What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!



Looks great, nice looking crust too.

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Initial thoughts:

It definitely duplicates functions of my crock pots and stove top pressure cooker, but it’s convenient that you can brown before slow cooking. And I like that the cooking smells are more contained in the sealed lid. Plus the yogurt maker could be nice feature. And it switches to “warm” after the cook time is done, which is extremely convenient if, say, you need to take a nap or otherwise leave it unsupervised. :rofl:

I’m not crazy about the fact that it cooks at a lower “high” pressure than a regular pressure cooker though (12 v. 15 psi).

And I wonder if the slow cook function is also weaker than my 90s-era Crock Pot?


I didn’t know about the browning capabilities. That’s quite interesting and like the idea of a warm function. I don’t use my crockpot a ton mostly because I feel like everything I make in it has the same general texture and that annoys me. This is likely just user error ha!


I’ve only used the pressure cooker function. I like that it doesn’t heat my kitchen in the summer. I like that I don’t have to spend time waiting for it to achieve pressure and then adjusting the heat like my stove-top model requires. I like the keep warm function.

Things I find a little problematic: Storage and washing* the pot due to it’s depth. In my kitchen it’s tricky finding a spot to set the unit up where the steam will not be directly under an overhead cabinet.

*This why I don’t brown in the pot. It is easier for me to brown in a skillet in regards to the cleanup. A taller person with longer arms probably wouldn’t find this an issue!


I am barely 5’4" and once I had a co-worker call me “her tall American friend”. I found that hilarious but I doubt anyone else would think that!

Interesting comments. Thanks!


I’m 5’2". I lived in Puerto Rico in the late '80’s. I was the height of most men and taller than most women. It felt so odd to see the tops of adults heads all the time!

If I am ever able to customize my kitchen I would love to be able to tap the baseboard beneath each cabinet and have a little step pop out! That extra couple of inches would add a lot of functionality to the area.

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Miso salmon sesame rice-noodle bowls with assorted pickle-y and veg things. My husband hasn’t quite gotten the hang of serving me smaller portions yet. I just left some in the bowl.


I’ve had a hankering for falafel lately, and actually managed to plan ahead and soak the chickpeas yesterday. Today wasn’t a gym day, so there was time to make tahini sauce and tzatziki and stop at the Armenian market for good pita. Not pretty, but it was tasty, if a bit oversalted. So what else is new! I do tend to overseason and am trying to be more aware.

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Omg yum.

I’m with you on the oversalting.


Tomorrow morning I have to meet someone in Keyport…
breakfast at Lenora’s or Broadstreet?


Tomorrow morning I have to meet someone in Keyport…
breakfast at Lenora’s or Broad street diner


Thanks for the invite but I’m slammed with meetings tomorrow. Next time for sure!


Found a couple split smoked mullets at a local fishmonger while picking up dinner last week. Cleaned both fish and made a fish salad with one of them for a group NYE meal. It was well received.

Saw I still had a container of cleaned fish tonight so had to whip up another fish salad. Wife was at a conference so I ate standing at the kitchen counter


Totally impressed this happened on a weeknight! Looks fantastic…


Very busy short week!
Apparently my boss can’t confirm extending my temp contract until she gets final budget info next tuesday (my contract is thru next fri) so the unknown stays unknown a bit longer…

Meantime last night was a late night but we kept thinking almost done and will leave soon and next thing you know it’s near 9pm and never ordered in dinner to the office.
Had greek salad and side of ful from the middle eastern/Mediterranean place- i even remembered to be careful of olive pits this time! At least the feta was big enough to take off easily. Ful wasn’t memorable but good enough, too much of it even after having some with a warmed pita for breakfast (not the best paired with coffee fyi).

Tonight at end of 11hr work day i realized i was sneezing too much for no reason and had a scratchy throat. Kind of panicking. No time to be sick!!
Ordered from the wrong thai place- coconut tofu veg soup (really tasty but I don’t like fried tofu as much as plain tofu for soup) and side of steamed veg to avoid fish sauce salad issues.
I am baffled as to how the rice was SO BAD- don’t restaurants use a rice cooker?? Added a bit to the soup but most is going to be tossed, closest i can describe is like tiny foam packing material texture.

I splurged on these from the coffee shop snack selection and they’re SO good! Inside are maybe 1/2” size one bite cubes. Will have a few with my tea and hopefully wake up not sneezing and not sick. Will be sleeping and making/drinking buckets of hard core green juice all weekend


Wow, falafel looks great! Now I’ll be craving it. Thanks.

There are some good InstantPot threads on Hungry Onion.

I’m short on time these days. Whoever mentioned “breaks” in quotes was right. You always end up paying for it plus interest.

I grabbed a random cookbook from my shelf (Susana Foo Fresh Inspiration) and made the first recipe I found for which I had all the ingredients. It was Cantonese Salt-Water Chicken (brined overnight and then boiled.) Next time I will work on presentation, but it tasted way better than I expected. Even the flabby skin was good. I didn’t think I would be able to eat the skin. I’ll make the Soy Ginger Vinaigrette that goes with it tomorrow. I accidentally bought Korean salted shrimp (long story) and used it to make a “chutney” along with gochujang, vinegar, scallion, and cilantro.


running out of ideas. So, tonight, I had 4 quails, roasted Asian style
It was pretty tasty but the sauce is too sweet.

I marinaded the quilt for around 4 hours. browned it on top of stove, then into 375 degrees oven for 15 minutes The sauce was thickened per suggestion but we hardly used it

This was served with rice and mixed veg

tables I bought 2 HT Angus T Bone steak , but realized I could not eat it bec of diet restriction. My son had one but the second steak is being cut up,
given to my babies for the last few days, the bone is too big for their little mouth and I am afraid it might fracture teeth , also too greasy for their coat , so I had been cutting it slowly piece by piece to give them as treat and when we are having our meals for the past few days. They are on raw meat diet for breakfast, kibbles for dinner but often look at us with these eyes begging for food. So, this is what I have been giving them as treats. I think they prefer cook steaks to raw meat also since it is a bit different for them.
Picture is of the quails browned and then in the oven for 15 minutes,

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whhhhaaaaaa? why didn’t you eat that deliciousness??

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those are gorgeous macarons!

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i love those boiled/steamed chicken preps that render “flabby” skin - and I, too, thought I’d hate them, as I had an almost phobia about flabby chicken skin since childhood. But I’ve had the thai boiled chicken dish, Khao Man Gai, a few times now and it’s delightful if done right! yours looks great.