What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!


(maria ascarrunz) #61

Back from Monterey with the BF, and also an overnight in Stinson Beach to see friends on Saturday before our trip. We had raclette in Stinson, which was to die for, and other snacky things, and much bubbles, including a bottle of Veuve that went too fast. BF and I had dinner out in Monterey - maybe best NYE meal we’ve had (usually don’t expect much on that holiday for dinners). I had duck and he had short rib, and both were excellent. Rang in the new year at a dive bar - our fave. New Year’s Day we went to the Aquarium and ogled the jellies (the best) and the otters too, then on to Carmel for more beauty ogling and a cocktail at Clint’s Hog’s Breath Inn. Dinner that night was great - In-and-Out burgers in the room (with a fantastic view - we were right on the beach) and bubbles for me, tequila for him. We drove home the next day and the BF insisted vacay wasn’t over yet, so we went out to dinner to our local Argentine steakhouse but in an effort to be more cost-conscious after the weekend, we split a burger with fries AND yuca frites, and a salad. Cocktails/wine because vacay.

Before we went out, though, I prepped tonight’s dinner - Peruvian chicken and made fresh aji verde. when i got home tonight i grill-panned the thighs and finished them in the oven, and made a mexi-american rice with garlic, fresh poblanos and corn (instead of the canned that most recipes call for), tons of cilantro and scallions, sour cream and jack cheese. turned out so good I think I can never make it again. :roll_eyes:

bought some artichokes from a farm stand on our trip, so those will be part of dinner tomorrow night.

And thank you for joining me in this caloric extravaganza! (I’m not even showing you the bfasts we had.) :stuck_out_tongue: I’d like to say I’m going to pare down in 2019, but really, who am I kidding?

And life’s too damned short, so if I make it a bit shorter even, by living deliciously… eh, why not?

Happy New Year, all!


I tasted a lot that day, and ate more the next .

Surely others have experienced this, especially at Thanksgiving. A mix of too much expectation, and a tiny bit of feeling unappreciated, or even resentful.

Not sure how else explain it, other than just not in the right space to appreciate it.

And this year my youngest was elsewhere, with others. Amazing experience for him, I’m sure,but I missed him and his friends. He knows what I like, and shared these pictures.


OMG! Good times!

(Dan) #64

Sorry Phreddy Im headed to the airport.


Was like that a few days ago, with a dose of vitamin D and E boost and a lot of green tea, the scratchy throat was gone.


You must really miss your little one, very lovely meals.


Wow, those quails were delicious!


New year’s meal. Caviar from France, from the esturgeons farmed in Aquitaine, Actually didn’t know frozen ones exist, tried it out because I was very curious. The taste was soft, not that salty, it had a less iodized taste than the ones I have tasted (Russian or Bulgarian). Sold for 30€ / 30g.

Followed by snails like the other day.

Main was langoustes with burnt rum, lime, zest and juice with cilantro and Kampot red pepper.

Dessert was a bought dessert, coffee log. I hope to start making dessert soon.

Ever since then, we started eating leftovers, yesterday was Mafaldine with a blue cheese gorgonzola cream sauce, cèpes mushroom and sliced Caribbean ham from New Year’s Eve.


NOT an invite…just a recommendation of which place for breakfast!!!


LOL! I misread that for sure!!! I wouldn’t go to Broadstreet again. I found it underwhelming. Haven’t tried Lenora’s.


I got progressively more envious as I read this! What a delicious end to 2018 and start to 2019! I can’t wait to get my hands on an In-and-Out burger again. I loved it when I had one last but that was at least 15 years ago!


YES. When I cook a big meal or something else time intensive (looking at you, all day cookie bakes…), I rarely eat it. Something about seeing it and smelling it all day just makes it less appealing to me. I still love to make it though and enjoy everyone else eating.


Jealous of everyone’s high cuisine out there! This morning I used up a variety of stuff in the fridge to make a breakfast salad bowl. Fried eggs atop greens, olives, pico and avocado. Chemex coffee with milk.


YES! I know exactly what you mean.


Here too, over working make me lose appetite. And partially, my head is somewhere else, more about how to finish the cooking correctly and to serve everybody than sitting down and appreciating the food. I guess that is how a professional feel when they are at work (?!) for the pressure part, of course they work with a filled stomach.

(maria ascarrunz) #76

so sorry about your youngest… lovely pics! lucky him.

your food looks fantastic. I’m sure others appreciated it, but hopefully they’ll show you that next time!

(maria ascarrunz) #77

i LURRRRVE fried egg salad. do you know the Thai version of this? there’s a place near me that used to make it, and then I started making Smitten Kitchen’s version. it’s SO FRICKEN GOOD.

(maria ascarrunz) #78

The burger was still good! I had it with added peppers (banana peppers, i think), mentioned in an article i found about the “secret” menu. They were a perfect addition.


Oh yum town. I need to look into the Thai version and this one. I was making these salads for a while which were so easy and so satisfying. A big bunch of kale, massaged with lots of lemon, salt and olive oil. Avocado if I have, big chunky croutons (i usually make bread, slice it and toss it in the freezer). Topped with a pair of fried eggs. Mmmmmmm!

(K. Laurence) #80

Clean out the ‘fridge night so it’s the last of Kenji’s meatloaf, last of the butter lettuce, and last of the roasted veggies. Leftover meatloaf always tastes so much better on day 2 or 3.