What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!


(Jimmy ) #670

And you did a very fine job buttering your bread too.


Seared chicken with a bulgar pilaf and salad

(saregama) #672

Ha. Indeed.


Ah! I completely blanked on those, too! Thanks


Busy day of catching up on dumb grownup *ish that needed to get done and entirely too much walking around in the stupid cold.
And then i cooked!! In my own kitchen! On a monday! I wanted something with sweet potatoes (random craving) and went with it. Onions and garlic, tomato paste, carrots, sweet potatoes, diced tomatoes, thyme, fennel seed, better than bullion veg, a splash of soy sauce, savoy cabbage, white beans and added a can of coconut milk. Looked better while cooking then finished- although really orange!

So dinner was a bowl of that stew (tasty! Not much coconut flavor though) and a big handful of these tasty chips that I’m very into. Perfect amount of salt and sturdy but won’t stab the insides of your mouth like some of those kettle cooked chips do

TBD if i’ll want some of that dk chocolate marzipan bar for dessert, that stew was really filling

(maria ascarrunz) #675

those rolls look divine!

(maria ascarrunz) #676

sausage sundried tomato cream sauce linguine from yesterday’s day of cooking, and the best broccoli i’ve ever made/had. BF doesn’t like broccoli much (fool! I could eat it every day), so i steamed it, then stuck it under the broiler heavily dotted with butter and a little parm regg. toasted panko crumbs in butter with a crushed garlic clove, scattered the crumbs over the broccoli. Holy hell was it amazing. Sausage pasta was good but there’s plenty left of that, while i demolished the brocc.


Broccoli the star . I like that . Out of the steam and into the broiler . I’m keeping this one

(ChristinaM) #678

Very nice!

(ChristinaM) #679

I approve of the PSTOB on that baguette.

(ChristinaM) #680

Those look great. What was the seasoning?

(ChristinaM) #681

Solo parenting for a few days, so we are keeping it simple. Last night was a humble batch of lima beans slow cooked (from dried) with tomato, garlic, and onion, served over buttered rice cooked with the bean liquid strained off before I added the tomato. And a little whole milk cottage cheese on top, just for variety.

(Jimmy ) #682

Very simple. Coated top & bottom with breadcrumbs, which I pressed onto the chops. Then added a liberal amount of Sea Salt, white pepper & dried Rosemary. Broiled them eight minutes a side. Chops were cooked through but still moist.


I know it’s not what quite what you did, but seeing that makes me think, i’ve got to start freezing fried rice for situations like that… Definitely do have the emergency frozen dumplings though.


Add pasta somehow and this would be the dinner my daughter probably dream about. Rice, butter, beans, COTTAGE CHEESE??!? :heart_eyes: This would be her actual face!

(saregama) #685

You’ve inspired me to soak some gigantes… those look so good!

I came to cottage cheese late… cold cottage cheese on a hot meal is new to me: sort of like sour cream on chili?


This is probably for dinner as well
Duck dumplings.
Made a batch but the wrappers were old from freezer, edges were slightly dried but still fine. I have no desire to pleat them esp with the edges dried up, so I just sealed them by wetting the edge and crimped them with a fork like ravioli. Not as pretty but this will do. Son pan fried 22 of them for lunch in two batches, then added plain water to steam them.

My recipe for siomai and pot sticker

  1. 1/2 head Napa cabbage small shredded with 1 tsp kosher salt, , 30 min, squeezed as much liquid out are 30 minutes.
    2.1 lb ground duck breast
  2. Shredded small piece of ginger in Cuisinart , garlic followed by 1/2 lb of small shelled shrimp
  3. A small jicama peeled , then shredded in cuisinart
  4. Mix all of the above
  5. Add 2 tablespoon of sesame oll, 2 tbsp SS, freshly ground pepper, 2 tbsp shaoxling wine, 1 scrambled egg, 2 tbsp sweet potato starch, 2 tsp granuated white sugar, shake of 5 spice powder, 2 tbsp of dried fried shallot ( fro Asian store)
  6. Mix all above well. wrap them with a couple pieces of snipped scallions for each dumpling.
  7. Fry small piece to correct seasoning ( did nto need to ) heck, am tired of staying in the kitchen with so much work ahead of me.( tax time) Here are pictures of 2 trays of 11 dumpling each that my son pan fried, then added small amount of water to steam. This is lunch, dipped these in mixture of soy sauce, garlic and cider vinegar with tabasco. Still have lots left over to wrap for dinner and freeze. Probably will run out of wrappers.
    I still have 2 more packages to wrap after this and from the looks of it, will run out of wrapper


(saregama) #687

Yum - wish I could come over to partake of those gorgeous dumplings!

Thanks for the recipe - I’m copying it over!

(saregama) #688

Is this a swap for water chestnuts?

Not sure what wrap means here…

Thanks again for the detailed instructions!


water chestnut was quite expensive in the Philippines, my mom use it as substitute to give a crunch to meatballs , shrimp balls and dumplings. So, although jicama is not as cheap as in the Philippines it is still good substitute for me and left over can be eaten as a fruit, I like to dip it in cider vinegar with a small amount of salt. Seems to bring t he sweetness of of them

Let me. know how it turned out.
Used to make it with ground pork but now, pork and other red meats are taboo for me.
I wrap them with round dumpling wraps ( not the square wanton wraps)
I think I posted them recently ( December?) for shrinkrap as she asked what kind of is to be used pot stickers ie gyoza.
I replied to her, perhaps personally? as I no longer see it on the forum. It was fairly recent. Jan 2019
I am sure I even posted pictures of the pot sticker wrappers and spring roll wrappers I use.