What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!


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Just the texture, naf. She’s absolutely fine with other preps of potato.

She has a particular dislike of mashed potato that has butter, cream or whatever added, as it makes it altogether too sloppy for her… And I agree with her on that. Whenever I make mashed potato (just for myself), it is literally just potatoes mashed. But she won’t willingly eat that either.


There are actually a lot of alcoholic spirits, wines and beers etc that use animal products in the processing which strict vegans avoid- i’ll spare you the details since I’m sure you’re capable of googling why alcohol isn’t vegan. So all the drinks there use vegan spirits and the food menu is vegan (and crazy delicious from what we tried!)


Omfg, homemade Hot Carbs are my kryptonite…!! What a fun party and talented baking friends to have :))


THE MORE YOU KNOW! I’m a little nervous of googling non-vegan alcohol.

What was the name of this bar?

Those buns were a delight. My husband said they were better than my mom’s :open_mouth:


Several different kinds of peppers (hot and sweet), several varieties of basil and a few other herbs (marjoram, nepitella, etc.). Most of the other vegetables I plan to try will be direct sown. I’m also starting a few different colors of aubrieta (aka rock cress) from seed this year - I have a lot of retaining walls on my property and I think aubrieta looks just gorgeous flowing over walls, yet I rarely see it for sale at local nurseries. I don’t know if that’s because it doesn’t do well here because of our soil or some other reason, but the seed is cheap so I figured why not give it a shot?


I’d love to be updated! Maybe you can post on the “foraging” thread!


High praise from the hubby! :raised_hands:
It’s called Mother of Pearl, there are several restaurants in the group, i’ve been to their other one Ladybird a few times with friends and by myself and loved it too (very girly decor and surprisingly beautiful bathroom!). Lots of creative dishes at both


There is usually a gardening board for the year. I don’t think one has been started yet for 2019.

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Also honey :slight_smile:

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That all looks amazing! Esp the flaky rolls


Two days ago, we made roast chicken with carrots and celery. I reheated day old rice and placed it at the bottom of a platter, then poured all the chicken juices over that and then set the chicken on top of the bed of rice. The rice tasted great. Also, I made spaghetti with meat sauce. It was okay. I over-reduced it. I thought I took pictures but can’t find them.

Last night, we had johnnycakes. A few I served sweet like pancakes, but mostly we enjoyed them savory, like here with avocado, leftover roast chicken, and lemon-marinated red onion.


Yes to @Ttrockwood. Or drinks with egg white, like a flip, which are common / trendy. Even non-trendy drinks like Bloody Marys which utilize Worcestershire sauce which has fish sauce/anchovy sauce. @gracieggg

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Wow! Everything looks delicious!

“Annual ham party” - words I have never heard but make me wonder why not!

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I may have another go eventually. I was in the midst of my Diwali cooking marathon and watching alongside…

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New to me (:flushed:) - please explain! Looks like more deliciousness than fried dough…

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How did it taste, @shrinkrap?

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Tried an easy curry chicken soup to use up homemade chicken stock and the dark meat chicken from making it.

Maybe my curry powder wasn’t strong enough, or my palate just needs a stronger profile, but I ended up needing to add more ginger, garlic, cilantro, scallions, and a spoonful of a lemongrass curry paste I had sitting in the fridge. And baby bok choy that froze in my vegetable drawer…

I used rice noodles, and it tasted pretty close to the takeout version I get. So good on a cold day.

A couple of days ago my aunt made a curried parsnip soup for us - the curry was much stronger (pretty sure she used a lot more), and it was tasty but I prefer a smoother soup. I cut the curry flavor with half & half, but I think coconut milk would have been a better counterpoint.

What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition
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I found a package of thick cut boneless loin pork chops at a small grocer I rarely shop. But I did today. And picked up four sourdough rolls fresh from their ovens. Honestly, the best Pork Chop meal I’ve made in months and months…


It was a bit too “bright”, but the bacon balanced it out ( according to my husband, who now gives pretty good feedback). Maybe the orange peel or lemon juice, but I don’t know. Maybe too much rosemary or fennel. Anyway, ate more for lunch and its almost gone!


I meant food,gardening, and foraging forum, but I can only ever remember the foraging part. There are some annual threads, but since I garden year round, I try to keep up with the winter garden thread too.