What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition



thanks but I do buy ziplock when they go on sale, perhaps once every 2-3 years and also have food saver but seldom use them as I find that recycling the sealer bag is not 100% proof, so I use it mainly for things like expensive mangalitsa cuts. I also have 3 cabinet full of glass lock storage system. ( I bought 2 sets of 20 piece per set from Costco years ago and extra larger pieces from container store) They are ideal (cleans easier than plastics) and found out early on that glasslock will replace your lid free of charge when a couple of my lids went bad, so I called several times and had extra lids sent for free. YES FOR FREE!


Thanks for the tofu information. Very helpful.

(John Hartley) #208

My nephew is currently home from university and came for dinner last night. Most of his fellow students are not from the UK. Folk from India, Dubai, China, Malaysia and Cape Verde are amongst those he mentioned. These are not people for whom English is a first language but, apparently, almost all have learned American English, not English English. He was surprised by that, not least because there are Commonwealth links between two of those countries. Apparently, American English is increasingly taught across the world as it is easier to learn, being more straightforward in both spelling and pronunciation.

(Jimmy ) #209

My wife’s Upper Midwest Chili.

The Red Onion I diced for this brought with it a curious funk smell that filled the kitchen. Cooking is such a fun sport.

A terrific Sourdough Roll and Gin Martini in a coffee cup were go withs.

(Robin) #210

They were “salt and pepper” flavor (left over from some holiday gift box).


The ziplock bags I used only for dried food, and in the freezer, and usually reuse them. But I agree with @ccj that they are not 100% air tight… more so after washing.

Recent I got several of those cheap Ikea glass containers, I’m surprise that how much longer food could last inside them, and they come in a lot of different sizes. Could be used in microwave and freezer.


I think American English becomes familiar to non-English speakers through our entertainment exports - movies, popular music, TV shows. My cousin-in-law teaches English at a university in Japan. She uses videos of American movies as a tool for pronunciation. The world becomes a smaller and smaller.


Burger and home fries was what’s for dinner. No photos, you know what it looked like right? :wink:

6 oz of home ground chuck

Hit all the buttons needed tonight

(ChristinaM) #214

Super spicy salsa ranchera shrimp, leftover cauli rice, and green salad with mustard vinaigrette and clementines.

(saregama) #215

Awful day, cut myself with the Very Sharp New Bread Knife, that’s the third sharp object injury in a month so I hope I’m done. Painful, swollen digit => antibiotics.

Anywaaaaaaaaaay. Used the last of that Lahey dough for pizza. Lots of firsts! First time using a pizza stone I’ve owned for years. First time using my big oven (the one under the stove, that heretofore was used as a large storage cabinet) to make dinner. First time using fontina.

Kept the topping simple, a box of mushrooms had to be used up, so those went in to roast while the pizza stone was heating up. And then fontina and a sprinkle of parmesan, plus pepper, and the mushroom jerky :joy: - it’s a powerful oven!

Very good pizza, thin and crisp the way I like it, but with a nice chew from the dough. Not so picturesque :smile:


Oh no…!! Knife cuts on the fingers or hand are The Worst and seem to take forever to heal. Hope it’s not your dominant hand.
Too funny about the mushroom jerky! Homemade mushroom pizza sounds amazing to me, who cares what it looks like? And Hot Carbs = comfort food

(K. Laurence) #217

I was planning on meatballs with sauce for supper but after several minor “disasters” that needed to be dealt with RIGHT NOW, the only thing that got finished was the sauce. Enter French bread pizza, it’s quick, easy, used some of the sauce, and (most importantly) Small Girl Child ate without complaining. I’m going to try and finish the meatballs tomorrow providing there are no more “disasters.”


Salad of the usual stuff and some randomness. Cucumbers, olives, sunflower seeds, part of an orange (ate the rest while chopping) some sliced water chestnuts-which i not so secretly totally love- and diced tempeh. Just as is, steamed a few min in the microwave but kinda hardcore hippie thing to eat it plain- i love it but not recommended for tempeh newbies :wink:
Added more miso tahini dressing after the photo

And the fancy bodega near my gym had my favorite chocolate bar! So i’ll have a chunk of that for dessert


Cheese burger night . Two 2 oz patties with sauteed diced onion . Kraft singles American cheese melted. Between the cheapest hamburger buns I could find . The sides don’t even matter here. Wine to drink . Cheers :wine_glass:

(maria ascarrunz) #220

we, too, have been reusing plastic bags for years and years. trying to do out part whenever we can.

(maria ascarrunz) #221

ouch!! careful… and don’t feel bad. a couple years ago i sliced up my index finger on one of those stick mixers. total idiot user error. top third of the inside of that finger is still numb.


Don’t get me wrong this burger was absolutely fabulous. So plain , so good .

(ChristinaM) #223

Sounds delicious!

(John Hartley) #224

Indeed so. I’ve read that many of the world’s languages are likely to disappear over the next century. Before retirement, my partner worked for a major international company where the working language was always English. I’ve also read, recently, that the Belgian football team always speaks English amongst themselves, as a bridge between the Dutch and French speakers.


A FANCY coffee cup!