What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition


(ChristinaM) #246

Get a styrofoam cooler. Check temp periodically. It works! p.s. Aldi has immersion circulators for cheap.


These are cool places, especially Alaska. I guess I still need to persuade Mr. N to change his mind on India.


Tonight’s dinner was a failed turnip cake (Lo Bak Go), not enough rice flour mixture to hold the ingredients together. Radish, Chinese sausages and dried shrimps… whatever the form, it was still quite okay to eat. We had also some green - gai lan.

I wander why when I steam, it is always much longer (at least x2) than the time indicated in the recipes.


We know what it looks like, but there’s a reason my instagram feed is still full of burger photos anyway!


I did this tonight and it was awesome! And I was under the idea it would take forever to cook but it was faster than heating the oven and cooking it there. Thanks again for the tips!


My standard, protein and salad

Tonight seared salmon and salad


No . But I have found some nice cabs at grocery outlet for 6.99


Had to reschedule plans with my friend tonight, she is sick again. A week or so ago i had told her about the curry soup/stew i made and she had said it sounded wonderful (not much of a cook herself). So i made a batch this afternoon and dropped off to her. Added extra curry paste and some chili flakes to her portion (she likes spicy) and bought/dropped off some rice noodles to add in.
Kinda the same as previously with coconut oil, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrots, coconut milk, yellow curry paste, and this time some chickpeas as well as the rest of the chopped tempeh
Looked better cooking than when finished

Tbd if i do dark chocolate marzipan bar or mandarins for dessert


Looks delicious


Knife cuts are always a drag. Usually just a nick here and there. The last bad one was a about 2 years ago. Required sutures. Mandolin! Fk!! Wasn’t paying attention

Can almost say it was worth it. Came back to finish the dish a few days later. No excuse for being careless


Your placement of greens is perfection


Thanks. Carrot tops scattered around. No tweezers :wink:

(John Hartley) #258

Prawn cocktail
Chicken casserole, baked potato
Rice pudding (cold), apricot compote


I had a hankering for homemade ravioli last night, and just enough time to squeeze it in. Pulled out the ravioli mold that I’ve only used once before and was reminded how much easier it is using the mold than crimping them all by hand. The filling is a mix of ricotta, parm, a little crushed garlic and a couple of eggs to bind, along with a liberal sprinkle of salt. It’s a simple blend, but more than the sum of it’s parts. It was served with a simple marinara of San Marzanos, garlic and basil.

(ChristinaM) #260

Yesterday afternoon I made Zuppa Toscana in the IP - subbed half a can of blended cannelini beans and some whole milk for the cream, omitted the potatoes, used turkey Italian sausage, and added bay leaves and extra kale. Cooked 20 minutes at high pressure and came home to dinner with our friends for an extended play date. Good times.


Very Impressive!! That also looks like a whole grain type of dough??


this used to be a frequent way for me to poach salmon and if you like to use it for a party, invest in a poacher. You do not have to use champagne but if you do, reuse it , freeze it as soon as it cools down or just add white wine or even water with bouquet Garni. I used to think that I need a whole salmon but it is quite reasonable to buy half salmon ( even better for presentation) and then slice cucumber ever so thin to cover the whole salmon as though those are his scales. Then I always add camellias ( I have her 40 of them, both sasanqua and japonica so, for march on our birthdays, my sister, son and I as well as for March birthdays for my colleagues, I often lay camellias around and people just gasp in awe. Here is a picture, very very easy to do. GO IMPRESS NOT JUST FOR TASTE BUT LOOKS


Made some lentil stew with potato, carrots and fresh basil. The basis was chicken stock, lentil, chopped onion, garlic and green pepper

Simple salad including stuffed grape leaves!

(Denise) #264

Such great observations. I don’t know if American English is simpler, but I do think it’s more widespead thanks to the reach of movies, TV, and more recently streaming video.

For my part, I can’t help but mourn the erosion of dialects and languages because history and meaning disappear in the process.

Once I had a gig rewriting technical marketing materials from British English to American English, which I thought was a shame because the company had such a distinctive voice that could only be lost in translation. Actually that was the point of the rewrite.

And my husband and I do notice that people in Europe use English as a bridging language. Especially after I attempt my limited few words in the language of whatever country we’re in, LOL.


A couple of years ago I bought a very sharp Japanese chef’s knife. While I was washing it, my wife came into the kitchen and asked me something. Then … The next day I had to have the doctor take care of it. So as he was taping it up, I told him how my wife had distracted me. His response was wonderful. “You don’t let yourself get distracted, especially not by women!” It came out a bit pithier in Swiss-German.