What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition



Tartine is my way to go in situation like this, and most important, they are good, sometimes better than a pizza or a tart or pie.


Looks like a gorgeous pizza to me!

Ugh, sorry about your hand. I cut myself 3 times on my mandolin and in a fit threw it in the garage. I have yet to decide if I am actually going to keep it. We are NOT friends! Hope you heal up fast!


Sorry here about your cut and be careful!
I had a nasty cut back on the tip of my finger in my twenties, it grew back, but the sensation is never the same.


I’ve been cooking but no pics.
Seared scallops with spiced roasted carrots and brussels sprouts on Wednesday night.
A cold is creeping up on us again. My husband seems down for the count. I’m doing my usual tactics and staying positive (some could call it blindly ignoring) about how I feel. I made chicken stock and then chicken noodle soup for dinner. It made a ton so lunch is done.

I am planning to attempt sous vide salmon tonight on the stove top. It sounds like the most challenging part will be keeping the water temp constant, but I don’t have interest in investing in a machine just to try it. Any tips?


I’ve been thinking about that of trying that…one day too without the machine. You need a good thermometer. I have induction stove top, I think it might help. A water bath in the oven sounds easier for me. Let me know how your salmon goes!


I hope the wine was not as cheap as the buns!


Maria, oddly enough I did the same thing but my middle finger about 3 years ago, it too a good year to heal…so dumb of me too!


And to think this conversation started over a recipe for lamb…that is the beauty of this forum, sharing different views of everything!


Hm, the oven is a good idea! I didn’t even think of that. I have a great thermometer so not worried about that part.

(Denise) #235

I get the same reaction to my Museum of Foil. Except I needed to secure the collection after our dog became a connoisseur and started chewing foil and spitting it out. The treasure is now hidden.


I used to cold poach salmon a lot. Here is a technique from serious eats

When I did that a lot ( long story why I stopped poaching, I must have prepared 5 salmons when we had a wake for father in law despite being catered bec MIL was afraid too many guests would show up. Ending having lots of left overs and my husband with that bad experience of funeral and too much salmon stopped eating poached salmon.
I have a French poacher with insert. Used to buy cheap champagne and then, with left over poaching liquid, I freeze it. With each poaching, I would add a fresh bottle and then freeze again and again. Be sure to freeze ASA poaching liquid ,
Just remember, fish just has to be submerged in liquid, never let it come to boil, barely simmering . T his takes just a few minutes, even undercook is better than overcook and if slightly undercook, let it sit in warm broth for more than 5 minutes , then remove it from heat and let it cool.
This is perfect with cucumber dill sauce and if you can make very very thin cucumber to cover the whole fish, some dill and perhaps a flower, you are all set.
Hope this works for y ou


Thanks for all the tips! I am excited to give it a shot!

(John Hartley) #238

Absolutely. :grinning:

By the by, we had to go in to the city today - finally got the paperwork from the hospital & coroner that allows us to officially register the death of the FiL. Two bloody weeks it’s taken - and none of the funeral arrangements can be confirmed until we’d done that. Took the opportunity for lunch at a favourite East Asian mini-chain. As such - an easy dinner - supermarket pizza, bag of supermarket salad. There will be wine for Mrs H, of course.


On a lighter note, what is your plan for your cancelled holiday? Postponing to later or do something else this year?


UGH. But at least favorite East Asian lunch was had. Happy weekend to you and Mrs. H!

(John Hartley) #241

So far, the plan is that once the funeral is over and we know MiL is OK, then we’ll still try to get to Tenerife. So, next month, maybe early April. A “last minute” trip - the sort where we reserve on a Tuesday and fly on the Thursday.

This, and my recent medical issues, remind me of my own mortality so I’m keen that some “bucket list” holidays get taken soon. We had to cancel going to South Africa last September while I was having the radiotherapy and we may do that later in the year. Or an Alaska cruise. My other “want” is to go to India. We’ll certainly do another of the trips next year as a birthday present to me (I’ll be 70).

In the meantime, we’ve decided to eat at a high end place every couple of months or so. That starts next month, when we have a reservation at La Gavroche - a Michelin 2* in London which has recently abandoned its “jackets required” policy, so I’m now happy to go and eat there.

We are fortunate that we have only ourselves to think about- no kids to leave money to. And we both have good pensions.

Life promises to be packed with fun!


I’ve see an enormous loss of regional differences within the US. There used to be dozens of different southern accents. If you had a good ear you could identify the area of the specific state a person was from. It is seldom that I hear a strong example of these accents.

In the early '80’s I was checking into an inn in New Hampshire. The owner was out and the elderly gardener tried to assist. We could not understand each other at all. We resorted to writing in order to communicate. And that was two native born English speaking citizens within the same country!

I think television and “newspeak” have had a bit to do with this.



(John Hartley) #244

Similarly in the UK.

I’ve told this story before. My friend Paul practices law in Kentucky, occasionally visiting the UK. He has two particular friends here, both living in the same metro area (and not known to each other). I live in the south of the metro area and have a regional, albeit middle class, accent - which Paul can follow so long as I don’t speak too quickly or use too much slang. And there’s the other guy - working class and living in the north of the area, who Paul really struggles to follow.


That is a FINE way to start off a bucket list. Can’t wait to hear about it!