What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!


(saregama) #630

I watched it avidly, but ended up feeling like I needed more by he end… kind of like a meal that I had imagined would taste amazing, but left me wanting dumplings or a kati roll after…


That’s why they call it season one!

(saregama) #632

No no, not like that… like the seasoning was missing, and I wanted something tasty to fix it.


Carrot raisin salad!! I used to make that allllll the time-and then promptly burnt out on it. About time to revisit that one, sounds fantastic.
Those fries are impressive!


We ALWAYS had some of that in the fridge. In this retro yellow wavy glass container.

Like this.





Long overdue drinks and industry/job gossip with a great friend I don’t see enough of last night. She’s vegan so we get to share food! Went to a vegan tiki bar (only in nyc i swear…) and had some fun cocktails

And this one which they called a dressed can- basically they mix the pineapple cider with additional flavors and hard alcohol and then it’s served in the can. All drinks come with paper straws

When our food came they had already turned the lights down so very low photos didn’t turn out. Shared some winter rolls (like fresh summer rolls only with almond buttery dipping sauce), a jackfruit bahn mi (amazing!), and pickled ginger salad that had fried chickpeas and lots of crunchy veggies.
Excellent meal in great company :hugs:

It was exciting to buy perishables at the grocery store today! I really just wanted my salad meal, seems forever since i made it.
Snacked on some perfectly funky kimchi while putting away groceries and chopping

Salad with cucumber, olives, lots of fresh cilantro (yay!!) and some bell pepper. There’s tofu under there somewhere. Added miso tahini dressing after the photo and dipped the bell pepper in that.

And i found my favoritest chocolate!! Will certainly have a chunk for dessert, while deciding next fermentation project ;))


Spent the day organizing the basement and setting up an area to start seeds all day, so I felt I deserved something indulgent for dinner. Surf and turf, with extremely garlicky shrimp swimming in butter serving as the surf, plus a fat ribeye as the turf. Delicious.



(maria ascarrunz) #639

NYT’s Indonesian Chicken Soup with Noodles (Soto Ayam) was WFD, and damn was it good. Lots of varied flavors. Mostly followed the recipe except I used thighs, and Chinese chili crisp sauce instead of sambal. Also, Thai basil instead of celery leaves (although that’s one of the options.) Also added a couple of thai bird chili peppers for heat. First time using fresh turmeric - loved the bright color and it smelled wonderful. Also added garlic peanuts at the end because we can’t get enough of them.

Cooked some for later this week too. made a sausage/dried tomato cream sauce with spinach and Italian basil for pasta tomorrow, and an Urfa biber lamb stew with eggplant.



Chicken thigh with mushrooms .
. Inspired by Jacques Pepin. Rice and broccoli. Wine to drink .Cheers


Yay! What seeds did/will you start?

(Greg Caggiano) #642

This is how my diet is going: pizza fritte as an appetizer before some delicious (and very not photogenic) pastichio.

(ChristinaM) #643

I remember!:joy:


Whereas I thought the ending was perfect. I actually rewound and watched the last couple minutes again as there were small nuances I had missed the first time. I am curious as to how the show moves forward from here, if it’s supposed to.

(John Hartley) #645

Tonight - a Rick Stein recipe for baked plaice.

Onions are softened. The seasoned plaice fillets sit on top and are sprinkled with cheddar. A little medium dry cider is poured round and it gets 20 minutes in the oven at 180. He suggests mashed potato to go with it but herself may be the only person in the world who detests mash - so I’ll let her decide about carbs. Peas to accompany.


Go for it!


That cocktail looks delightful. Pardon my ignorance, but I’m having a hard time coming up with what wouldn’t be vegan drinks. The only thing I came up with was when a bloody mary has a strip of bacon and a shrimp as a condiment.


Annual ham party with friends was a big hit. I made my mom’s Parker rolls but as pull aparts. They over proofed a little since my kitchen was so hot but still lovely.

Ham with a mustard orange glaze
Brussel sprouts salad with almonds and citrus vinegarette
Roasted carrots in garlic shallots and butter
Roasted potatoes with rosemary
Parker House rolls
Our friends made a pecan pie from scratch that was incredible


You mean just the texture or potato on the whole?
My dad is the second person that hates mash, related it too much to baby food, maybe traumatised by me as a difficult enfant concerning food.