too. I used the Villaware 10-square ravioli mold from Amazon. The ravioli are good-sized and hold a decent amount of filling.


That soup sounds fantastic for a blustery winter day!

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Thanks! It was good.


That’s a beautiful presentation. I’d love to serve that at a dinner party but don’t know where I’d find a whole salmon. Buying fish is a like buying a pig in a poke these days. Seems like the only way to be sure of what you’re getting is to catch it yourself.


Wow that looks gorgeous! I’ll need to save this idea for a future dinner party!


some one sent me an email directly(?) cannot find it from this site??
her problem is finding a whole salmon
this was my answer so I thought I will copy it here
No, y ou do not. Have to buy a whole salmon

Buy half of a salmon fillet, ( is the what they call it? The whole salmon, split in half without the bone and without the head
That will suffice. If you think you have a larger crowd to feed, buy 2 halves .It is prettier to have 2 trays and that will take the burden of flipping the salmon over.
Buy the wild caught salmon, not the farmed one which is not worth it
I aways buy it from Costco, just the whole half of a fillet without the head
Remember that in order to have a good presentation, buy smaller cucumber, seedless ones are best , lay it all over ( do not follow Martha Stewart, hers does not look good)

I do not have a mandolin so I use my very thin cuisinart slicer but when I am in a hurry, I slice the cucumber manual by using a very sharp knife as it works as well. And for the cucumber dill sauce, do not crush the cucumber by using a food slicer. rather chop it coarsely as using a food processor makes the sauce too watery.

Here is a picture


something is funny
I could not find. you earlier, so I answered you directly from my email
The half of a whole salmon fillet without the head is called side of salmon
Often, the skin is left on so, just poach it with skin side down .
after it is cooked, lift the perforated rack and flip the salmon over
the skin would be on top, just peel it off.


A good day of errands, haircut, and visiting with Mom, with my sister joining us. Blustery cold winds on the highway, but those have finally died down.

Dinner had to be comfort food: meatloaf with some gravy pulled from the freezer, Crash Hot Potatoes, and peas, corn, and carrots with Penzeys Fine Herbs and butter.

The meat loaf included ground beef, a couple of sweet Italian sausages squozen out of their casings, Penzeys’ Quebec Meat Spice mix (meh, nothing great but it was a freebie, so…), an egg, Worcestershire sauce, Panko crumbs and some dried parsley.

There was wine. Not sure what will be on the screen.


Just got home from doing some fill in work. Needed something simple and quick. Had frozen scallops on hand and had made Texas Caviar the othe day. Boom! It’s whats for dinner

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Grilled bbq-rubbed pork chops, steamed butternut squash, slaw with mustard vinaigrette, golden raisins, and pepitas, and broccoli with cheese sauce (not pictured).

I saved half the chop.


Christina, you nailed that chop. Perfect!

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Hubs gets credit!


Thanks very much. I haven’t bought much fish from Costco but will look for wild salmon on my next visit. I don’t knowingly buy farmed salmon.


good luck
I frequent Costco perhaps every 2-3 weeks although the best Costco ( I realized they have different Costcos when I stayed in Baltimore for 9 month). The Costco in Glen Burnie are #3 so to speak. In in Maryland, the best one is in Pentagon. So, I go there even if it is out of my way.
I was very tempted to buy 2 weeks ago when I saw a side, very reasonable (under $15.00?) but that was the day I took my son to airport an ehe would be gone for a month. good luck.


Started new veggie fermentation experiment of sorts… radish slices in the excess brine leftover from my last batch of white kimchi.
Appetizer was the radishes leftover that wouldn’t fit in the jars, sprinkled with a little salt

Gave the curry a little more TLC with some zucchini and tofu tonight

Needed something crunchy and had a handful of these too


I recently watched a you tube video on a cooking channel that has over 100,000 subscribers. Think low budget Sandra Lee, skill- less preparation and cooking of highly processed crap food, Walmart is the go to grocery store. The cooking while seriously disgusting and extraordinarily unhealthy may have been the least offensive part of the video. I could not believe what I was hearing, the host misused adverbs, demonstrative and possessive adjectives, made up words, mispronounced ingredients, used the same descriptive adjective 29 times in a 30 minute video every time the food was being referred to.

I kept wondering if the host made it past the 3rd grade. Not a single subscriber seemed to care or notice, most appeared to possess the same level of language skills, how can this be! The number of people who found both the food and the language being used in this video acceptable is of great concern IMO.


You should watch. Italian Grandma Makes… Buon-A-Petitti on you tube . She’ 81 yrs old . Love this show with limited editing.


I’m making her Sunday gravy with meatballs tomorrow.

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Gringo tacos tonight, because i have been craving fried corn tortillas: so, ground beef, shredded ice berg, mashed up avocado, grated jack. My Bolivian mom used to make these and they were amazing. I screwed these up by trying to de-Gringo them with cumin, serranos, and chipotle powder in the meat, radishes in lime and salt, and scallions and a little lime on the avo. Habanero sauce on top. Shoulda kept them old school!

AND, I screwed up and originally put them on mini fried FLOUR tortillas (mistakenly purchased) (shudder.) Immediately went in and fried the mini corn ones and transferred everything over.


They look great